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Good Morning Tuesday 7th December 2021

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Michael12 Tue 07-Dec-21 05:56:03

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dark , but dry start here in brackley this morning.
Today will see me catch the bus to Bicester later to do my usual shop ,and have a coffee.
Yesterday , I received the Itinerary for my Xmas trip to the IOW , a slight change to the advertised schedule but only small changes .
Mind you locally it was shown on local BBC that Brackley has an increase of this new variant , so I am also playing safe , go out but self isolate on return.
Take Care,

Scentia Tue 07-Dec-21 06:03:48

Good Morning Mick and all who follow from East Staffordshire where it feels mild again.
Off on Nanna duties soon and I will stay later so I can help DD with the house. She has decided to decorate the hall stairs and landing in her DH absence and is quickly realising that time is running out as he is back on Friday and she has lots to do. There is no rationale as to why she has started the hardest decorating job in the world, two weeks before Christmas and with a full time job and two babies to care for😂. She is her mothers daughter I am afraid and life will never be boring or easy for her😊😊
Hope your appointment went well yesterday Mary I am sure there will be a tale to tell about your trip! You really should write a book😂
Take care everyone and stay safe.❤️

notgran Tue 07-Dec-21 06:05:13

I'm off shortly for my swim, my favourite times to swim are 7am Tuesday and Thursday as we can use the Training Pool which is shorter and warmer. It's my daughter's 39th birthday to-day and I have been reflecting on that day in 1982. We are proud of her and despite us being fairly clueless new parents she survived. As I still consider my self to be late 20's having children in their 30's is confusing grinOff later for a meal with her and her sister. Christmas decorations in the house need finishing yet, a sentence I'll probably keep uttering up to Christmas Eve!

BlueBalou Tue 07-Dec-21 06:22:13

Good morning everyone from wet Wiltshire.
Carrying on with a major declutter in preparation for a house move next year, I am finding it really cathartic! I am only going to take that which I love or actually need so the charity shops will be having plenty of donations. DH is emptying the attic, 24 years worth of crap that he’s shoved up there, rather him than me! Honestly I have never seen so much rubbish in one place 🙄
I have plenty to keep me occupied for the next few weeks, we’re not having a Christmas because it’s been a horrible two years and making a fresh start next year will hopefully be wonderful.

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 07-Dec-21 06:24:04

Good Morning Mick, you must be looking forward to your Christmas trip! A step back to normality, hopefully.
Very dark , but dry here, up with the lark this morning as MrOops has to be at the hospital very early and the traffic is horrendous at any time prior to 10am. So we get there early rather than too late. Then I can poodle back home.
Then a day of some more Christmas wrapping and things to do to stop me dwelling on things.
Hope your day went ok yesterday Marydoll I’ll pop back later today to check.
Have a good day everyone, with a big hug for those who feel in need of one.

Ashcombe Tue 07-Dec-21 06:31:15

Good morning, everyone, from a damp Torbay. My weather app forecasts 100% chance of rain! Lovely!

Back to the theatre today to help the Props team. There are so many shelves of items that to sort through that updating the database is an endless task!

Wishing everyone a good day. 🦩💐🦩🥰🦩

Shelbel Tue 07-Dec-21 06:31:28

Good morning all. Today us my 60th birthday (cringe). I'm enjoying a book DH got me called 'plants and us'. It's a history of our interaction with plants. Right up my street 👍😊.

60 feels so strange. Not so many years ago women could retire at 60
officially. My sons are in UK so no get together plus Covid etc. I will just have a quiet day with my book.

Wishing you all a good day.

Flossiebo Tue 07-Dec-21 06:38:34

Happy Birthday @Shelbel 🎂🎂

Good Morning from a cold and frosty Teesside.

I will be walking the dogs in the next hour, then getting down to some serious mince pie making. I have a family gathering planned for Xmas Eve, so trying to get as much done in advance as possible!

