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Still in my dressing gown at 12.25 😱 but….

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Witzend Sat 04-Dec-21 12:29:22

…I’ve made 4 dozen mince pies, and the 2nd 4 litre batch of soup (all for Gdcs’ school fair tomorrow) has just gone on the hob.
Once that’s come to the boil and I can turn it down to simmer, I will go and make myself presentable.
The kitchen looks as if a bomb’s hit it!

JaneJudge Sat 04-Dec-21 12:32:24

smile I'm dressed but I've done efF ALL if that helps?

MissAdventure Sat 04-Dec-21 12:34:59

I'm still in bed.

Georgesgran Sat 04-Dec-21 13:04:43

I’ve had 3 cups of tea, 3 caramel wafers and really should shake a leg! Dressing gown here too.

Niobe Sat 04-Dec-21 13:12:09

I’m dressed and just had lunch, kitchen is clean and tidy but won’t be in 30 minutes or so as I start to batch cook food to fill the freezer so I can relax over Xmas and the new year.
Georgesgran I could murder a caramel wafer especially if it’s Tunnocks!

ayse Sat 04-Dec-21 13:12:55

Today was the exception as I normally don’t get up until after 10.00 am. Anyway as we’re retired all is fine. If I have to get up early I do but generally just please myself or DH.

When I stay at my daughter’s in NZ we have pyjama days when we don’t get dressed at all, watch films and generally slob about.

Enjoy and don’t feel guilty at all.😀

Riverwalk Sat 04-Dec-21 13:39:21

The world is divided into grans who are still in dressing gowns at midday and those who are up, dressed and out and about!

My tribe is the early birds smile

I've been out to order my Xmas tree and buy a few cyclamens and narcissi, back for lunch and now off to Sweaty Betty.

But I do wilt early grin

BlueBelle Sat 04-Dec-21 13:47:11

I was wild swimming in the north sea at 8,30 it was grey raining and blooming freezing but I ve been shopping since and warmed up having lunch by the far with a can of cider 😂

Witzend Sat 04-Dec-21 13:48:01


I'm still in bed.

I’m now clean and dressed, hair still wet though, and the kitchen’s a bit less like a bomb site, dishwasher is on. Mince pies packed nicely into tins.

Time for some very belated breakfast!!

Riverwalk Sat 04-Dec-21 13:57:16

I was wild swimming in the north sea at 8,30 shock

Good grief!

Dare I ask what you wear for such an outing - surely not a normal cossie?

Poppyred Sat 04-Dec-21 14:00:13

Glad I’m not the only one that f** about in pjs most mornings! Get loads done though and manage to make myself look presentable by about 1pm. 😀

mokryna Sat 04-Dec-21 14:04:57

Bluebell do you wear a warm hat to keep warm?

midgey Sat 04-Dec-21 14:17:44

The joy of gransnet is that there will be someone who got out of bed later than me!

felice Sat 04-Dec-21 14:34:31

15.28 here and still in dressing gown. Family have gone into the city as DGS is a puppet Horse in the St Nicolas parade today.
I have made a pot of soup, tidied up a bit and am about to make a lot of Sausage rolls.
The dog is having a lazy afternoon in a chair next to the radiator and waiting for a Sausage roll.
I have been up since 9.30 so I suppose that is something.

GagaJo Sat 04-Dec-21 14:39:22

I'm still in my dressing gown. I'm dressed under it, but as it's a bit warmer, am leaving the heating off and keeping myself warm in the fluff.

AGAA4 Sat 04-Dec-21 15:08:03


I was wild swimming in the north sea at 8,30 it was grey raining and blooming freezing but I ve been shopping since and warmed up having lunch by the far with a can of cider 😂

You must be super fit. The thought of that is making me feel weak. I am envious though. I would love to try it but live too far from the sea

crazyH Sat 04-Dec-21 15:22:45

So am I - envious I mean, of Bluebelle !

Nanawind Sat 04-Dec-21 15:56:14

I am dressed but our water has gone off. So I've not been able to shower. My hair is desperate for a wash.
Thank goodness we have some bottled water in the fridge so at least we can get a hot drink.
And the dishes are waiting to be cleaned.

Chewbacca Sat 04-Dec-21 16:10:34

Howling winds, driving rain and never got properly light here today which I'm taking as a personal sign that God wants me to stay in my pj's all day and not go out. I'm taking the hint.

sodapop Sat 04-Dec-21 16:49:23

If only I could have a pyjama day, my two dogs are raring to go by 8.30am so off I trot. My husband does the late walks so on balance I prefer to be up early,

BlueBelle Sat 04-Dec-21 17:01:25

No I m not super fit at all AGA I wish I was, just daft I guess, but it does wake you up I meet up with others (a group of ladies and one man no one knew anyone before ) it’s very fluid ( well it would be in the sea😂) and you just turn up as and when you want, very informal I wouldn’t do it by myself The oldest lady is 81 right down to 20/30 s anything from 10 to 50 but usually around 20 turn up at a given time always the same place, some do it every day I do it about twice a week I ve never gone through the winter before but want to this year just to prove I can
I wear an ordinary cossie and water gloves and shoes

Calistemon Sat 04-Dec-21 17:02:08

We need to test those mince pies before you offer them to the general public.

I thought about making some today 🙂

But I have written a pile of Christmas cards, so not totally idle!

Calistemon Sat 04-Dec-21 17:03:52

I would love to try it but live too far from the sea
AGAA4 Me too, thank goodness! 🏊‍♀️

BlueSky Sat 04-Dec-21 17:07:47

BlueBelle no I’m sure I would die! What a shock to the system! shock

BlueSky Sat 04-Dec-21 17:10:42

I’m in my dressing gown most of the day, apart from those few hours when I go out. Bliss!