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Little Amal - puppet walking across Europe

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Dinahmo Thu 21-Oct-21 08:59:24

I posted a note about this on News and Politics but only one person has read it. So I'm attaching a link here in the hopes that more of you will enjoy the photos taken as she walked across Europe (5000 miles, arriving in Folkstone this week.

My other post contains a link so you can see if she's coming anywhere near you.

Riverwalk Thu 21-Oct-21 09:14:16

She'll be in London this weekend so am hoping to see her. I'm sorry my grandson will miss out, he will have gone back to Somerset by then.


Lucca Thu 21-Oct-21 09:19:55

Lovely story. I didn’t know about it, thanks.

silverlining48 Thu 21-Oct-21 09:29:22

I knew about it but didn’t see your post. I know she arrived in Folkestone and onto Canterbury this week. We live on the route to London but wasn’t able to find any more info. Will check the attachment