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Favourite film/s, what are yours?

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Serendipity22 Sun 16-Jan-22 11:14:10

I have 2 favourite films. They are Christmas films, but i can watch them on a hot summers evening, makes no difference to me which season I am in.

They are Home Alone 1 ( which is the Christmas film ) & 2 and Scrooge.

I am not particularly a film fan apart from those two.


JackyB Sun 16-Jan-22 11:17:01

My very favourite is The Commitments. Also the Back to The Future trilogy.

I thought this thread would soon be started after reading Canadian Gran's "joyous" thread.

Serendipity22 Sun 16-Jan-22 11:32:28

Ohhhh i havent been in other threads...

I am on a slooooow start this am with GN... i been cleaning the cooker top of allllll things, then sat down with coffee and thought of nice things other than Brillo pads and scouring pads hahahahaha.

Yes ive watched a bit of Back to the future.

Enjoy your day smile

AGAA4 Sun 16-Jan-22 11:35:43

I am a fan of Hitchcock films. North by North West and Vertigo I have seen a few times. Also like A wonderful Life as my Christmas film.

Kim19 Sun 16-Jan-22 11:42:30

Yesterday dream was realised when I found 'Paint your wagon' on telly. Sheer happenstance as I'd just come in from the garden for a seat and a cuppa and I did a channel hop. Bingo. It's the most moralistic yet lighthearted fun film I've ever seen and I would seriously recommend it to everyone. Oh yesssss......

Witzend Sun 16-Jan-22 11:56:02

An old favourite hardly anyone else ever seems to have seen, is The Tamarind Seed, with a young Julie Andrews in her first ‘non-sweet’ role, and Omar Sharif as the Russian trying to recruit her as a spy - or is he?

Partly set in Barbados, and with some brilliant twists, plus the odd moment that really brings back that frightening Cold War feeling.
Also featuring a stunningly beautiful Sylvia Sims in a brilliantly acted part.
I have it on DVD and still watch it now and then.

Whistle Down The Wind is another, and the old Blithe Spirit.

Fernbergien Sun 16-Jan-22 12:03:58

Dr Zhivargo
Ryan’s Daughter

Boz Sun 16-Jan-22 12:08:47

I also like P your Wagon. A Joyous film.

My desert island film would have to be Cinema Paradiso

MiniMoon Sun 16-Jan-22 12:09:21

My favourites are wide ranging.

Field of Dreams
Sense and Sensibility
Apollo 13
These 4 I can watch over and over.

My favourite Christmas film is The Santa Clause. It isn't Christmas until I've seen it.

poshpaws Sun 16-Jan-22 12:25:29

Gregory's Girl; Brassed Off; Key Largo; The Full Monty; The Pelican Brief; The African Queen; Seabiscuit; all the Fast & Furious series; the James Bond series. Private Benjamin; Beverley Hills Chihuahua; the Legally Blonde series; Road House; Ghost; Sister Act series; Home Alone; Die Hard; The Transporter series.

(A pretty eclectic bunch, but there ya go!)

Namsnanny Sun 16-Jan-22 12:27:51

I have quite a few but the top two are always...

1 Notes on a Scandal with Judy Dench
2 The talented Mr Ripley with Matt Damon.
After that almost too many to mention

Poppyred Sun 16-Jan-22 12:33:47

Dancing with Wolves
Apollo 13
Pretty Woman
Miracle on 34th Street

Elusivebutterfly Sun 16-Jan-22 12:41:33

Dr Zhivago and Gone with the Wind.

Chocolatelovinggran Sun 16-Jan-22 12:42:26

Some like it hot. Best last line in any film....

wicklowwinnie Sun 16-Jan-22 13:23:52

The Full Monty,
Bridges of Madison County,
Now Voyager.

Kim19 Sun 16-Jan-22 13:24:49

Strange but I only have lighthearted as favourites. I have many memorable dramas but they don't give me the element of joy I appreciate nowadays.

Serendipity22 Sun 16-Jan-22 13:26:56

Oooooo some brilliant film choice favourites...

I also love ( i wont say are classed as favourites) any early Bond films love em...

Serendipity22 Sun 16-Jan-22 13:30:21

This is she who has started a thread on films... hahahaha.

I have to say that despite the fact that its not classed as favourite ( i know the question was which are your FAVOURITE... hahaha ... oooops )

I do 'like' the film SERENDIPITY !!!!!!!!!

Kate1949 Sun 16-Jan-22 13:32:28

The Way We Were and Dances With Wolves.

Serendipity22 Sun 16-Jan-22 13:34:02

Fire lit, warm delicious hot chocolate, settle down to watch film.....

Ive just painted a cold winters day scene, maybe because its bloomin cold outside today...

Anniebach Sun 16-Jan-22 13:43:41

Always. Spielberg film.

Casablanca, to hear Bogart say ‘we’ll always have Paris’

My Fair Lady.

When Harry Met Sally

Goodnight Mr.Tom. yes a tv film

BBbevan Sun 16-Jan-22 13:53:02

My absolute favourite is Ben-Hur with Charlton Heston, then in contrast 7 Brides for7 Brothers

Serendipity22 Sun 16-Jan-22 13:55:39

Ohhhh yes Ben Hur, wow BBbevan very very powerful film.....

Gin Sun 16-Jan-22 14:03:36

I too love ‘Some Like It Hot’. Others on my list are all oldies: ‘The Third Man’, ‘Black Orpheus’ and ‘Steel Magnolias’. I have not been to the cinema much in the last ten years as the sound is so loud I find it too uncomfortable. Oh I cannot leave out ‘Cabaret’I have it on my replay list band often watch a sneaky half hour of the Kat Club scenes. I would love to see the revival theatre production in London.

Witzend Sun 16-Jan-22 14:08:28

I just remembered Sleeping With The Enemy! Goodness, that was brilliant. I’d watch like a shot if it was on TV - must have a look at Netflix.

Muriel’s Wedding is another I’d def, watch again.

Ditto Spotlight - the true story of uncovering Catholic priest abuse in Boston.
And the one we saw in the same week in the cinema - about the chap who foresaw the financial crisis of 2008. Can’t remember the title - does anyone know? Would def, watch that again.