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Presuming BJ goes.

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Mollygo Sat 15-Jan-22 23:19:42

We’ve all had our say about whether he should go or not.
Why not turn this on its head and say who you would like instead of BJ, and why you think they would be good?
First someone from the Tory party because they’re still in. You may struggle to think of anyone, but give it a go.
Then who you’d like from any party or the party you vote for and why.
I’d vote for Andy Burnham. I know he’s only the Mayor of Greater Manchester now, but I think he’s really developed throughout Covid and he listens to the people.

MayBee70 Sun 16-Jan-22 01:16:25

From the Conservative party Tom Tugendhat. Labour. Keir Starmer. He’s the party leader, Labour are leading in the polls and why have a Labour leadership contest now? I can’t think of a more decent person to be PM and what we need now is a bit of decency.

Kim19 Sun 16-Jan-22 02:16:07

I want someone with a bit of fire in their belly for fighting the many wrongs in this country at present. KS certainly doesn't come over as having that. Can't think of a single person in C party but I don't know many of them nowadays.

Rosie51 Sun 16-Jan-22 02:25:12

Can't remember his name and can't be bothered to google, but that army guy that resigned, He had principles. Other than him could anyone be worse than Boris ( well other than Rees-Mogg)? struggling even with the other parties, Starmer isn't the worst but's a very vanilla spectrum at the moment.

FannyCornforth Sun 16-Jan-22 04:48:29

I hadn’t read your post in full before I thought of Andy Burnham, and see that you got there first, Molly!
Keep Angela Rayner as Deputy.

Cannot think of a single Tory. I liked Mrs May to be honest.

I haven’t got the foggiest what’s going on with the LibDems.
I lost patience with them with the trans business.
Greenies have gone quiet too.

farview Sun 16-Jan-22 06:23:48

Andy Burnham for sure...

NfkDumpling Sun 16-Jan-22 06:39:18

It has to be someone who is squeaky clean and has the approval of the Vote Leave / Cummings bunch as rumours in the press have it that they're at the bottom of all the escalating leaks. And it has to be someone who has good knowledge and experience of Covid, Northern Ireland, fishing rights, immigrant, global warming, farming, the economic situation, the EU, Russia, .... Liz Truss and Dishy Rishi are the only two I can think of who come anywhere near, and we don't know what Dom has on them. Yet.

I agree with Rosie51 about that army guy. Know who you mean but I can't remember his name either!!

FannyCornforth Sun 16-Jan-22 06:49:21

Rory Stewart

Aveline Sun 16-Jan-22 06:57:58

Andy Burnham if Labour and Penny Mordaunt if Tory.

nanna8 Sun 16-Jan-22 06:59:28

Yup - bring back Theresa May. Dignified, so very British and intelligent to boot.

FannyCornforth Sun 16-Jan-22 07:07:48


Rory Stewart

I mean, that’s the ‘army guy’ to whom Rosie and NfkDumpling referred.
I like him too. Obviously too principled for the gig though

Whitewavemark2 Sun 16-Jan-22 07:23:44

For me it is about decency, integrity, competence and someone untouched by corruption. So that rules out the current cabinet.

I then would look at policy, because that is what is going to affect my, my children and grandchildrens future.

So just at the moment it is difficult to say with the Tory party as they are all ruled by a powerful far right clique.

So I would look to someone with the qualities above and the strength of character to stand up the the powerful right, and whose policies are in my opinion the right ones for the country’s future.

No member of the Tory party has indicated this as they will never succeed at the moment with the over-powerful far right.

I am content that for Starmer to lead Labour as he clearly shows the right qualities.

Policies have yet to be fully developed. Those I have seen give me sufficient confidence to date, but they do not yet represent a fully rounded set of policies that would sustain good governance.

Esspee Sun 16-Jan-22 07:32:02

Nicola Sturgeon would be an outstanding leader, she’s head and shoulders above any of the Party Party.

I couldn’t think of any Tories. Sorry.

Aveline Sun 16-Jan-22 08:04:38

You must be thinking about a different Nicola Sturgeon from the one I know. The one I know has suppressed information regarding Covid numbers, care home deaths and even outbreaks. It's horrendous what she's brought Scotland too with her dictatorial approach. Don't get me started - I could go on!

Luckygirl3 Sun 16-Jan-22 09:35:12

Rory Stewart indeed. Would rather not have a Tory at all, but we are stuck with that and he seems to be the most principled of them all.

Pammie1 Sun 16-Jan-22 09:42:48

Can’t think of a single Tory. I’ve heard Michael Gove’s name mentioned as a favourite candidate, but the thought isn’t exactly enthralling. For labour - Angela Rayner. She comes across as fearless and I think she has more of a fire in her belly than Keir Starmer.

MerylStreep Sun 16-Jan-22 09:45:44

Just saying 😊 Rory Stewart was not a soldier He worked under the Foreign office as a co-ordinator. Not decrying his role but there are a lot of people who think he was a soldier just because he was in Iraq.

MerylStreep Sun 16-Jan-22 09:47:08

I couldn’t vote for Andy Burnham because of his comments/ handling of the Mid Staffs hospital horror.

kittylester Sun 16-Jan-22 09:50:55

Beat me to it Meryl.

Not really got any ideas except not the very boring Keir Starmer.

And, whatever Boris has done wrong, he saved us from Corbyn as an alternative.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 16-Jan-22 09:57:01

Yes Kitty that is Boris's single redeeming feature.
Can't think of anyone to suggest but I definitely don't want a Labour government. Just look at the rabble surrounding Starmer.

Shropshirelass Sun 16-Jan-22 09:57:08

Can’t think of anyone, Rishi Sunak has a quiet determination and seems to handle things well, Michael Gove, can’t see him as PM! Kier Starmer, can’t stand the man and wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. He is waffling on and on during a TV interview at the moment, his party has done the same anyway! All a bit of a mess really!

DiscoDancer1975 Sun 16-Jan-22 09:58:30

Yes, I like Andy Burnham. He seems to have his head screwed on, but have to be honest, and say I don’t know anything of his policies, but he speaks well, and sounds intelligent.

Oldnproud Sun 16-Jan-22 10:06:09

Rory Stewart, as he seems to have principles.
Failing that, Teresa May, though she was set up to fail last time, by her own party, so no guarantees the same wouldn't happen again.
Right now I think they are lining up Liz Truss but I think they would do the same to her. It strikes me that they might want a fall-guy (or 'gal') just to last them through these difficult times, but to be ditched when things improve .

From Labour? Difficult. I think that Kier Starmer would make a good Prime Minister (his measured approach is more suited to PM than Leader of the Opposition), but it would probably take someone displaying more fire in their belly to actually get Labour elected at the next General Election.

Sago Sun 16-Jan-22 10:06:32

The only person I would want to lead this country is the late John Smith.
Had he lived Tony Blair would never have been PM and we would be living in a much better country.

Mollygo Sun 16-Jan-22 10:12:20


Yes, I like Andy Burnham. He seems to have his head screwed on, but have to be honest, and say I don’t know anything of his policies, but he speaks well, and sounds intelligent.

I don’t know if Andy Burnham would have any policies yet-and they’d be drawn up by the same Labour who would formulate Starmer’s policies.
I think he would be more attractive to voters and get more votes than than Starmer who’s a bit grey. He reminds me of John Major; probably very competent but not impressive.