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Routines, are you stuck in one?

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Sago Thu 20-Jan-22 11:02:51

At the gym yesterday I overheard two gentlemen talking I would’ve said they were aged around 60 to 65.
One asked the other how he was, he replied I’m fine except my neighbours lad is coming round tonight for me to verify pictures on his passport application.
He is coming round at six but would like to have our tea at 5:45 so I’m not sure what to do.

This really shocked me and I drove home thinking I am never going to get like that!

However it’s Thursday morning the day I clean the kitchen 😬😬😬😬

Do you have a strict routine?

GrannyGravy13 Thu 20-Jan-22 11:04:07

No routine here apart from gym appointments.

Kim19 Thu 20-Jan-22 11:05:51

Absolutely no routine. A simple life of as and when and everything is shelved in favour of social occasions.

ginny Thu 20-Jan-22 11:06:44

No strict routine here. When we retired we vowed we would never fall into that trap. Obviously certain clubs and interests take place in regular days but otherwise we go with the flow as they say.

Redhead56 Thu 20-Jan-22 11:09:10

No since retirement do not have any routine other than staying in bed drinking tea later. But my husband does tend to stick to times which irritates me and often causes arguments. He does not like spontaneous arrangements whereas I do. The worse thing you can ask me is what’s your schedule today!

Serendipity22 Thu 20-Jan-22 11:11:46

I refuse to allow routine to enter my life. Every day is different.

Ohhh just thought, until September Wednesdays are taken up with looking after my GD but that is because my DD is working, so i don't know if that situation can be classed as routine i suppose it can, but it isnt of my choosing.


GagaJo Thu 20-Jan-22 11:12:20

I'm in a rut, rather than a routine. I'd like to be more structured really. The house would be cleaner, for a start!

MayBeMaw Thu 20-Jan-22 11:13:33

My parents became like that in their latter years. I used to drive up to visit them in the Borders, about 7 hours’ drive and they would attempt to pin me down to a exact arrival time, because “they had their tea at 6.30” - so before or after we’re OK but not 6.30!
I swore I would not become like that and apart from a couple of regular activities which I try to “ring fence” I try very hard to remain flexible and open to spontaneous arrangements and not to ever begrudge the unexpected .
“Hardening of the attitudes” is something we must guard against, but it can be harder when your life is more or less your own to organise and you have got used to setting your own agenda.

kittylester Thu 20-Jan-22 11:20:06

We don't have a self imposed routine but, inevitably, volunteering is on set days/times. Dh's gym sessions are set but occur 3 times a week so he can swap.

And, we do like tea, biscuits and the crossword about 4pm!! Actually, that doesn't stop us doing anything that might impinge on that time but it is a given if we both happen to be in!

Grandmabatty Thu 20-Jan-22 11:23:03

I am a creature of habit, I know. I had a routine as I was looking after dgs1 two days a week, but that changed as dd is on maternity leave with grandson2. I always visit mum on a Wednesday morning,but that's more for her benefit than mine really. I always do housework on a Saturday morning and also go food shopping then too. But I'm not locked into it.

EllanVannin Thu 20-Jan-22 11:35:01

Goodness no. Although being on your own makes a difference.
Once age started creeping along I vowed that I wasn't going to fall into any sort of a routine as I'd done all that for donkeys years so it was time to please myself what I did and please myself I do.
Even though at times I feel like * GagaJo* as regards the house. You can have too much of a good thing sometimes grin

AGAA4 Thu 20-Jan-22 11:35:37

I do have a routine for mealtimes but would put that aside if there was something interesting to do.

No routine for anything else.

Shandy57 Thu 20-Jan-22 11:40:50

My aunt has had a lifetime of routine because of her 'medication'. Alarm set for 6 am for the first lot, has to eat one hour before the 6 pm tablets.

I must say my daily life schedule is affected by the tides, as I like to take my dog to the beach when it's at a certain height. Whoever thought it!

Sara1954 Thu 20-Jan-22 11:46:43

I have always had a routine, if I didn’t, my life would be chaos, I would never get anything done.
I like lists, I like order, I don’t do the same things every week, but I always plan ahead so that I know I can fit everything in.
I might add that I still work full time, and we are a family of six, including three children

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 20-Jan-22 12:14:01

I was pleased to get rid of routines when I retired. The only one I have now centres on the hound’s feeding times. Other things get done when/if I feel like it.

Urmstongran Thu 20-Jan-22 12:16:40

Nope. I would hate that. I have a friend who cleans every Saturday morning. Never makes plans till after 2pm on Saturdays. I wouldn’t want to swing my legs out of bed. It would just depress me. It seems ‘old ladyish’ to me.

M0nica Thu 20-Jan-22 12:22:42

i would love to, but never succeed. it is my Holy Grail.

FarNorth Thu 20-Jan-22 12:27:34

I've always disliked the word and the idea of routine.
I do seem to be in a rut of laziness these days, tho.

janeainsworth Thu 20-Jan-22 12:28:59

That made me smile, Sago.
I feel more comfortable with a routine - I like to be up by 7.30, have tea and coffee and meals at approximately the same time of day, write lists & tick things off as they get done. Otherwise nothing does get done.
However very little is set in stone & there’s usually room for flexibility & spontaneity. If someone (ie MrA)has a sudden urge to go out for a walk or a trip to the beach, I can usually accommodate his wishes. To me that’s one of the nice things about retirement.

Mollygo Thu 20-Jan-22 12:35:40

I do have a routine, but it’s not fixed. On non-work days or afternoon working, my mornings are swim or gym, walk the dog, (when it’s muddy, that includes rinse the dog, dry the dog), clean the floors again then collapse in a chair with a cuppa. Other jobs are as and when, e.g. As soon as we get a sunny, that’s when I put extra washing on.
My MIL always had tea on the table at 4.30. My Nan always had afternoon tea at 4pm.

Calendargirl Thu 20-Jan-22 12:48:08

Yes, I have a routine. I get up and go to bed at more or less the same time, meals are also pretty regular. I go to aquacise classes four times a week, so things centre round that somewhat.

My main shop is done at the same time every week. I have my shower at the same sort of time each night.

I like to prepare the evening meal in good time so that this time of year I can sit down late afternoon and read.

If others think I’m odd, I don’t really care, it’s what suits me.

And no, it’s not set in stone, I can alter things if needed, but I like a bit of structure in my life.

Cabbie21 Thu 20-Jan-22 13:28:07

I am the same, Calendargirl.
Today I have just messed about, as I had nothing planned.
We have meals at set times because of DH’s diabetes, but that can be flexible if one of us is going out.
I volunteer two days a week, I have choirs on three evenings a week, so already there is a pattern.
I make lists and lime ticking things off, though certain items are permanent, as I put them off all the time.

Riverwalk Thu 20-Jan-22 13:32:16

I'm a morning person so if something needs doing it has to be done then, if left until later it likely wouldn't get done!

If at home I aim to eat lunch at 13.00 in the kitchen listening to the news on Radio 4 - the rest of the day is flexible.

I don't have set days for laundry, shopping etc.

Blossoming Thu 20-Jan-22 13:40:15

Not really, but I have meds that have to be taken at different times of day and that dictates when I eat. Some to be taken with food, some to be taken an hour or two before or after food, etc.

DillytheGardener Thu 20-Jan-22 13:50:19

No routine exactly though I generally do housework on Sunday if there are no social engagements on the calendar.