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Cardigans ...longer ones not in fashion this year

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seacliff Thu 30-Sep-21 12:30:37

Just a little rant as fashion yet again is not for me this autumn. I always like to get a new cardigan or two each autumn. Being a bigger lady and on a budget, I used to get ones easily from supermarkets. I like chunky knit, marl or cable, coming just below my bottom but not knee length. Would love some in deep warm colours like teal, mustard, pink. Not all navy and grey.

Many this year are short and boxy, sadly not at all flattering on me. There are a few very basic ones in Bon Marche but they are boring.

I'd love something with a Scandinavian or Aztec pattern on cuffs for instance. I also like cardis with a slight shoulder pad, they look smarter.

Joe Brown have some interesting ones but was hoping to pay less than £45/£0. Just wondered if anyone has any suggestions? Can't knit my own though.

I still have a few old ones from Littlewoods, with lambswool, and even a very smart pure wool jacket style from C & A. . Wish I could time travel back and buy some more.

Jaxjacky Thu 30-Sep-21 12:37:37

C&A online have a few.

Namsnanny Thu 30-Sep-21 12:45:06

Ponchos or capes are in at the mo. Also in ethnic patterns. Would an open front one be similar enough to a cardi for you?

Charleygirl5 Thu 30-Sep-21 12:55:47

I bought a beautiful one in M&S for £35. I would have preferred more wool, only 5% and less cotton and polyester. It is not too long for me- I hate when they are near my knees. It comes in 4 colours and I may buy the navy marl as I like this one so much.
Have a look online, they do have a large selection and at different prices.

Daisend1 Thu 30-Sep-21 12:56:14

If I am looking for a 'chunky knit ' I can always find one in 'men's wear.' .Whose to know ?Had many a compliment and can be cheaper than similair in ladies wear

Namsnanny Thu 30-Sep-21 13:14:02

I've found this advert from Cotton Traders sizes 10-26. Is this what you were looking for?

Namsnanny Thu 30-Sep-21 13:16:51

£23 reduced from £46. So if you like it you'd better get your skates on!!grin
Plus p&p

seacliff Thu 30-Sep-21 13:26:16

Namsnanny that coatigan is coming up at £46 for me, so you must have a special offer?

seacliff Thu 30-Sep-21 13:28:01

Thanks everyone for your ideas. I looked at C & A but it didn't seem that yu could buy if in UK, just EU. I will check out the mens, good idea if you want a big sloppy Joe type.

MiniMoon Thu 30-Sep-21 13:38:29

Damart have cardigans with buttons, and they are long enough for me. They do them in generous sizes.

toscalily Thu 30-Sep-21 13:40:26

Tu Clothing seem to have quite a selection of long cardigans

Maya1 Thu 30-Sep-21 13:48:39

Seacliff, JDWilliams have a really good selection. Nice colours too.

Neen Thu 30-Sep-21 13:55:20

I like long cardigans too and sometimes find some crackers in charity shops or eBay.
Good luck in your search from another cardi lover.

lemsip Thu 30-Sep-21 14:35:36

I got a M&S per una long cardi coat for £6 from hospice charity shop, excellent condition , grey with tiny pinks and blue mix..........

NotSpaghetti Thu 30-Sep-21 14:38:31

This is the clearance section of Woolovers:
Worth a look maybe?

Beechnut Thu 30-Sep-21 14:50:55

seacliff I think it is CT that I have seen do adverts in magazines for an item of a certain price and on the website it is full price.

NotAGran55 Thu 30-Sep-21 14:56:02

Landsend have a few longer ones in warmer colours, patterns etc

There’s always reductions on the prices too .

seacliff Thu 30-Sep-21 15:20:55

Landsend has some tempting ones thanks NoaAGran. However their postage/returns policy deters me. A bit like M & S, I can be XL in one style and L in another. Will have to read all the reviews carefully.

I never get much luck in charity shops. I'll have to visit some posher areas!!

Zoejory Thu 30-Sep-21 15:29:42

Tu sell them. I think it's the Sainsbury's clothing line. I got quite a few from there. Well made and last more than 1 season too!

Just checking they only seem to have 4 but worth a peek smile

Lincslass Thu 30-Sep-21 16:38:01

Have a look on Tesco, Sainsbury and Asda for me for chunky longer cardigans.

MissAdventure Thu 30-Sep-21 17:03:52

Everyone will see our bottoms! shock

MerylStreep Thu 30-Sep-21 17:33:38


Namsnanny that coatigan is coming up at £46 for me, so you must have a special offer?

I’ve scrolled through every sale item and it’s not there.
I see the picture is from a newspaper/ mag.

seacliff Thu 30-Sep-21 18:02:23

MerylStreep I copied the code AL11135GZC from the advert photo onto the CT site, and it came up, at £46. Very annoying not to have consistency.

I like to order online to have delivered to my nearest CT. Then I can try on, and they'll return for me if needed at no charge.

If you can find that advert in a magazine then have to pay £3.99 delivery, and not sure about refund if needed.

seacliff Thu 30-Sep-21 18:03:34

Yes thanks everyone who suggested J D Williams, they have some nice boucle cardigans at £30, and there is a 20%% off code around.

kittylester Thu 30-Sep-21 18:11:59

I've just bought this one - it's lovely.

I find long cardigans 'seat' but maybe that is just my large bottom