Stay warm x

grandMattie Tue 07-Dec-21 07:01:31

Good morning from a clear E Kent. It is hideously late (for me) but I have had a pretty good night for a change!
I hope everything went well for you, Marydoll, and you were able to talk easily to your consultant. Happy birthday Shelbel. 🎂🎉🎁
Iris is seeing the consultant today. Her plaster p is being removed (and replaced) to see his the wounds are healing. When her splint is ready, she’ll be able to have it off permanently.
Nothing much today - tai chi (foot permitting) and supermarket, including collection of ‘Iris’s’ Lego which she told her mummy was “something Grandma would buy me” 😊
Hope all your troubles are little ones, as they say. Keep safe. Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩

cornergran Tue 07-Dec-21 07:03:11

Morning Mick, morning All from a dark, draughty corner of Somerset

A couple of successful phone calls cheered me yesterday. Two very helpful people. Mr C’s replacement hearing aid arrived, normal hearing service is resumed thank goodness. Our Littlest is still proper poorly, he’s not bouncing back this time,

Dental checkup for us both today will apparently coincide with 100% chance of rain and very strong wind, hmm, can’t wait. Lateral flow tests for us bith before we go. They are a part of life’s routine now, who’d have thought it. Other than that need to book the car for a service and sort the grocery order.

A very happy birthday shelbel. Safe journey oops. Took me two years to clear our loft before we moved BlueBalou, good luck with it all. I’m sure your daughter will appreciate the help scentia.

Take care everyone. Hope Tuesday is kind to us all.

Jaxjacky Tue 07-Dec-21 07:07:04

Good morning all from a damp S Hants, awaiting storm Barra, exciting getting your itinerary Mick.
Happy Birthday Shelbel 🎂.
Achieved yesterday, fringe trimmed, appointment made for ears clean out and a lunch planned later in the week. Farm shop at some point today.
Scentia obvious your DD takes after you with her busy life!
Have a pleasant day all, hugs to those in discomfort, sad or just a bit down 🦩🦩.

Gagagran Tue 07-Dec-21 07:12:52

Good Morning all! It's too dark to see what the weather is doing here on the south coast but the forecast is wild and wet. Hope it holds off until I get my trip to see the nurse at 9am, to get the dressing changed on my leg ulcer, and hair appointment at 10am prior to my WI Christmas lunch at 12.30pm. Suspect my hopes will be in vain though.

We got the rest of our "twinklers" (as DH calls my tasteful decs.) up yesterday prior to a visit from DD. He changed all the defunct batteries in them and it all looks bright and cheery now and has made me feel the same.

Happy birthday Shelbel! flowers I retired at 60 and it was the right time for me as we moved south then, to be near our DC and DGC. It's been a happy retirement and hopefully more to come. Haven't missed work one bit!

Good to hear the GN's news and wishing everyone the best day they can have. sunshine

GrannyGravy13 Tue 07-Dec-21 07:13:08

Morning all

Haven’t opened the curtains, but the forecast is rain, rain and wind.

We have The Imp so nothing planned

Keep safe and well folks 🤶🏻🎄

GrannyGravy13 Tue 07-Dec-21 07:17:25

Happy Birthday Shelbel 🎂🥂💐🎉

Welcome to the sixties club!!

Grandmadinosaur Tue 07-Dec-21 07:21:32

Good morning from dark, icy East Yorkshire. Alexa tells me it is 2 degrees brrr.

Happy 60th Shelbel welcome to the club!

Yesterday I wrote my Christmas cards. Had to go to the village after lunch to get a couple extra. As I was out a got a phone call bringing me sad and unexpected news. Our dear friend from my Tues coffee morning has lost her husband earlier in the day. We are all shocked and naturally she will be devastated. He has had health issues for a long time but he had recently had an op that solved them. He was still in hospital so I’m not sure of any more details.
So today will be a sombre coffee morning and I have to go straight from there to my hair appointment a colour and cut. Then gs after school. Phew !

Take care everyone.

Beechnut Tue 07-Dec-21 07:23:40

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. Rain is forecast so a day indoors for me.

Happy Birthday Shelbel enjoy your day 🎂🎉

Usual Tuesday stuff for me and some pottering. I might make a few more cards. I’ve nearly got them all done.

I hope you all have a good day as possible 💨🍂🍂

Urms my daughter was being norty over something I told her. She is very quick witted and fun 😂

Greyduster Tue 07-Dec-21 07:25:56

Good:morning, Michael and all GNs. I can’t remember whether I posted yesterday - it didn’t get off to a good start but ended better. It’s freezing in South Yorkshire this morning, and I’m glad not to have to defrost the car to go anywhere. I have a lot of chores to get on with - things have been piling up over the weekend, ironing especially, so it’ll be best foot forward.
Stay warm and safe, all!

