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Good Morning Friday 26th November 2021

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Michael12 Fri 26-Nov-21 06:02:52

Good Morning Everyone,
Another dark, cold but dry start this morning in brackley , my plans are early local shop , then get bus to Bicester to street market etc, before returning home and getting Fish & Chips takeaway wise .
With the forecast being changeable, I will do as much today but will see how things are locally tomorrow if the forecast is right.
Take Care,

Ashcombe Fri 26-Nov-21 06:08:05

Good morning, Mick and all who follow from a wet Torbay.

Last night we went to see a performance of Crown Matrimonial in Paignton, in which several of our theatre company members were performing. It covers the period in British history involving the abdication. Sadly, towards the end of Act One, the leading lady (Queen Mary) fainted after struggling, uncharacteristically, with her lines. The stage manager had the presence of mind to bring the curtain down.

The ambulance came fairly quickly and the lady was taken to hospital. Several Toads Theatre (our amdram company) members were in the audience to support our friends in the cast; some of us waited in the bar where the Theatre Manager soon announced that the play would not proceed. I have no further news.

When we reached home, it was to the news that my DD2 has tested positive for Covid. She has been double vaccinated but, as DH of a large Primary school in Staffs., she is in daily contact with the virus. I hope to speak to her later this morning. I’m so glad that olddudders is still here for a few more days.

I've slept little but look forward to reading happier news from others here. 🦩💐🦩🥰🦩

Scentia Fri 26-Nov-21 06:11:33

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is wet 💦and windy 🌬
I am at work and have been since 4.40 as it is my charity sdd at le toddy sending want to get home at lunch up set up. I am not attempting to put the gazebo up in this weather and will set up in the garage, just need DH to shift just motorbikes first!! I am nervous in case no one turns ip and I don’t reuse any money at all😊
Hope you all have a good day today. I will let you know just how much I raise tomorrow!

Scentia Fri 26-Nov-21 06:13:27

I seem to have written half my post in my DGS language.😂
I actually wanted to say “ it is my charity sale today so I am wanting to get home at lunch!!!”

grandMattie Fri 26-Nov-21 06:20:09

Good morning from a dark, cold E Kent. It’s dry at the moment.
Oh, *AshG, how dreadful for your leading lady, and your poor daughter- though in her case it was sadly inevitable. Hope for good news. Glad that your DH is still there for you.
Iris is still doing well, though in some pain. Bone pain is awful. She was happily making up the Lego thingy I sent her when I called yesterday evening,
I’ve been having niggly tooth pain, so went to the dentist on Monday, Tuesday and yesterday. I’ve known Karin for over 30 years now, so we’re on good terms. I suggested I should take out a subscription 😂 as she can’t find out what’s wrong.
Today, I’m having my hair trimmed in the same village as my friend’s Home. So I’ll go to the hairdresser, then visit Janet.
I’ve got her Christmas present to give today. It is a book of tips and ideas for preachers. DD has contributed several high days and Sunday worth. She will be delighted as she is very fond of DD.
I hope dinosaur’s house has been saved and they can go home. May those in sorrow, anxiety, pain or illness find relief today. Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩☀️☀️🦩☀️

Georgesgran Fri 26-Nov-21 06:45:40

Good morning from Durham. Dark outside, but an early start as the washing machine repair man is due between 7.15 and 10.15 this morning! Patio work should be finished today - everywhere’s covered in grey dust, like nuclear fallout, so I’m hoping for rain over the weekend to dampen it down.
Worrying times Ash - lots of double jabbed seem to be testing positive, but with few symptoms. From my contacts, the boredom of self-isolating seems to be the worst part? Hope Queen Mary recovers soon.
Will read all posts later, but for now I echo grandMattie’s final paragraph.

Marydoll Fri 26-Nov-21 06:57:19

Good morning all from a showery Glasgow. Mr Allweathergolfer, is bound to get very wet. I hope he is not blown off the top of the very hilly golf course. He is mad!

