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VioletSky Sat 22-Jan-22 19:43:25

One of my cats will bring you her favourite toy and literally scream her head off until you play with her. Not my favourite thing at 3am

Another likes to sleep under the duvet and claw you awake because she needs stroking to sleep

One licks my eyelids while I am asleep and tries to drink my tea...

They all have an extraordinary ability to appear in the seat you vacated for 30 seconds and look like they have been asleep there for hours!

I need a comfy seat and a nice cuppa when they keep interrupting my sleep!

Do your pets have any quirks?

tanith Sat 22-Jan-22 20:08:02

One of my cats would sit staring at a spot on the wall for ages till she was distracted, she still did when we’d moved house.

VioletSky Sat 22-Jan-22 21:45:15

I think that would freak me out a little, what can they see that we can't?

tanith Sat 22-Jan-22 22:35:55

Well to be honest my late husband was convinced it was his dads ghost the cat saw but when we’d moved house and I said I see your dads come with us then we both laughed a lot.

VioletSky Sat 22-Jan-22 23:13:41

That's actually quite sweet

Hetty58 Sat 22-Jan-22 23:26:22

My dog barks at the door when my sister, best friend or daughter are five minutes away - coming to see me, unannounced. How does she know? I'll then put the kettle on.

Pumpkin82 Sat 22-Jan-22 23:29:32

One of my dogs sits in front of the radiators and stretches her head up towards the ceiling, as if she is sunning herself with the heat from them. It looks so funny.

My boy who I lost recently always used to lie in between doorframes or in the way. He wasn’t needy in terms of having to be right with you, but he liked to be close enough that if you made a cup of tea or went for a wee, that he could check up and keep an eye on you. He was a superstar. Miss him dearly.

VioletSky Sat 22-Jan-22 23:36:47

One of my favourite things about pets is how different their personalities are.

I have 2 who are sisters, one is the softest, gentlest fluffiest idiot and her sister is smart and fiesty, will put you in your place, will not be picked up and will growl at you if she doesn't get her way.

No wonder we remember and miss them so individually when they are so different there is no replacing them

Llamas99 Sun 23-Jan-22 00:04:10

My cat Harley Catfish has so many quirks! I hardly know where to begin. He was born 12/24/2010 to a feral mother, rescued by my very young granddaughters. Didn't want a cat but had no choice. Neutered at 4 months but still likes to 'love' his blankie!!

FannyCornforth Sun 23-Jan-22 10:05:23


My dog barks at the door when my sister, best friend or daughter are five minutes away - coming to see me, unannounced. How does she know? I'll then put the kettle on.

My mom’s dog would lie by the front door for about half an hour before she came home from work.
My mom worked part time and different hours every day. She would do it when she was out for any other reason too.
Polly (she was a Cavalier KCS) must have sensed when mom was on her way home.
I was a child at the time and witnessed this every day.

My great uncle had a dog who would catch the bus to meet uncle outside the factory where he worked.

My aunty’s dog had a friend who would ‘call for her’.
He would stand at the front door and wait for her; they’d go and have a trot around together.
The first time I saw him , I said ‘who’s that dog at the door?’
Aunty replied nonchalantly,
‘oh, that’s Bonnie’s friend, let her out’.
So sweet! ♥️

FannyCornforth Sun 23-Jan-22 10:06:36

I could easily be here all day writing on this thread!

Grandmagrim Sun 23-Jan-22 10:42:40

I’ve raised kittens from birth and they absolutely come with their personalities intact. In the same litter one is so chilled he is like a big doll his brother is grumpy and vocal and just has to have the last word on everything with everyone. Their sister is the practical sensible one who understands the value of eating every few minutes just incase. I’m not sure I’d say any of them are quirky but they are definitely unique individuals.

VioletSky Sun 23-Jan-22 22:56:23

FannyCornforth would love to hear it.

I think we owe our furry companions so much

Maywalk Mon 24-Jan-22 21:40:32

Just lifted this from the book I wrote concerning pets. This incident happened nearly 80 years ago...............................

My father used to be a stevedore and he came home one night in May of 1940 with a beautiful blue Persian kitten that he had found abandoned in the hold of the ship.
My mother had an instant bond with that kitten and Blue, as we named him, was my mothers shadow.
When the blitz started and well before the siren wailed out its warning he used to stand clawing at the side of the door, he could hear the sound of the enemy planes well before us.
It gave us time to get our belongings together and get down the Anderson shelter.
Shrapnel had hit Blue about three times but my mother nursed him back to life each time and she always shared her food with him although we were rationed.
Blue had to stay behind with my father and sister until we got a place of our own in this new town that we had gone to live in for safety.
My sister had already joined us in Loughborough some months before Dad came with Blue. She was 18 years old by this time and working at the Brush Engineering works.
When we did finally get a house my dad brought Blue down to us.
It was then that my father said that Blue had saved his and my sisters life because a direct hit bombed what was left of the house and it buried my father and sister alive.
They were trapped for 48 hours but Blue wriggled away from them and somehow found a way through all the bricks and mortar that lay on top of the Anderson shelter. His continuous meowing and clawing at the debris finally brought the firemen to the spot where dad and my sister were still trapped."

Can one call that a quirk or loyalty to its human family. ????

sodapop Tue 25-Jan-22 08:59:56

Lovely story Maywalk what a wonderful cat.

Sparklefizz Tue 25-Jan-22 11:22:38

Love your story, Maywalk.

Nannan2 Tue 25-Jan-22 11:45:32

Wonderful cat Maywalk! Our cat is loved by all our family, AC and GC alike (some of whom have missed my cat more than they missed me over pandemic i think😅) Hes grown up with them all (He's 15 this yr) hes still sprightly though, more than i am-& he always accompanies me on my frequent loo trips and sits outside door- he comes up to bed after we all do &lies on landing to watch over his humans.He keeps extra watch over us if we are ill, especially the youngest son. He wakes elder son early to feed him by jumping on his bed & pawing at him, and when hes not complying he comes to my bedroom door instead, tapping /meowing.He understands all we say to him and gives 'answers' in the right places, and he always has to have the last word! We hope he'll be around for many more years yet.😻😸

Nannan2 Tue 25-Jan-22 11:52:06

Yes, he knew when my sons were arriving home too from school/college before they got here, when they got off the bus.(about 2minutes walk from our house) Animals, especially cats, are very perceptive and astute.

VioletSky Tue 25-Jan-22 13:54:06

Love that story Maywalk

The stories of pets knowing you are coming home is really interesting as mine are always waiting when I get home.... I just assumed they really liked sitting in the window and were there all day!