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Good Morning Tuesday 26th October 2021

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Michael12 Tue 26-Oct-21 06:04:38

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dark , with a dry tart here in Brackley this morning, doing my usual today.
After some housework, I will go and wait for the bus to Bicester , to do my usual coffee and snack plus small shop, and a call into Wetherspoons to see if the beer festival have changed, and then bus home .
Take Care,
PS : I did watch the programme about Spoons on Sunday , it like many was a repeat .

grandMattie Tue 26-Oct-21 06:17:01

Good morning from a grey drizzly E Kent.
It’s 9 years since we moved here, probably one of the best things we’ve done. We went from a 5bed house on 2 acres of land to this “small” 3-bed, almost no garden house. But.. instead of being isolated in the sticks, we are within walking distance of everything from bus and rail to doctors, church and an excellent co-op a few minutes away. And we did it before we were too old to adjust well.
Tai chi this morning and supermarket this afternoon. Such excitement!
My mojo is creeping slowly back, which is nice.
Have the best day possible everyone, especially harrigran and Marydoll. Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

brook2704 Tue 26-Oct-21 07:01:13

Good morning everyone, we’re in Edinburgh just now where it’s just getting light and it looks dry. We’re travelling home to Inverness later this morning.
What a good move that was grandMattie it does make such a difference having things within walking distance. For us it’s a bit too far to walk into town but there is a useful bus service which I use from time to time as we just share the one car between us. Good to hear that mojo is on its way back too
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

BlueSapphire Tue 26-Oct-21 07:09:47

Good morning everyone from a still dark and dry Northampton. Did not have a good night but unable to stay in bed to catch up, as my new security alarm system is being fitted today, and I am not sure what time work will start.

No other plans for today, apart from keeping the workman/men supplied with tea and biscuits.

I too feel very fortunate grandMattie to live with most things within easy reach, if not walking distance then reachable by bus from the end of our road. We originally moved to this area nearly 50 years ago because I could walk to work (didn't drive in those days), and have only moved house once since then, to a bigger house as the children grew, but still within the area. And now DS and family live 15 minutes walk away (or a 5 minute bus ride!), so I am very lucky.

Hoping that Tuesday is kind to us. Take care everyone.

Grandmadinosaur Tue 26-Oct-21 07:22:29

Good morning from dark,dry East Yorkshire.

I too am lucky in where I live. It’s a small town - I am a few minutes walk from the centre,school, health centre, transport etc. We are a 10 minute drive from the larger city centre. Best of both worlds.

Up bright and early today and throwing a few bits in an overnight bag. We are off with dgs up to the North Yorkshire moors where this evening we are booked on to a steam train on the railway there. They are running illuminated services this week and it looks amazing. We are all very excited ! Dgs is also looking forward to his stay in a hotel tonight and has already got his breakfast order in - eggs,sausages,beans followed by a croissant and jam. He is funny!
Have a good day everyone.
Take care.

Pittcity Tue 26-Oct-21 07:22:33

Good morning from a dark, but mild and dry, Colchester.
Tuesday is charity shop volunteering day. Beef casserole for tea.
Love to all 🦩x

dragonfly46 Tue 26-Oct-21 07:23:59

Good morning from dark Leicestershire.

No plans for today.
We are still in our 5 bed 4 bath house having moved here from the Netherlands 20 years ago. Plenty of room for live-in carers 😀!

Thinking of those with worries especially GrannySomerset and sending hugs to Harrigran.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 26-Oct-21 07:24:41

Morning Mick and all

It’s just beginning to get light here in S E Essex, it’s an early start for me, Covid booster at 9an. Then it’s looking after The Imp who cannot shift his cold.

Out with friends for dinner this evening as it’s her birthday.

harrigran I know what you mean we live on the main road going through our commuter village and can walk to local shops, library, GP and Station as well as being on a bus route. All these things need thinking about as we mature in years

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Grandmajean Tue 26-Oct-21 07:27:52

Very few posts this morning. Am earlier than usual , though , as DH going golfing and has brought me a cuppa. It's usually me who makes it.
Glad you are getting your mojo back

GrannyGravy13 Tue 26-Oct-21 07:28:07

Oops meant to say we have been here for over 33 years, it is probably too big. (Have currently got DD & family here as they are waiting to complete house purchase) Have GC stay most weeks, not sure if I am ready to downsize, most new homes being built here are flats or very small starter homes

GrannyGravy13 Tue 26-Oct-21 07:29:31

Ok harrigran should have been grandMattie….