Nothing to report today, apart from DD and SIl having decided to stay with us for the weekend, they only live fifteen minutes away! She regards this as her holiday home. wink

I hope your friend has improved this morning, Ash and Greyduster has better news of her husband.
Good luck for today* Scentia*! Hoping all goes well.
Belated good wishes Grandmadinosaur, I hope there is no damage to your property. A similar thing happened to us many years ago and we had environmental officers in hazmat suits taking soil samples from our garden! Everything was covered in white Aash. It was a bit scary, to say the least.

Wishing you the best day possible. I hope I haven't missed anyone. DH said I was having nightmares last night, I don't remember a thing, but I'm a bit discombulated this morning!

Lizzy60 Fri 26-Nov-21 07:04:53

Good morning , its raining in the Midlands & my throw is on the washing line , grr ! It wasn't raining at 6am ! Colder next week I believe !

Beechnut Fri 26-Nov-21 07:07:39

Good Morning everyone from dark Severnside.

I’m going for my booster mid morning and hope to get my weekly shop in first.

That was too close to home Grandmadinosaur. What a mess.

I’d best get my skates on if I’m to do what needs to be done.

I hope your sale goes well Scentia and others have better news about friends and loved ones 🍂🦩💐

GrannyGravy13 Fri 26-Nov-21 07:15:14

Morning Mick and all

Still dark here, the 6yr old has a non pupil day so we have him as well as his brother The Imp. I think we might go out for brunch.

(((hugs))) for all in need

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Jaxjacky Fri 26-Nov-21 07:19:32

Good morning all, it’s dark, dry I think in S Hants. Hope the leading lady is fine and your DD is symptomless Ashcombe. How scary Grandmadinosaur, fingers crossed you are home with everything intact.
Good luck Scentia.
I had my booster yesterday, it was very cold sitting outside for the required 15 minutes. Lunch today with the voluntary group, putting names to faces will be interesting.
Enjoy your Friday, thoughts with those poorly, anxious or sad 🦩🦩.

Urmstongran Fri 26-Nov-21 07:24:58

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where to still dark, looks cold out and is drizzling. Commuters going into the station over the road are togged up as if they are travelling to the North Pole. Brr! Nice not to be joining them.

I’ve had to make my own tea this morning. You just can’t get the staff these days. Another day inside for me. This is Day 10 now. Reading the ‘Saga’ magazine and watching ‘Better Call Saul’ (brilliant) is my plan again.

Actually yesterday I was listening to Heart Radio whilst reading and recognising the song they were playing I texted the answer to WIN. The prize was £15,000. I must admit to a frisson of excitement and anticipation as I waited, listening to the station and hoping my number would be chosen! No suck luck. The next hour I knew the song so did the same again. Nada. At 3pm or so I had ‘one last try’. Nope. Decided that was it. Cost me a tenner for a bit of fun but decided it was a fool’s paradise to continue!

Ashcombe what a worrying time for you last night. I’m glad your husband is there to lean on. Would you not like to live together permanently and have a holiday home in France? Scentia good luck this afternoon with your fundraising event I hope you make a packet. grandMattie I had twinges of toothache in the back molar region a few weeks ago and being a devout coward I took paracetamol and ignored it. It went away! Hope yours does too. And what a lovely personalised gift for your friend Janet. Very thoughtful.

I wonder how the shoppers got on yesterday in Bluewater? Looking forward to hearing from them. Enjoy Friday (already?) all who can. x

Grandmadinosaur Fri 26-Nov-21 07:25:30

Good morning all from a dark, wet East Yorkshire.
Thank you for good wishes after our eventful day on Wednesday. The fire is now out completely. We saw 4 fire engines leaving the site going past the house yesterday at 4.30pm 24 hours on from the onset. We had a visit from a fire brigade officer with leaflets and reassurance. I have total admiration for the fire services after seeing what they had to deal with.
There is no damage to the house just a few bits of dusty particles in random places.
Good news yesterday in that our dgd came out of ncu and is on a transitional ward. Mum had gone back into hospital to be in the ward with her.
No plans today apart from a food shop at some point.
I’m pleased Iris is making good progress Grandmattie
Sorry to hear about your DD Ash and the sad end to your evening out.
Take care all.

