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Oldwoman70 Thu 25-Nov-21 11:13:05

My doorbell rang at around 8.00 pm last night - it was a couple saying they were collecting for a national charity.

As I wasn't expecting visitors I had locked up for the night and spoke to them through an open window. I told them I wouldn't be donating and closed the window but wondered whether this was a scam.

They showed me identity badges but I can't help thinking that charities wouldn't condone these door to door collections being made after dark.

Grandmabatty Thu 25-Nov-21 11:22:56

I would contact the national charity they named to say it's extremely bad form to have collectors at that time of night and in the dark. You were quite right.

AGAA4 Thu 25-Nov-21 11:47:57

I had the same. A man rang my door bell at 10pm. At that time I was living alone in an isolated cottage and there was no way I was going to open the door to him.
I spoke to him through an upstairs window too but he seemed reluctant to go.

Luckily a neighbour was passing with his dog and sent him on his way.

Sarnia Thu 25-Nov-21 12:33:16

You did the right thing. I think most donations are done on-line these days. I haven't seen a Christian Aid envelope in years.

Ali08 Thu 25-Nov-21 18:58:29

They could be trying to reach out to people who work during the day, but you are still right to be wary!!
Keep up that wariness!!

Ali08 Thu 25-Nov-21 19:00:14

10 PM, I'd expect no later than 8pm at a push!!
I'm glad your neighbour saw him off, at that ridiculous hour!!!

Daisymae Thu 25-Nov-21 19:04:12

I know that some charities do go door to door but I am surprised that they are still doing this in the pandemic. I would never give at the door and we have a sign on the door to deter cold calling. You can get one from Amazon, it was about £6 and has been very effective.