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My favourite shops are charity shops, which shops are your favourite ?

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Serendipity22 Thu 13-Jan-22 15:26:03

Today i decided to go to a quaint market town near me. I love the ambiance of this market town, the people are so friendly, love it.

I trail from charity shop to charity shop then open the door to a welcoming, warm cafe, sit near window so can people watch while a contented, happy feeling sits within me that i have bargains in my bags that sit at my feet.

Then after sipping my coffee, i scoop up my bargains and head away from the welcoming cafe, to MORE charity shops.

Urmstongran Thu 13-Jan-22 15:32:20

I’m not really a shopper. I walk to the Trafford Centre with a small list. Make my purchases and leave. I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than mooch about. Unless of course something just catches my eye as I’m passing ...
I’m an impulse buyer when (very occasionally) something just jumps out at me.

Grandmabatty Thu 13-Jan-22 15:33:41

I'm afraid we wouldn't be good shopping companions as I loathe shopping! I go for specific items only. The only shops where I could browse would be bookshops.

Peasblossom Thu 13-Jan-22 15:37:39


I'm afraid we wouldn't be good shopping companions as I loathe shopping! I go for specific items only. The only shops where I could browse would be bookshops.

Ha, ha. I used to meet a friend for coffee and shopping and somehow after an hour or so we found ourselves in the bookshops 😬

Especially the ones that did coffee and books.🥳

HowVeryDareYou Thu 13-Jan-22 15:39:42

I hate shopping. On occasion, though, I have a look in B&M and get a load of--stuff we don't need--bargains

Redhead56 Thu 13-Jan-22 15:47:52

I have favourite items I buy from specific shops I should have shares with Amazon. The local farm shop is a favourite and garden centre even though it’s expensive. If I go into B&M I spend a fortune on a trolly full of stuff I will use but didn’t need.

Serendipity22 Thu 13-Jan-22 15:48:10

Ohhhh heck, a lot of loath shopping Grans.... this is not a nice thread ive started !! Hahahaha SORRY...

Casdon Thu 13-Jan-22 15:52:47

I love the White Company. I’m not sure how, but the smell, sense of calm, the wooden floors, the lack of bright colours, and the way they display the goods gets me every time - I can imagine myself in a floaty white dress in the meadows (which isn’t me at all!).

Serendipity22 Thu 13-Jan-22 15:56:23

The things i buy from a proper shop ( opposed to a charity shop) are things that will go with my sewing, birthday cards, presents and yes, i have been known to purchase things that i dont REALLY need but like the look of at the time, suppose it depends what mood i am in hahahaha.

Myself and one of my friends who is like minded, buy each other presents ( birthday/Christmas) from the charity shops, its openly known to each other, its a little personal thing we do, so considering her birthday August and mine September, we have a truck load of celebratory goodies for each other hahahahaha. Brillllllllliant.


Serendipity22 Thu 13-Jan-22 15:57:58

Haaaaa brilliant Casdon

Blossoming Thu 13-Jan-22 16:07:25

My favourite shops are farm shops and markets.

EllanVannin Thu 13-Jan-22 16:12:04

Charity shops are my favourite too as I also look for the odd antique. A shop in my nearest village sells a lot of new M&S clothing at ridiculous prices and a friend purchased a jacket that's an ideal match to trousers that she had, for the princely sum of £2.50 and the" suit" looks fabulous. Brand new !

Lincslass Thu 13-Jan-22 16:13:33

I use shopping as a reason to go out, and browse, not in shops, but shop windows, although a bookshop does seem to call me, especially second hand ones. There is a lovely market town not far from me,a nice drive there then a wonder around the many Independant shop windows, in the fresh air.

luluaugust Thu 13-Jan-22 16:22:01

I used to enjoy window shopping but can't really imagine just wandering about for the sake of it nowadays. A quick look round the local charity shops and into Bonmarche in case something I have had my eye on is there in my size. Looking forward to going back to the local cafe and meeting a friend soon.

Jaxjacky Thu 13-Jan-22 16:23:06

I’m with you Grandmabatty my favourite shops are the ones that deliver to my door.

Josieann Thu 13-Jan-22 16:25:52

My favourite shops are wallpaper, fabric and bed linen shops. Lingerie shops come a close second, and pet shops third.
I like the White Company too.

FannyCornforth Thu 13-Jan-22 16:26:04

Urms I love that coat.
Where is it from?
Not that I would want it, I’m far too fat and it doesn’t suit my colouring; but it is gorgeous. I bet that you love wearing it

Kim19 Thu 13-Jan-22 16:27:18

Restaurants and cafes do it for me every time.

paddyann54 Thu 13-Jan-22 16:27:24

I love a good kitchen shop ,spend hours and loads of money in them ,or a bookshop and HMV for CD's .There was a time my OH was loathe to leave me alone in an HMV I would regularly walk out with a couple of hundreds of £ worth.Mind you I get great enjoyment out of them so money well spent

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 13-Jan-22 16:29:13

I loathe shopping except online, the garden centre or the farm shop. Loved looking round the shops years ago but not for at least 20 years. No way would I enjoy being in shops when I might catch covid.

crazyH Thu 13-Jan-22 16:33:06

My favourite shop is Asda. Their Cafe is on the top floor - so, I get myself a nice Breakfast, sit by the rails that overlook the shop floor, and I just people watch…….love it !!!!

Visgir1 Thu 13-Jan-22 16:35:03

Love shopping making a day of it.
Coffee, browse, lunch, browse even afternoon tea if my feet can cope.
Doesn't mean I buy much, just love checking out what's around.
Big shops, little independent ones my mum was just the same.

But I can't stand charity shops, ugh they always smell to me.

MissAdventure Thu 13-Jan-22 16:36:56

I love charity shops. smile
We have about 5, all within walking distance here, and cafes in between, for a spot of people watching.

BlueBelle Thu 13-Jan-22 16:40:47

I rarely buy from anywhere but charity shops
I d like your trip serendippity but I d have to do it alone I really dislike shopping with anyone but I ll meet you for coffee after we ve both gone our own way in the charity shops

Judy54 Thu 13-Jan-22 16:45:52

I love clothes but don't like shopping for them. I tend to make most of my purchases online. Ebay is one of my favourite places to shop.