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Any one awake

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Nanderin Thu 21-Oct-21 05:26:52

Hi rain woke me up can't go back to sleep

CafeAuLait Thu 21-Oct-21 05:35:41

Hi Nanderin. :-)

Nanderin Thu 21-Oct-21 05:39:58

Hi how are you. I hate being woken up too early.

Kim19 Thu 21-Oct-21 05:48:46

Morning both!

BigBertha1 Thu 21-Oct-21 06:14:40

Morning been awake since 2am

FannyCornforth Thu 21-Oct-21 06:21:04

I’m here too!
I’ve just posted on the other thread, but it’s not showing up again.
It’s blowing a gale and raining here

Esspee Thu 21-Oct-21 06:50:39

Good morning all. Chilly here but the stars are looking beautiful.
Yesterday I was asked to wait outside the dentist which I did happily as it was warm and sunny. When I had my checkup I pointed out to the staff that the weather was due to get much colder overnight and asked what will happen to the elderly when it is cold and wet. They had no solution in place.

Newatthis Thu 21-Oct-21 12:37:52

I'm so envious of you early risers. I am a late sleeper and seldom have problems sleeping but feel that I miss out on a lot of 'morning glory'. Yes, I could set the alarm but if I get up early I just feel very tired throughout the day. In the past I have slept through two earthquakes (one quite serious!) and last night's storm didn't disturb me at all even though my DH said the rain was incessant and torrential for hours.