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Good Morning Monday 18th October 2021

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Michael12 Mon 18-Oct-21 06:00:55

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but dry outside this morning in brackley , today a day to do laundry after breakfast
And then a general clean up of things .
My usual plan for the week also .
Take Care,

kittylester Mon 18-Oct-21 06:11:23

Good morning from a dark North Leicestershire.

We have a new mattress coming this morning between 7 and 9!! shock

cornergran Mon 18-Oct-21 06:21:29

Morning Mick, morning All. Think our corner of Somerset is dry, rain due later with increasing wind.

Goodness kitty that’s an early delivery. For once no laundry to do here mick, happpy to leave that to you.

A package to collect from M&S food this morning then some general tidying. A granddaughter is off on a Duke of Edinburgh hike and overnight camp. Could wish for calmer weather for her. Our covid one is bored but OK.

Hope harri has been able to sleep. Special thoughts for all finding life tough just now. Hope Monday is kind to us all.

Beechnut Mon 18-Oct-21 06:28:16

Good Morning all from Severnside. Dark and dry with rain expected later.

The early delivery is not giving you a chance to make the most of your old mattress kitty.

I’ve letters to write and mail this morning with some friendly admin and dip in and out of a small craft project.

Have the best day you can everyone 🦩🌸

Jaxjacky Mon 18-Oct-21 06:39:01

Good morning Mick and all from a dark, dry S Hants. Had a lovely day yesterday with friends, lunch out then Bond, straight 7 hours sleep then wide awake.
Housework and admin today.
Thoughts with harrigran, GrannySomerset and others having a tough time. 🦩🦩

grandMattie Mon 18-Oct-21 06:55:41

Good morning from a dawning E Kent.
I thought that the moon must be very bright when I got up this morning only to realise that it is just before 0700 instead of my usual 0430. An amazing surprise!
Not a great deal happening today. Just the usual housework. Don’t even have to mail dinner as we had a delicious Greek salad and tons are left over for tonight.
Hope all those in sorrow, pain or anxiety have a good day/night, especially harrigran. Carpe diem. ❤️🦩🦩🦩🦩🌟☀️🦩🦩

Neen Mon 18-Oct-21 06:56:27

Hey Mick,
Rana is starting to wake up at the bottom of my bed ( dig ) and it looks like a lovely day. I had a wine yesterday and don't normally drink and it's gurgling in my belly so lots if water today .
I'm of to take a parcel to a my Hermes shop and then into Beccles. The quayside there is lovely .
Looks a lovely day outside .

Neen Mon 18-Oct-21 06:56:53

Dog even

Marydoll Mon 18-Oct-21 07:07:56

Good morning Mick and all from a showery Glasgow.
Yet another awful night, with little sleep.

We have an electrician coming betweenv 8am and 1pm and of course his lordship is golfing. We have an electrical problem in the lounge and I have a strong feeling it's not a simple fix and will probably be expensive. Scottish Gas have taken ten days to come, they had better not cancel again. 🤬

Also we couldn't find the source of the washing machine leak yesterday, so that's another appointment to make. The machine fits snugly under the worktop, with no space to spare. Let's just say there was an atmosphere, when Mr Doll couldn't get the machine out, it was firmly stuck and any helpful suggestions were not welcomed at all! wink

Kate and all who were spending time with family yesterday, I hope you had a lovely time.
Ash, I hope your labrynthitis has settled down, its a horrible condition. I can empathise. My last attack in Coronary Care after my heart attack was so bad, I had a brain scan. They found nothing there. 🤣
Hoping Harri has managed some rest.

Wishing you all a pleasant Monday, whatever your plans.

Grandmadinosaur Mon 18-Oct-21 07:09:26

Morning all. It’s dark and dry in East Yorkshire.
Had a quiet day yesterday and also met up with the family at a pub with a soft play area for dgs so we hardly saw him!

I’m normally in bed awaiting my cuppa at this time but today am up and showered and making my own cuppa. The reason is I am of to London on the train for the day. I was due to meet up with a friend who lives on the south coast. In normal times we do this 3 or 4 times a year. She messaged last night to say she has been coughing all day and although has a negative test thinks it’s wise to stay at home. I totally understand so I shall be going alone. I checked my train company and I can alter my ticket but has to be done by 6 the previous day and this was about 7pm. I’m not bothered about going alone as I know my way around etc.
Just lucky that we hadn’t booked any attractions,restaurants etc.

Have a good day everyone.
Take care.

Ashcombe Mon 18-Oct-21 07:10:42

Good morning all from a dry Torbay with rain due soon.

Not a great night as I was awake at 03.30 and decided I felt hungry but a bowl of cereal didn’t really help to settle me. Never mind; there are worse things. The “Move It Or Lose It” class today should enliven me!

