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I have never been drunk in my life, is this unusual?

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Kandinsky Sat 25-Sep-21 16:14:01

Just a random question for a Saturday.

Have you ever had one too many? grin

Scones Sat 25-Sep-21 16:16:20

I don't know if it's unusual. I have had one too many too many times. I've had some amazing times when I've had one too many and some times I'd rather forget.

Aren't you tempted to get drunk just once to see what it's like?

Galaxy Sat 25-Sep-21 16:18:38

Yes I have been very drunk many times, some good, some not.

Kandinsky Sat 25-Sep-21 16:19:20

Very tempted!

It’s on my ‘20 things to do before I die’ list.

crazyH Sat 25-Sep-21 16:20:46

Oh yes - a couple of times. I ‘over drink’ at family parties . My tongue loosens and can get / has got me into trouble. But hey, I can always blame it on the alcohol. Trust me, I only drink in a social situation, not when I’m on my own.

62Granny Sat 25-Sep-21 16:22:17

Merry but not drunk so that I loose control of memory of what I done or said. I would hate to loose control like that.

Sara1954 Sat 25-Sep-21 16:27:08

Oh I’m afraid so, not recently, but on many occasions over the years, the best of times, and the worst of times!

Nonogran Sat 25-Sep-21 16:27:50

A tad tipsy & happy but never drunk. Only when I was a lot younger. Don’t like the taste of alcohol now so never drink it in any shape or form.
Don’t feel I missed or indeed miss anything now.

grannyactivist Sat 25-Sep-21 16:30:25

I was teetotal until my late forties and then, until very recently, I had a strict ‘one glass’ limit with a meal. Since I turned sixty I am much more relaxed and will have an occasional glass of wine when I’m cooking and enjoy a cocktail or a liqueur.

I grew up in a household where alcohol caused my life to be a misery so being drunk has always been anathema to me.

MerylStreep Sat 25-Sep-21 16:39:22

Too many to mention or even remember. The first I suppose I must have been about 17. The last, my birthday at the beginning of this month. The champers was going down too nicely 😃 and then I went onto G&Ts. 🤦🏼‍♀️
My OH knew which way the wind was blowing when I put on all the old sentimental music.

grandMattie Sat 25-Sep-21 16:39:51

Me neither. But I have been tipsy on many an occasion. Is there a difference.
It was common in our expat milieu to drink like fish, but I’ve never liked the loss of control. Added to which, my father was an alcoholic, though no one called it that then…

grandMattie Sat 25-Sep-21 16:41:57

And don’t forget the little ditty by Dorothy Parker:

I like to drink if I’m able
One or two at most;
Three I under the table;
Four, I’m under the host!

LadyGracie Sat 25-Sep-21 16:43:42

No never, as soon as my head starts feeling weird I stop, half a glass of wine is enough 😅

Kandinsky Sat 25-Sep-21 16:45:11

grandMattie 🤣🤣🤣🤣

BlueBelle Sat 25-Sep-21 16:48:58

I have been drunk drunk only a few times I ve been Merry a lot of times but not much lately
I drink very rarely now but if I do it seems to have absolutely no effect on me unfortunately
You d expect it to be the other way round

Grandma70s Sat 25-Sep-21 16:58:23

I’ve never been drunk. I quite liked sherry in the days when that was the fashionable drink, but I’ve never liked any other alcohol, so I don’t drink.

I don’t need alcohol in order to talk, as some people do. We had a lovely young lecturer when I was at university who couldn’t really socialise without alcohol. I suppose it was a sort of shyness.

Kate1949 Sat 25-Sep-21 17:04:18

Many times. In the past. I don't think I drank a lot, I'm just not very good at it!

MrsEggy Sat 25-Sep-21 17:06:11

Occasionally a little tipsy but never more than that because I feel nauseous before I'm drunk, and it was the same when I was young.

Grandmadinosaur Sat 25-Sep-21 17:08:57

I’ve been merry on a few occasions but never so out of it that I didn’t know what I was doing.

Several years ago on holiday abroad I was sat in the hotel lobby waiting for DH who’d gone up to the room for something. There was a group of respectable looking ladies hanging around. I would say they were in there 50s and one them especially was totally out of it. She was running around going up to people asking them if they supported a certain Rugby team. I just thought to myself if ever I got in that state I would be mortified. I might add I’m no prude but this was so embarrassing to watch.

Lucca Sat 25-Sep-21 17:10:36

Not for about 15 years I’d say, but yes quite a few times before that ….some occasions I would prefer to draw a veil over😱🥳🙀

Esspee Sat 25-Sep-21 17:13:14

I only remember being drunk once, on the first night I was alone after my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
I was sick and the red wine stain is still on the silver grey carpet under a rug.

seacliff Sat 25-Sep-21 17:14:14

The only time I've been pretty drunk was in my late teens on holiday in Devon with boyfriend and another couple. I had some local scrumpy and enjoyed it, having no idea of its reputation. Probably I had a maximum of one pint. I can just remember trying to crawl up the stairs, with great difficulty and much hilarity.

shysal Sat 25-Sep-21 17:17:34

I have never been drunk either. I just don't like the smell and taste of alcohol. Growing up with an alcoholic mother may be responsible, but I do like to be in full control of myself. I didn't even like the one whiff of gas and air that I tried during childbirth!

JaneJudge Sat 25-Sep-21 17:19:00

yes I am dreadful pisshead on occasion

BlueSky Sat 25-Sep-21 17:23:31

I was T total till my thirties. Then it started as social drinking and carried on to comfort drinking because of an unhappy marriage. I finally changed my life and circumstances, and ditched the drink. I’m now happily T total again.