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Camilla-Queen Consort?

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Calendargirl Sat 22-Jan-22 09:38:51

Been discussed before, I know, but in the DT today, it seems that support for this to be the Duchess of Cornwall’s title in the fullness of time is ever more likely.

I, for one, would be pleased to see this happen. Princess Consort would be a silly title for the wife of the King.

I have never thought Charles will allow his beloved wife to hold an inferior title.

FannyCornforth Sat 22-Jan-22 09:41:20

Yes. I imagine that it will go ahead.

Urmstongran Sat 22-Jan-22 09:52:23

I think it will happen.

glammanana Sat 22-Jan-22 09:56:36

That would be the most sensible title to use.

Urmstongran Sat 22-Jan-22 09:58:14

This was in the Telegraph this morning saying Camilla has enjoyed increased popularity over the last decade.

Sparklefizz Sat 22-Jan-22 10:34:47

Years ago I used to care but now I just don't.
There's so much going on in the UK, let alone the world, that I've tried to "stop sweating the small stuff" as the saying goes.

henetha Sat 22-Jan-22 10:37:19

I do care, and I would be very pleased for her to have a proper title. I think she has earned it.

Sarnia Sat 22-Jan-22 10:37:37

Camilla should be Queen when the time comes. Her and Price Charles seem very happy together. A pity that the strict royal protocols about marriage partners denied them the opportunity to become husband and wife when they were young.

Kate1949 Sat 22-Jan-22 10:39:03

I agree Sparkle. It's all worked out very nicely for her hasn't it?

Kali2 Sat 22-Jan-22 10:41:34


eazybee Sat 22-Jan-22 10:41:38

It used to bother me but now it doesn't, and I speak as a divorced and replaced wife. It is what it is. It seems silly that she can't be referred to as the Princess of Wales, but Harry would have an apoplectic fit.
On second thoughts.....

Blossoming Sat 22-Jan-22 10:44:45

If she’s married to the reigning monarch then that’s what she’ll be, regardless of what anyone thinks. I couldn’t care less what they call themselves.

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 22-Jan-22 10:45:11

She has done well. She should be Queen Consort when the time comes.

Mollygo Sat 22-Jan-22 10:46:51

Seems a sensible decision. It will probably only be used in the media for reporting.
On GN it would quickly be shortened to QCC. We’re good at that.

ayse Sat 22-Jan-22 10:50:51


If she’s married to the reigning monarch then that’s what she’ll be, regardless of what anyone thinks. I couldn’t care less what they call themselves.


Sara1954 Sat 22-Jan-22 10:55:45

I like Camilla, and I hope she becomes Queen eventually, but I’m not certain she’ll be that bothered, she has Charles, a good life, I’m not sure if she’ll really mind one way or another.
Charles might though.

Yammy Sat 22-Jan-22 11:00:37

If Queen is to be in the title then why not just Queen?
It won't affect the rest of us plebs one little bit.
Do we really care what she did all those years ago? Do we care what they get up to and do they care about what we think? I doubt it.
There are far more dangerous things in this world, Covid and the ever-growing number of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border.

Greendress Sat 22-Jan-22 11:10:44

I admire Camilla and I hope she does become Queen. Charles and Camilla are obviously very happy together and support each other and I am sure Charles will insist upon it.

FannyCornforth Sat 22-Jan-22 11:12:46

Yammy Camilla can’t be ‘just’ Queen in the same way that Phillip wasn’t King.
She won’t be the monarch.

I think that we are all aware of the awful things that are happening in the world

Anniebach Sat 22-Jan-22 11:16:34

The same as a princess of Wales is not a princess, Camilla will
not be a Queen she will be Queen consort and I hope she will.

Ali08 Sat 22-Jan-22 11:24:00

Who gives a toss what Harry thinks? He made his choices, so he can do one!
I see no reason why Camilla shouldn't be Queen or Queen Consort, but I wish she'd change her hairstyle!!

eazybee Sat 22-Jan-22 12:43:14

A woman takes her status from her father, then her husband, (sad but true) therefore the King's wife is known as Queen, and can be crowned as Queen Consort but the Queen's husband is not King unless in his own right(William and Mary,)

BlueSky Sat 22-Jan-22 13:01:24

If her title is Queen Consort, then she’ll be Queen Consort.
I was reading that Queen Victoria tried in vain to have Prince Albert crowned King Consort but failed, hence the second best title of Prince Consort.

Mamie Sat 22-Jan-22 13:07:09

The title commonly used is just Queen though. Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth etc.

Lucca Sat 22-Jan-22 13:08:14

In the 21st century really ? So what?