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Ballet - excited and nervous

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crazyH Mon 06-Dec-21 14:11:22

I don't go to the theatre as such, except taking the children to see the Christmas pantomime😂- oh I did see 'Cats'.
My daughter has just phoned to say she is going to book us to see Swan Lake, as a xmas present. I don't know what to expect. I don't know what to wear. I have asthma and do have a tickly cough at the most inappropriate times. Help !

Riverwalk Mon 06-Dec-21 14:19:26

At the ROH? I'm hoping to get tickets.

Take a small bottle of water for the tickly cough and enjoy every minute!

You don't have to wear anything special - you really don't.

crazyH Mon 06-Dec-21 14:21:04

Not ROH, in St David's Hall, Cardiff

crazyH Mon 06-Dec-21 14:22:28

Thanks Riverwalk

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 06-Dec-21 14:30:38

Take your inhaler, cough sweets, a drink and a mask in case you get too many dirty looks. (There are only so many times you can keep whispering to your neighbours that it’s Asthma)
Can your DD get an aisle seat for you both?

LindaPat Mon 06-Dec-21 14:31:37

Have a wonderful time crazyH! Just relax and take it all in. I agree with Riverwalk, take a small bottle of water, and maybe some mints?

Just dress 'smart casual', and you'll be fine - no ballgowns or fancy jewellery needed.

If you don't know the story, read a synopsis before you go, then you'll have a general idea of the plot. In any case you'll find yourself caught up in the magic.

We saw Swan Lake in Leeds a few months ago, and it was magical! Superb dancing, costumes and sets.

Enjoy your evening!

Take care, xx

BladeAnnie Mon 06-Dec-21 14:40:45

I've only been once to the ballet and I absolutely loved it - a truly amazing experience

fairfraise Mon 06-Dec-21 14:41:39

I saw The Nutcracker some years ago in St Davids and you get a really good view of the stage. So just a bottle of water should help. And to be honest the sound of the pointe shoes on the stage make quite a noise so one extra noise may not be noticed too much. Enjoy. Its enchanting.

BlueSapphire Mon 06-Dec-21 15:58:30

I saw "Swan Lake" just before the first lockdown; it was amazing. Smart casual is fine; I wore smart black jeans and a nice top.

Welshwife Mon 06-Dec-21 16:11:59

That is great - as has been said- the view there is good. We saw the Nutcracker there one Christmas and we have also seen La Boheme. I think it is a good venue for a lot of things - the University uses it for giving the degrees.
We also saw the Matthew Bourne production of Swan Lake at the Millennium Centre in the Bay. We were lucky to have been bought very good seats for that - again a great production. I have seen ballets at The New Theatre but I prefer the other venues.
Do enjoy your trip out.

FarNorth Mon 06-Dec-21 16:21:34

Check with the venue that it's okay to take water.
Some places don't allow any drinks to be taken in.

crazyH Mon 06-Dec-21 16:25:19

Thanks all xx

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 06-Dec-21 16:33:18

I saw Swan Lake in Oxford when I was very pregnant with my second. I can’t remember why now, but I wept the whole way through.

crazyH Mon 06-Dec-21 16:40:19

Lll , probably a hormone rush 😂

BlueBelle Mon 06-Dec-21 17:00:40

I hope you have a fantastic time, dress as you are comfortable (but not your pjs) and don’t worry just enjoy, as other have said have your inhaler to hand

(I am afraid I m a complete ballet disliker I saw swan lake in Moscow at the Bolshoi Ballet and spent most of the time looking at the brilliant architecture around me but I then couldn t stand Cats either hahaha Take no notice of me)

Grandmabatty Mon 06-Dec-21 17:04:01

I love ballet and have seen Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake a number of times. I love it! I'm very jealous. Have a wonderful time.

Shelflife Mon 06-Dec-21 17:44:32

Lucky lucky you! That is an amazing Christmas gift. Enjoy every moment , wear comfy clothes - in the theatre no one can see if you are in snug comfortable clothes - relax and enjoy. Sweets to suck and a bottle of water - Enjoy!

M0nica Mon 06-Dec-21 18:01:44

No need to dress up unless you choose to grace the performance with Sunday best.

BBbevan Mon 06-Dec-21 18:13:50

How very lovely. You will enjoy it. We saw Matthew Bournes Swan Lake and I bought the video. Great for doing the ironing to. If you have a thickly cough, take some sweets to suck. Enjoy it all.

Nana56 Mon 06-Dec-21 20:01:53

Lucky you. Have been fortunate to see Swan Lake.
You'll love it. Just wear something smart casual. Take some water or some throat sweets.
Sit back and enjoy.

Jane71 Mon 06-Dec-21 20:24:04

Ohh I'm so envious CrazyH, I love ballet. I hope you have a wonderful time.
We always consider going to the theatre as a little treat and generally dress up. Its up to you of course, but go on treat yourself.

MayBeMaw Mon 06-Dec-21 21:02:41

I love going to the ballet- hope you will love your first trip to Swan Lake.
You don’t have to wear anything special but I always think it is nice to wear something smart to go out - I seem to get so few occasions these days! The water bottle is an excellent suggestion.
I had a magical afternoon yesterday at the Birmingham Royal Ballet ‘s “Nutcracker” - it was just amazing, and after the season at the Hippodrome ends at the weekend, it, transfers to the Albert Hall.
I always associate it with the beginning of Christmas.

MayBeMaw Mon 06-Dec-21 21:03:46


Check with the venue that it's okay to take water.
Some places don't allow any drinks to be taken in.

Plastic containers are fine.
I had a plastic glass of Prosecco!

ayse Mon 06-Dec-21 21:08:41

You will probably recognise quite a lot of the music. I love ballet and Swan Lake was the first one I remember seeing. Mum took me to the Festival Hall on the Southbank many years ago. It was magical

Have a lovely time and remember to take a mask and vaccine passport, just in case. Some theatres want it.

nadateturbe Mon 06-Dec-21 21:24:48

How lovely! We have Nutcracker booked for Jan 2022.
I too would recommend trying for aisle seats.
I have seen Swan Lake more than once. You will love it.
Wear whatever you want. I usually like to wear a dressy top. It's one of the rare occasions I get a chance to wear one. But you don't have to. People don't generally dress up for theatre or ballet any longer. Personally I used to love dressing up. But I suppose it's more inclusive now.