Gingster Fri 26-Nov-21 07:34:53

Good morning all and it seems to be getting colder each day. Oh well it is November after all. 🥶.

Yesterday we had lunch out at DH’s golf club for his birthday and DD and youngest Gd (6) came after school with presents and home made cards. We sang happy birthday and she popped a candle into a mini bake well tart and presented him with it. She’s really in to magic at the moment and did a few tricks as she was the birthday entertainer. 🧙‍♀️
DS1 (the other birthday boy) came with the family in the evening and we again had cake and fizz. A nice day! 🎂

Today we will meet up with our Friday gang for a drink and light lunch at our regular country pub, and then scuttle back home to cosy up around the fire. Too cold to do anything else.

Ash - poor leading lady! Hope it’s nothing serious. 🤞
And your poor DD ! This bloomin virus !

Scentia here’s hoping your sale goes well. It’s always nerve-racking , worrying if people will come.

Hope alls well - grandmadinosaur 🙏.

Wishing everyone a pleasant day. 😉

kittylester Fri 26-Nov-21 07:45:43

Good morning all from a very dark North Leicestershire where it is pickling down.

Our cleaner is due this morning so need to have a quick tidy up.

I went to the dentist too, grandMattie, and was given a clean bill of health. A relief considering I haven't been for 2 years. I suspect you have a cracked tooth gm. They only niggle and are notoriously difficult to spot even on xray. Voice of experience!

brook2704 Fri 26-Nov-21 07:47:29

Good morning everyone from Inverness where is dark and gloomy with stormy weather on the way and snow in the forecast. Brrrrr not a day for being outside much 🥶
So pleased your house is ok grandmadinosaur a close call. Good news also about your DGD, hope she’s home very soon
Hoping your DD is ok Ashcombe without too many symptoms and the leading lady is ok too.
Today I’ve quite a busy day with an appointment at the eye clinic first thing, then off to the gym for a splash around the Aqua class. And a bit of food shopping to do too for the weekend.
Good luck with the charity sale Scentia
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

cornergran Fri 26-Nov-21 07:53:31

Morning Mick, morning All from a wet and windy corner of Somerset. Not looking forward to tomorrow’s promised gusts of 58mph

Yesterday went well, tiring but worth it. Emergency physio appointment for me today, something is going on with my neck and shoulders that is more than painful. I’m promised a cuppa and cake in the garden centre we will pass on the way home if I’ve been brave grin. Otherwise a package to collect, a bed to change and that’s about it.

Pleased to read your home survived unscathed grandmadinosaur, those images were very dramatic. Good luck with the sale scentia. A worrying time ash, hope today brings positive news. Sounds a good day gingster. Hope Iris is more comfortable today grandmattie. Been thinking of greyd, hope her husband made it home.

Take care everyone. Hope Friday has both hope and a glimmer of sunshine for us all.

monk08 Fri 26-Nov-21 07:58:15

Good morning all from a wet Black country its pouring down. Should be meeting DS and little one in the park this morning but probably not now, we are seeing the whole family Sunday for lunch so will catch up then.
Ash hope its nothing serious with your leading lady🤞 and your DD is soon on the mend.
Best wishes to anyone celebrating and virtual hugs where needed. Enjoy your Friday and may you all find some 🌞.

AGAA4 Fri 26-Nov-21 08:01:42

Good morning from North Wales. Weather awful here. High winds and pouring down. Will make my walk interesting. I am tempted to stay inside.
Enjoy your day everyone.

Sar53 Fri 26-Nov-21 08:02:55

Good morning from a cold and grey Essex by the sea.
I had a lovely time yesterday shopping with my daughter and having lunch together at Bluewater.
Then came the journey home. It should take about an hour, it took four !!!!!
I left at 2 and finally walked indoors just after 6. I have to come back through the Dartford tunnel on the M25 and because of numerous things that had happened the roads were gridlocked. Luckily I had a bottle of water with me but I was desperate for the loo by the time I got home.
I missed everything going on here yesterday so I must go back and read about it.
Kind thoughts for all those in need of them and I hope you all have a lovely Friday xx