Greyduster Tue 07-Dec-21 07:27:23

Happy Birthday, Shelbel!🎉🎂👋🏻

brook2704 Tue 07-Dec-21 07:34:21

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s dark and wet.
Happy Birthday Shelbel enjoy your special day! 💐🎂🛍
Hoping Iris appointment goes well today grandMattie
We’re back home after a long but ok journey yesterday, nothing planned today except a bit of shopping and last few Christmas cards to write
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Gwenisgreat1 Tue 07-Dec-21 07:45:07

Good morning all from dark probably wet Harrogate
Happy Birthday shelbel
Yesterday I had a hospital appointment with the physio to help my cracked elbow to heal. He was surprised when I said it’s not painful! Anyway it will be good to be able to straighten it again.
Today we are off to our nearest City - Ripon with the U3A visiting the workhouse.
BlueBalou you should see our attic! We’ve only been in the house for 6 years!! I dread to think we’re it will go if we have another move!
Hope you consultant was kind Marydoll and can help you.
Have the best day you can folks.

Pittcity Tue 07-Dec-21 07:59:31

Good morning from Colchester where it is going to be damp and not feel above freezing today.
Tuesday is charity shop volunteering day and is always fun and busy. We have never stopped mask wearing and we have branded ones for the shop which we paid for as it is a charity.
I put up our decorations yesterday but I'm not happy with the window lights, in fact I dreamt about them. Its our first Christmas in this house and I may need new ones!
Happy Birthday Shelbel 🎂 and love to all 🦩 x

Urmstongran Tue 07-Dec-21 08:08:52

My goodness, I thought I was fairly early this morning but everyone’s under ‘starter’s orders’ it seems!

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where is just eating light. It’s dry though so that’s a bonus. Ooh the 8am train to Liverpool Line Street has just pulled into the station. All the carriages are lit up because it’s dark yet. Seems to be a few more commuters these days. Which reminds me ... where’s amselerin these days? She was coming over to the Fylde coast. Whenever I type her name ‘celery’ goes through my mind.

I’m going to get dressed today ha! I need to because I’m going out. At 1q:30am I’m to be at the new hair salon for a skin test in preparation of highlights tomorrow. I shall call in the square first and get a coffee to go, then loop back for 12:30pm lunch at said wine bar for lunch with 4 of my book club retiree ladies. Nice. We will all 12 of us be out together this Saturday for our book club Christmas meal at a French bistro in Lymm, Cheshire. I’m looking forward to that already (hence the hair-do tomorrow so I don’t frighten the horses).

Oh, keeping with my horse 🐎 theme today (!) a friend’s son has bought a share in a racehorse syndicate where he lives in York. It’s only a youngster apparently but is running well and shows promise. I think I’ll call in the bookies after lunch to enquire when it’s next running & place a bet!

Many happy returns of the day Shelbel!

Here’s Matt for the day - so witty (and topical)! x

Grandmajean Tue 07-Dec-21 08:14:37

Good morning all.
Happy birthday Shelbel you are a mere youngster.
Need to finish the online shopping.
Happy Tuesday 🎄

baubles Tue 07-Dec-21 08:15:00

Good morning Mick, morning all from icy South Lanarkshire.

Happy birthday Shelbel.
Bluebalou we moved three and a half years ago, I feel your pain.
Hope things go well for Iris gMattie
Sending good wishes for your littlest one cornergran, poor lamb.

Finally did a supermarket shop yesterday,a job I really dislike but at least we have the makings of a few meals now as I’ve used up all of my freezer food.

Today I really must write cards and if the weather doesn’t turn out to be as dreadful as the forecast I should get to the post office.

I still have a couple of gifts to get, the quirky nine year old is proving to be problematic as she’s at the stage where she’s growing out of toys.

Anyhoo onwards and upwards, wishing everyone a peaceful day. 🦩🦩

Gingster Tue 07-Dec-21 08:15:15

Good morning all from a dreary looking Essex.

Yesterday’s U3A concert went off well. We had a few missed notes and dropped a few ‘clangers’ but it was fun and everyone joined in the spirit of Christmas. 🎊. They really are a lovely group.

Happy birthday Shelbel you’re a youngun! 🎂

I hope all your days doings turn out well.🤗