Have a good week, everyone! 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

Marydoll Mon 18-Oct-21 07:10:42

I meant to say, I hope GrannySomerset manages to get medical help for her husband today and some rest herself. 💐

Ashcombe Mon 18-Oct-21 07:13:36

Sorry, I should have responded to the many who were sympathetic regarding labyrinthitis, including Marydoll this morning. Sudafed, suggested last time, seems to be helping so fingers crossed! 🤞

Urmstongran Mon 18-Oct-21 07:13:42

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where it’s dry and seems a bit cooler. We haven’t needed the heating on so far as this apartment is only small and catches any sun as the verandah is south facing. Keeps the electricity bill down anyway!

We had a lovely afternoon yesterday over those Pennines with our Yorkshire Lass and her fella. The pub they had booked served the most amazing food.

No plans all day until I have an MRI scan of my neck at teatime.

Good to hear you slept well last night grandMattie. Hope you do tonight kitty!

Enjoy Monday all who can. x

BlueSapphire Mon 18-Oct-21 07:15:18

Good morning everyone from a dark and dry Northampton, but rain is forecast later. Up early as it's yoga today and am being picked up just after nine.

Seemed a long day yesterday so did a few jobs to keep busy, including defrosting the kitchen freezer. Looks a lot tidier now! Also tried to fix the pop-up plug in the bathroom sink, but had to give up. The spring has 'popped' out, and it has defeated me. Will get one of the family to look at it before I get a plumber in.

Nothing else planned for today after yoga.

Hope Monday is kind to us all.

grandMattie Mon 18-Oct-21 07:15:51

Ash, I’m so sorry about the labyrinthitis. I’ve had it for some ten years now. I always keep my “wonky” pills to hand as I know the symptoms of an impending attack. Hope you have some and they help.

Marydoll Mon 18-Oct-21 07:16:24

Ash, I believe the antihistamines are also known to help. Glad you are one the mend. 👍

Gwenisgreat1 Mon 18-Oct-21 07:24:51

Good morning all from dark but dry Harrogate
Enjoyed the trip to Scarborough visiting SIL. We had trips to Whitby, Bridlington and Filey - lots of sea air - all good for the soul! The journey there we called in on Thirsk, Helmsley and Thornton le dale on the way home Pickering then Boroughbridge to shop for arriving home. Had a text from DD2 she’d made a casserole and put it in the fridge for us!! A kind thought for us.
Hope you all have the best day possible!

GrannyGravy13 Mon 18-Oct-21 07:25:39

Morning Mick and all

Slept better, the antibiotics and steroids are working their magic and I am feeling better each day. No gym for me today though, my sensible side thinks it’s best not to overdo things.

Urmstongran keeping fingers crossed for you 🤞, Marydoll have an afternoon snoozette 💤💤.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Grammaretto Mon 18-Oct-21 07:28:08

Good morning everyone from the Scottish Borders. We keep being told it's warm so I have no idea what to wear. I was persuaded to join the U3A walk this morning and to give someone a lift to the start.
I looked on the map - it's mountains and reservoirs.
Marydoll 10 days is nothing ! shock
I've waited 4 months for the plumber to fix the gas cooker. I don't think he wants the job.
I do hope your electrician comes and the washing machine gets fixed. You can do without these annoyances.

I am glad grandMattie had a night's sleep. Ash is intrepid.
Enjoy your London trip grandmadinosaur
Harrigran flowers

I hope the new mattress is comfy Kitty. I could just lie on it now.....

Have a good day .

Marydoll Mon 18-Oct-21 07:28:37

Gwen, we have so many happy memories of family holidays in Scarborough. I'm feeling quite nostalgic. What a lovely daughter you have.

Gwenisgreat1 Mon 18-Oct-21 07:35:38

Oooh! Labarinthitis! Thats horrible Ashcombe. The last time I had it was when I was visiting the whispering Gallery in St Paul’s Cathedral!! I needed a lot of support from DSister and DH to get there. Marydoll delighted to see you are back, sorry you are feeling so rotten, not helped by the situation in the house.

Gwenisgreat1 Mon 18-Oct-21 07:39:00

Marydoll my DH is a Scarborough lad and must pay an annual visit!

Marydoll Mon 18-Oct-21 07:46:53

Gwen, it was myMIL, who introduced me to Scarborough. I had never been to an English seaside resort before and loved it so much, we kept going back!

The visits were never without drama. An exhaust falling off going over speed bumps in Filey, demister failing in the middle of a snowstorm on the top of the Yorkshire Moors, one October school week, DS2 ending up in A&E for emergency steroids, early one morning! Do you think perhaps, it wasn't for us? 🤣

brook2704 Mon 18-Oct-21 07:47:15

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s dry just now but with lots of grey cloud and rain forecast for later
Today I’m off to the Aqua class at the gym for a good splash around and then a bit of shopping afterwards
Thank you for the lovely pictures GG I don’t know that area very well but it looks lovely
I hope you enjoy your day in London grandmadinosaur I admire you for going on your own -enjoy!
Hope all goes well later Urms
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings