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What has made Gransnet angry this week?

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GagaJo Wed 01-Dec-21 21:39:51

I'll start!

A child in a covid suit.
Asylum seekers being picked up by the RNLI.

MayBeMaw Wed 01-Dec-21 21:51:41

People trying to PREVENT RNLI picking up migrants and rescuing them

Elegran Wed 01-Dec-21 22:00:09

People thinking that fishing drowning children out of the sea is "picking them up" as though they ae getting a lift to school.

ayse Wed 01-Dec-21 22:00:14


Alegrias1 Wed 01-Dec-21 22:01:05

Driving in Christmas jumpers.
Being nice to students.

This thread won't last long wink

Spice101 Wed 01-Dec-21 22:04:00

Adds popping up over the screen every few seconds.

Casdon Wed 01-Dec-21 22:08:40

The casual approach by the Government to the additional pressure on the NHS staff of the covid booster programme. When Boris said that additional vaccination centres would be ‘ popping up like Christmas trees’ I could have quite easily punched him.

TillyTrotter Wed 01-Dec-21 22:14:14

Unwanted “spoiler” results being hinted at on our ‘Strictly, yay” (Come Dancing) thread.

Grammaretto Wed 01-Dec-21 22:18:38

"Asda charters cargo ship with festive items amid supply chain crisis
Ship carrying 350 containers with toys, clothing and decorations is supermarket’s first ever private charter"

"This headline in the Guardian made me cross and sad.

Why so soon after COP26 can't we people understand there is a climate crisis, that we don't need to buy billions of turkeys or plastic toys? Can't we for once slim down our overindulgence and find something else to do to make a happy Christmas?

Urmstongran Wed 01-Dec-21 22:33:03

Discovering that the poster EllanVannin had gone AWOL owing to being handed a LIFETIME ban.

This very popular 81y old lady who lives alone and regarded GN virtual as her lifeline during the pandemic has been treated most shabbily in my opinion. It upset me greatly.

Harsh, to say the very least.

Mapleleaf Wed 01-Dec-21 22:34:47

What angers me is that some seem to think the RNLI should make choices over which human beings they “pick up” and rescue from inhospitable waters and which they should leave to drown. This, as we know, would go against the whole ethos of what the RNLI is. Leave political decisions regarding illegal immigrants to the elected government, not to the volunteers of the RNLI, whose purpose is to rescue those in peril on the water, whoever they are.

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 01-Dec-21 22:38:58

Everything about trump
The Tory government, with no exceptions

BlueSky Wed 01-Dec-21 22:50:14

Urmstongran thanks for the update. I had been wondering about EV and I’m upset. Unbelievable!

MaizieD Wed 01-Dec-21 22:55:50

The indifference to, or positive glee about, the erosion of our rights to protest and the undemocratic way the Policing bill has been amended to to restrict them even further after it had been debated in the Commons.

MaizieD Wed 01-Dec-21 22:56:48

Also the way the Gnet site keeps timing out and going AWOL angry

GagaJo Wed 01-Dec-21 23:02:19

Harry and Meghan.

But they're a pinned post, aren't they?

Urmstongran Wed 01-Dec-21 23:02:37

Isn’t it just BlueSky? I’m beyond furious.
I get that someone must have reported her for some heinous crime before the summer time.
I’d best not say anything more.
Eggshells + not heeding = banishment it seems.

Blossoming Wed 01-Dec-21 23:04:32

I agree Urms, I don’t understand what she could have done to warrant that. I didn’t always agree with her but she wasn’t angry or rude,

Urmstongran Wed 01-Dec-21 23:06:57

The site has been intermittently glitchy today MaizieD it’s been frustrating to say the least. Earlier, when trying to post something I pressed the ‘delete’ button to erase two words and the bluddy cursor just travelled further back of its own accord, deleting my carefully crafted and highly insightful (!) message. Bugger.
I gave up.

FarNorth Wed 01-Dec-21 23:10:09

Knowing that violent male criminals are being locked in with women in women's prisons in the UK, as well as in USA & Canada.

The idea that RNLI crews, and ordinary members of the public who are out sailing, should calmly watch people drowning without trying to help.

The fact that the UK Government has proved itself so unprincipled and unconcerned about public safety that I don't know what to believe about the need for covid boosters.

Urmstongran Wed 01-Dec-21 23:10:43

I think she wasn’t up to speed with PC acceptability of language. Blossoming and consequently paid a high price.

Kate1949 Wed 01-Dec-21 23:17:35

Knowing that there are still people out there abusing and terrorising children (little Arthur).

Calistemon Wed 01-Dec-21 23:30:09


Knowing that there are still people out there abusing and terrorising children (little Arthur).

Yes indeed.
And the short sentences these people get for crimes against children.

🤞 that may change now, thanks to little Tony.

Calistemon Wed 01-Dec-21 23:31:18

On an irritant note - the pop-ups.

Kate1949 Wed 01-Dec-21 23:38:22

I hope so Calistemon. I have followed Tony's story. What a cutie he is.