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Cheque Books.

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Calendargirl Sat 23-Oct-21 18:22:58

Don’t write cheques very often, but did today to send off a donation to charity. Realised at end of cheque book, tried to order one online, no way! Went on the live chat, but sadly, the digital assistant seemed never to have come across such a thing as a cheque.

Don’t want to reveal which bank, but just wonder if anyone else has found this. And yes, I know I can use my card, and I pay tradesman directly into their account etc, utilise direct debits and standing orders frequently, but I do feel that very occasionally, I want to write a cheque.

Am I such a rarity?

Septimia Sat 23-Oct-21 18:30:55

I hardly ever use cheques, but regularly pay for an insurance by cheque. The company won't let me pay by internet banking (I could if I was overseas!!) and I don't want to pay by direct debit. Nearly all the stubs in the chequebook show that the payments went to the same recipient.

Our church bank account has to use cheques as paying by internet banking is not permitted.

Georgesgran Sat 23-Oct-21 18:33:19

I still use the odd cheque - maybe one a month. When I’ve used a certain number in the book, my bank sends me a new one.

Amberone Sat 23-Oct-21 18:36:21

I think it must be ten years since I even had a cheque book 😮
I think my DM still writes cheques but other than that don't know anyone who does.

So you may be slightly rare 😉

tiredoldwoman Sat 23-Oct-21 18:43:01

My bank card was playing up last week and I couldn't pay my car bill so offered them a cheque - all the young girls whirled around in their chairs in puzzlement - but they didn't want my cheque . Had to run to the bank and order a new card . Then I wanted to buy a painting but the artist didn't want my cash so I had to finally give in a set up phone banking sad

Calendargirl Sat 23-Oct-21 18:45:44


That’s what my bank used to do, you received a new book when about 10 from the end, doesn’t seem to happen now. I know the use of cheques is discouraged and obviously the banks are making it awkward to get a new one.

nadateturbe Sat 23-Oct-21 18:50:19

I still write cheques now and again. I would hate to think banks will stop issuing them.

Jaxjacky Sat 23-Oct-21 19:11:40

I had to write and send a cheque to my bank last year to buy a bond, the very same bank whose app I use for online banking, bizarre. Probably the last cheque I’ve written, even my allotment society takes BACS now.

kittylester Sat 23-Oct-21 19:18:06

Our cheques books are in the safe.....I think. We rarely use cash either now.

Enid101 Sat 23-Oct-21 19:19:00

I think you are rare, but rare is precious!

lemongrove Sat 23-Oct-21 19:32:42

I don’t think you are rare, but do think it’s mainly older people who write cheques ( including me.)
They were thinking of phasing them out about seven years ago but there was a huge outcry about it, so they didn’t.
My bank will send me a new one if I ask online or by phone.I write them to send as presents, or to charities or to pay trades people we may use.

Chewbacca Sat 23-Oct-21 19:36:19

I've written 3 cheques this week alone and usually write at least one a month. My bank (The Co Op Bank) does automatically send me a new cheque book when I have 10 or less left, or I can order one via online banking if I want more deposit slips.

welbeck Sat 23-Oct-21 20:02:58

i had to pay some tax to the revenue a couple of years ago, and asked metrobank if they could write me a banker's draft.
this seemed to cause some consternation, and as i was explaining what i wanted to do, and said well you don;t issue cheque books and i'm willing to pay for the draft, a young asst said cheerily, would you like a cheque book.
i was a bit puzzled but said yes, thinking more delay.
they disappeared behind the scenes and emerged after 15 minutes with a thin blue cheque book.
other colleagues came to have a look and marvelled at it.
she put it in a stiff board plastic coated cover for me.
it had about 5 cheques in it, looked kosher, but i pointed out that it had been bound the wrong way round: the stubs were attached to the binding.
she didn't understand the issue. so i thought i better take it.
a bird in the hand...

Marydoll Sat 23-Oct-21 20:07:34

Our voluntary group has a cheque book from BOS to pay for things. I wrote one recently. It's too complicated to do internet banking for us.

Lollin Sat 23-Oct-21 20:29:49

I recently requested a new cheque book. To my delight it arrived within the week!

welbeck Sat 23-Oct-21 20:32:18

i meant, of course, that the stub ends were not attached to the binding. the stubs were at the outer edge.
i only used it that once and placed the carefully detached stub into the inside of the plastic cover, for a record.

Mamardoit Sun 24-Oct-21 04:21:33

The last cheque I signed was a donation to a charity. I will send a few at Christmas because I won't send cash in the post. If the time comes when I can't use cheques the gifts will stop. My new book came automatically which did surprise me.

Hetty58 Sun 24-Oct-21 06:34:15

Calendargirl, like Amberone, I haven't used a cheque in years. There are no payments I can't make by card or standing order.

oldgoat Sun 24-Oct-21 06:56:36

I am the treasurer of a WI and use cheques to pay speakers etc. We cannot use our bank's free on-line banking facility because it does not allow for dual authorisation of payments which, as a charity, we must have. The bank's other on-line banking account which does have this facility , would cost us £20 a month. So paying by cheque is still essential for us.

Calendargirl Sun 24-Oct-21 07:13:34

How would you send someone a monetary gift at Christmas for example Hetty if it needed to be posted?

BlueBelle Sun 24-Oct-21 07:14:23

Some years since I used a cheque I thought they were going to be phased out

Galaxy Sun 24-Oct-21 07:43:31

You could do a gift via bank transfer or PayPal.

Calendargirl Sun 24-Oct-21 07:52:18

You could Galaxy, but that means asking for the recipient’s bank details. And checking if they’ve changed their account each year? Just seems easier to pop a cheque in with a Christmas or birthday card.

I’m in a minority I realise, but speaking as an ex bank clerk, I still feel cheques have a use in certain circumstances,

NotAGran55 Sun 24-Oct-21 07:53:11

I send all gifts by PayPal or bank transfer , whichever the recipient prefers .
Window cleaner ,cooker cleaner , charities and all trades by bank transfer.
It is literally years since I wrote a cheque and can’t think of any reason I would need to .

MamaCaz Sun 24-Oct-21 09:00:59

We still need to write cheques occasionally, but I can't remember when we last needed a new chequebook, it's been so long.

Most frequently, it's to small, long-standing businesses run by rather mature people, who haven't embraced technology, continuing to accept only cash or cheques

My 88 year old mother still pays tradesmen by cheque, and sends cheques to young family members as birthday/Christmas gifts.

She has also noticed that in the case of the tradesmen it can be many weeks before a cheque is cashed, and some of those sent to family have never been cashed!
She struggles to understand that in modern life, 'popping into the bank' is no longer an easy matter for most. In fact, it can be ridiculously inconvenient.

(I know some people , depending who they bank with, have the facility to cash a cheque without physically taking it to their bank, but not many, I don't think)