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Would you consider that large and medium-sized dogs should be phased out?

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mokryna Sat 22-Jan-22 15:13:39

Would you consider that large and medium-sized dogs should be phased out to protect planet as their carbon paw print is the same as an SUV car?
Mark Howell, a councillor for Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole Council claimed that pets consume 20% of the world’s meat and fish and this demand adds to pollution as it has to be transported.
This is not to have present pets euthanized but in the in future would you try to think about the size of the family pet?

GrannyGravy13 Sat 22-Jan-22 15:15:59


lovebeigecardigans1955 Sat 22-Jan-22 15:17:50

I'm not sure but I suppose he's got a point. As many of us must live in smaller homes due to many reasons do we have room for very large dogs? It's a consideration, quite apart from the consumption that you mention.

Kim19 Sat 22-Jan-22 15:19:48

Seems not unreasonable consideration amongst all the others in planet conservation. However it should be done by consensus and not dictat.

25Avalon Sat 22-Jan-22 15:21:15

Life is getting very joyless.

JaneJudge Sat 22-Jan-22 15:22:47

my poor dog

25Avalon Sat 22-Jan-22 15:23:26

No wood burning stoves, no animals, no holidays, no conservatories.

M0nica Sat 22-Jan-22 15:23:40

What is the evidence for his claim?

Most of the meat and fish consumed by pets is the parts not considered suitable for human consumption, unless you are daft enough to waste your money buying all the 'premium' brands that might now and again contain parts of the animals that humans would eat.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 22-Jan-22 15:23:51

Large and medium sized dogs are often working dogs, not sure that small breeds could be a substitute.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 22-Jan-22 15:24:30


No wood burning stoves, no animals, no holidays, no conservatories.

When they ban wine, champagne and gin I am out of here…

J52 Sat 22-Jan-22 15:27:39


Casdon Sat 22-Jan-22 15:28:06

No, they do far less environmental damage than humans do. Most pet food is made from the parts of animals that humans reject. The type of meat animals eat can change though, and insects are also a potential source of pet food.

AGAA4 Sat 22-Jan-22 15:29:18

This is 'big dogism'. 😃Leave the dogs alone.
There are many things we can do to avert climate change but this shouldn't be one of them. I am not a big dog owner btw.

Blondiescot Sat 22-Jan-22 15:30:39

What a totally ridiculous thing to say! I much prefer big dogs, personally. Let's get rid of intolerant people like said councillor instead! wink

MerylStreep Sat 22-Jan-22 15:34:53

There’s big and the. There’s F**&§$G big. Although this one isn’t one of the biggest

Charleygirl5 Sat 22-Jan-22 15:36:23

Absolutely not.

Blossoming Sat 22-Jan-22 15:37:07

No, though I think people shouldn’t be keeping large working breeds in flats and other totally unsuitable environments.

Mollygo Sat 22-Jan-22 15:40:48

No! Even though my little 11kg dog is classed as medium.
People who support this, should be aware that the next step after downsizing your dog might be downsizing people. Watch out all medium and large people.

rosie1959 Sat 22-Jan-22 15:41:07

Then the world would have gone totally mad

Bibbity Sat 22-Jan-22 15:45:17

I would want them to prioritise phasing out breeds that are barbaric and cruel.
Pugs etc

janeainsworth Sat 22-Jan-22 15:47:06

I’ve never kept a dog or cat and wouldn’t want one, but what a ridiculous claim, that a big dog’s carbon paw print is the same as an SUV.
Is that an SUV that is driven 200 miles a week or 20, or the carbon footprint of just manufacturing it?

Aveline Sat 22-Jan-22 15:51:27


Whitewavemark2 Sat 22-Jan-22 16:00:45

Blimey in the scheme of things perhaps we should ask ourselves which species is doing the most damage to the earth.

I think that you will find that it isn’t large dogs.

lavendermine Sat 22-Jan-22 16:03:51

Oh for heavens sake! NO.

grannysyb Sat 22-Jan-22 16:19:25

Stupid man! Watching the sniffer dogs on the Royal Institution lectures was incredible!