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What is the world coming to?

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fritherdog Tue 30-Nov-21 14:24:19

My mother at 87, with Alzheimer’s, had to go to hospital following a fall, having struggled for three days to get any information in straightforward English- the staff all talk jargonspeak- I have been baffled this morning by the “Discharge Navigator” who called to tell me that mother was “medically optimised” to be discharged! I just hope she never has to go in again to be medically optimised!

Skydancer Tue 30-Nov-21 14:31:37

There have been other discussions on GN about how the world is going mad and, quite frankly, your post confirms it. For goodness sake can't we just go back to a time when common sense prevailed. Discharge Navigator? For heavens sake!

MiniMoon Tue 30-Nov-21 14:36:31

Why not say that the patient is ready to go home! Absolute gobbledegook.
Where is The Campaign for Plain English when you need them?

AGAA4 Tue 30-Nov-21 15:05:12

Being Medically Optimised sounds painful.

BigBertha1 Tue 30-Nov-21 15:07:45

Awful isn't it. I hated all of that when I was working as a nurse. Patients and their loved ones deserve to be given up to date and coherent information.

Doodledog Tue 30-Nov-21 15:08:28

It's just as well you were there with your mum. How is someone with Alzheimer's meant to cope with phraseology like that?

Medically optimised, indeed. I hope your mum is ok, optimised or not, and that she recovers fully from her fall.

Baggs Tue 30-Nov-21 15:10:35

I think I'd ask what they mean, e.g. "What does medically optimised mean in every day English, please?"

JaneJudge Tue 30-Nov-21 15:11:08

I don't even know what it means confused

fritherdog Tue 30-Nov-21 15:26:37

I did ask what “medically optimised” meant and was told that s
Her medical condition was optimised!

fritherdog Tue 30-Nov-21 15:27:47

And thank you, Mum is on her way back home, to people who love and know her and don’t speak in gobbledygook!

JaneJudge Tue 30-Nov-21 15:36:36

couldn't it mean optimised either way though?!

I am glad she is on her way home smile

Beswitched Tue 30-Nov-21 15:48:30

Very frustrating. The last thing you need at a time like that is people speaking incomprehensible jargon.

Discharge navigator? Who on earth thought that one up.

tinaf1 Tue 30-Nov-21 16:55:49

I’d have to say I’m sorry but can you repeat that in plain English because I don’t understand medical jargon so I have no idea wht you are taking about.
Glad your mum is OK

JackyB Wed 01-Dec-21 12:35:53


I did ask what “medically optimised” meant and was told that s
Her medical condition was optimised!

A good reply to that would have been: "So does that mean that you don't know either?"

The whole thing sounds very 1984 to me.