Grandmabatty Fri 26-Nov-21 08:13:34

Good morning all from Polmont. It's 4° and it has been raining. At the moment, grey clouds are scudding towards me from the north. Ashcombe I hope your daughter escapes with a light dose of covid. And what a shame about the leading lady! Something similar but not as bad happened in a play I was in. All my Son's by Arthur Miller. The leading man completely lost it. Fortunately he was sitting down on stage. We could see the sweat rolling down his face. He managed to keep going til the interval and, after a drink and a rest, was able to continue. Scentia I hope the sale goes well. Urms I hope you feel more like yourself soon. Marydoll enjoy your empty!
Yesterday I spent an hour in a chilly garden raking up leaves, cutting back flowers that had gone over and weeding. Today is the last garden refuse collection of the year so I wanted to make use of it. It made me appreciate the warmth of inside so much more! I had a chat with a neighbour and spotted my new neighbours next door have Christmas decorations up. I'll put mine up next weekend.
Today I'm considering going into town to get some Christmas bits and pieces. I can't make up my mind though as the forecast is dire although it's fairly calm just now. My son is supposed to be visiting his sister to see his new nephew but he's still in Aberdeen so I'm not sure if or when that'll happen. He doesn't have a car so I'm usually pressed into assistance. It'll be something out of the freezer for tea tonight. Have a good day all.

baubles Fri 26-Nov-21 08:17:27

Good morning Mick, morning all from damp South Lanarkshire.

How worrying grandmadinosaur, glad your house is safe.

Ashcombe what a horrible thing to happen, sending best wishes to the leading lady and to your DD.

Charity shop today, I have to admit to feeling a little apprehensive as the last time I was there I was the one being whisked away by ambulance.

I love that your DD is staying for the weekend - mine is always saying she’d love to have a few days rest in my calm, tidy house. grin

Hope the physio sorts you out cornergran.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day.

Stilllearning Fri 26-Nov-21 08:20:31

Morning from S Lanarkshire where it’s cold and dull but no high winds yet.

A productive appointment with the audiologist yesterday, lots of information so I was very glad DD had accompanied me and was able to take notes, Basically the good news was that my worrying symptoms are being caused by deterioration in my hearing on one side rather than the more serious possibilities which were being considered.
Of course the bad news is that my hearing is getting worse and will now require a second hearing aid but this morning I am just very grateful that it’s something that can be helped.

I hope you get good news about your friend Ashcombe, poor lady, it must have been a nightmare for her as she struggled to continue playing her part.

Well done Iris, she really is a trouper grandMattie and good that mum can be with the baby now Grandmadinosaur, she will feel much better.

Going to head this morning to one of our local charity shops to see if a dress covered in a Santa Clause pattern will fit me, I am spending Christmas Eve with my two youngest DGC and I think they will love it! #daftgranny

Wishing everybody the best day possible🦩🦩🦩

Grammaretto Fri 26-Nov-21 08:21:26

Good morning from the Scottish Borders where it is 4 degrees cold today. Isn't that the fridge temp?
I am enjoying a cuppa after taking a lateral flow test and am awaiting the result. I have a memorial service later on and we have all been asked to test negative or to stay away..

Even double vax and boosters do not claim to be 100% effective so Ash's DD will still be vulnerable but unlikely to be seriously ill. Good wishes to her and to your actress.

I am glad to hear that Iris is improving but sorry she is pain.

I am glad the fire didn't cause too much damage grandmadinosaur. I think my fear of fire is even worse than my fear of flood.

Hoping everyone has a pleasant day today. Keep cosy!

Pantglas2 Fri 26-Nov-21 08:23:56

Gosh, I’m getting later every morning folks! 🤭

I wonder if it’s the booster and whether it’ll affect you Jax and Beechnut - I’m generally asleep around 11pm and wide awake seven hours later ....never mind, better than t’other way round!

AGA I’ve got the wind here but no rain and it certainly feels colder so I may loll abed a little longer...some finances to sort this morning and a chilli 🌶 to be made for supper the sum of my day. Must finish Jack off, if you get my drift 😉

🥂🍾 for the birthday boys yesterday and anyone else with an occasion - would love to celebrate Friday Girl and Crumpet Queen return....