I give up grin

Beechnut Tue 26-Oct-21 07:36:41

Good morning from Severnside where it’s a damp start and just getting light. I can just about see people as they walk past.

I too have most things within walking distance. I must admit I use the car a lot though.

Off swimming later and then back home to potter.

Have a good day all 🍂

baubles Tue 26-Oct-21 07:38:53

Good morning Mick, morning all from South Lanarkshire where it’s still dark and damp.

I have a long overdue eye test this afternoon and as my optician is also my friend I’m going to have lunch with her beforehand. It’s a few weeks since our last lunch so I’m looking forward to a catch up.

Good to hear that your mojo is returning Mattie.

Have a peaceful day everyone and look out for the random 🦩🦩🦩.

grandMattie Tue 26-Oct-21 07:41:52

I use the car too, though I don’t enjoy driving. We got the house for our dotage, walking around with our Zimmer frames. 😂 The downstairs loo has a shower and we could easily decamp downstairs if needs be. Big enough for most of the family too.

ginny Tue 26-Oct-21 07:54:21

A quick good morning from our short break in Eastbourne. Just off to have breakfast and then we will be taking the hop on - hop off bus. Hope to be upstairs so must wrap up warm.
Wishing all a good day with a smile along the way.

Greyduster Tue 26-Oct-21 07:56:12

Good morning Michael and all GNs. Overcast in South Yorkshire this morning, but dry. I didn’t sleep well last night; seems to be a pattern now. I am waiting for SiL to drop GS off on his way to work. Both parents are working today so he is coming to fritter away a day with us. He is bringing Mario golf to keep grandad entertained, and I plan to let him loose in the kitchen at some stage.
Hope the day is kind to one and all.

kittylester Tue 26-Oct-21 07:56:37

Good morning all from a cloudy North Leicestershire.

BP and blood tests this morning. First one for at least 2 years.

We moved here nearly 30years ago. The village is quite big but we live ear the centre. We are not moving ever again!! We also have room for live in Carers and the family can, and precovid did, stay regularly.

Marydoll Tue 26-Oct-21 08:02:23

Good morning all, from a chilly Glasgow. Rain is expected on and off all day.

I had quite an uplifting day yesterday. I met with the lady (an old friend) I had an appointment with, to do the paperwork and we had such a lovely chat. Also, I bumped into my old neighbours, two sisters, who were delighted to see me. Because I have not been since the beginning of the pandemic, they had assumed something terrible had happened to me!
Finally, I gave the parish housekeeper the shock of her life, when I suddenly appeared from the office. She had no idea I was in there and I hadn't heard her letting herself in to the house! I don't know who got the bigger fright!
Her boys and my boys were school friends (She has seven boys and one girl!) We reminisced about the old days and put the world to rights. However, it was quite difficult to chat masked!
It made me realise how much I have missed my former life.

When I came home, MrMDoll had returned from the golf and was becoming increasingly worried at my late return. He should have remembered that I never go out, without meeting someone, chatting for ages and forgetting to come home!! 🤭 I suppose it's been so long, he has forgotten.
I sat down with my lunch and promptly fell asleep, then spent the rest of the afternoon resting, putting the much needed cleaning of my range cooker on hold ( again)!!!
I knew I had overdone things, but it was so worth it. I was in great spirits.

I plan to make plum jam today, in my jam maker. The days of standing over my mother's jelly pan are long gone. However, as my hands are painful, I had the bright idea of putting the plums in my Magimix to chop them up. Unfortunately, I dropped the lid last night and took a chunk out of it. Back to the drawing board, I'm afraid. Oh and I have a replacement lid to order. 😡😡😡😡

I hope that that GSomerset is in less pain and Harri is enveloped in the love of her family.
I am so envious of the train trip GDinosaur!

Mr MDoll has brought me a cuppa, so I shall settle back and read your posts.
Wishing you all the best day, pain and worry free if possible.

Gingster Tue 26-Oct-21 08:10:03

Good morning all and it’s fine here on the Suffolk coast.
We have DS1 and family here for a few days. Yesterday DS did lots of jobs in the garden, supervised by dh of course. He’s a whirlwind and loves to be busy.
The girls, DIL and I went into our very small town , for bargains in charity shops and bought a couple of pumpkins to carve.. . We had fish and chips in the summerhouse , lit by pumpkins and candles. What fun!

Today we are booked in at a lovely restaurant for lunch, along the coast from us in Thorpeness.

Here, we are quite isolated with no shops,or bus route and nearest train station 7 miles away, so not good for ‘old age’. In Essex, we are a walk into town with all amenities close by. It does make a huge difference as we get older.

Wishing you all a pleasant day.🌻🍁🍂🌾

NanKate Tue 26-Oct-21 08:10:49

Good morning Mick and All.

Well we are back from our GW celebrations . It was so lovely to meet up with 6 old friends who I had known since I was 16! The Renewal of our Vows was very emotional. The vicar told the congregation that we had returned to the church where we were married, they then broke out into applause whilst we stood up and I waved the beautiful posy of flowers we had bought the previous day and DH had a matching buttonhole. Finally we found where my parents ashes were laid and DH planted some Spring bulbs. We have decided to return in a few months to see them in bloom. 🌻🌸🌺

Nannytopsy Tue 26-Oct-21 08:20:21

Good morning Mick and all his followers. Only light cloud here in Suffolk this morning. I am going to weed and plant the front garden and the big boxes under the windows. The good thing about working on the front is the chance to chat with neighbours and dog walkers as they go past!

This afternoon I am meeting WI friend to finish the script for a short skitt for the Christmas lunch. It’s based on “If I were not upon this stage” if any of you know it. I am sure Ashcombe will know it.
I hope your back is improving GS. Let Tuesday be kind to everyone.

multicolourswapshop Tue 26-Oct-21 08:30:20

Good morning everyone I’m returning to the morning chat with encouragement from those lovely folk who have missed me. It’s blooming dark beyond those curtains today and himself has a cough which he’s probably caught from me. I’m now into my 12th day of having a severe head cold which seems to be spreading throughout the area like wildfire. Thankfully I feel much better this morning. My lovely cleaner is due to come in today but I’ve told her to stay at home I don’t want her catching it. The others in this house have all had their 2 vaccines and I wait with baited breath on my blue envelope.

Have a good day everyone hugs all around. Thank you so much to my kind neighbour who brought me homemade sticky pudding it was delicious she’s going to make a lemon drizzle next me thinks I’ve found a baker close by hurrah I love cake

Ashcombe Tue 26-Oct-21 08:36:46

Good morning, everyone, from an overcast Torbay.

Yes, Nannytopsy, I do know that song, mainly from seeing it performed by crews onboard cruise ships when they take a turn at entertaining the passengers in place of the professionals. What fun you will have but much practising needed to get the timing of the actions synchronised.

Late on parade as rather spacey today. As a result of a blood test, following the prescribing of two diuretics, it was found that I am experiencing dizziness and a degree of mental confusion due to low sodium levels. My BP yesterday was 119/62 which is too low at my age.

I have to stop taking both tablets immediately after a telephone consultation from my GP. What I had attributed to another bout of labyryrinthitis was actually caused by something else entirely. In a way it's a relief because I had begun to worry about being more forgetful than normal.

Others have bigger worries and thoughts are with them today. 🦩🥰🦩💐🦩

Marydoll Tue 26-Oct-21 08:39:16

It has been interesting to read about our different locations.

We have been in our home for thirty years, having moved in when it was a new build.
We live live in a small, quiet cul de sac, with stunning views of the golf course. At the end of the estate to the right are fields and two farms, to the left the town. School and transport links by train or bus are excellent.

When we bought the house, my two friends bought houses too When we got the plans out, we realised we had bought the three houses beside each other.
My son married the girl next door and DH's friend from school bought another house in the cul de sac, his son was DS1's best man.
We couldn't have planned it better. Although the house a bit large for just the two of us, we don't plan to move, as family are often here overnight(or were until the pandemic hit)
We have been very happy here.

Anniebach Tue 26-Oct-21 08:43:57

Good morning Auntyflo and all x