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I really want what Meghan has! -A frivolous thread.

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PamelaJ1 Sun 23-Jan-22 14:57:09

No, not Harry but the handbag!
She has it over her shoulder in a photo in the Times today. Just my sort of bag. It’s made by a Scottish firm. Great. Supporting the U.K. is what I want to do.
I went on the website and discovered it was quite pricey , over £400, I didn’t think it would be cheap but wondered if I could ask for it for my birthday.
No I can’t have it it’s made in Spain!
DH breathes a sigh of relief.
How much have you ever spent on a handbag?

Callistemon21 Sun 23-Jan-22 15:06:17

I wonder if Meghan got it free in order to advertise it?

I've never spent that much on a handbag but that's cheap by some celebrity standards.
TK Maxx was my go to place for bags but I have enough to see me out.

I want to see a picture of it now!

Ps handbags are not frivolous 😂

Smileless2012 Sun 23-Jan-22 15:07:20

The most expensive bag I have was bought by my sons for my 50th birthday but I have no idea what it cost. I'm terribly lazy when it comes to making good use of the ones I have so more often than not, always use the same oneblush.

Giddygranny Sun 23-Jan-22 15:09:43

Well today was the day I actually became a Granny at last, my daughter baby was IVF, so very precious. And she ended up having to have an emergency c section but all is well. So looking forward to being more active on Gransnet

Callistemon21 Sun 23-Jan-22 15:10:03

I want to see this bag now!

Lincslass Sun 23-Jan-22 15:11:06

I have never bought an expensive handbag, my daughter and Grandaughter have. A Mulberry and a Mark Jacobs. Good for them, they earned them.

Kate1949 Sun 23-Jan-22 15:11:29

Never more than £20 for me. We have a lovely bag shop here. They have evening bags, cross body bags, tote bags, work type bags. All sorts of styles and colours, priced between £12 and £25. Not leather obviously but they'll do for me.

Calendargirl Sun 23-Jan-22 15:13:19

Congratulations Giddygranny and welcome.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 23-Jan-22 15:18:30

I am far too embarrassed to own up to the value of my handbag collection.

I adore each and everyone and swap them
around depending on what I am wearing and where I am going.

I do have a favourite everyday bag from Aspinals

GagaJo Sun 23-Jan-22 15:28:57

I'm very picky with handbags and hardly ever see bags I like. I MIGHT save up for a £400 bag if I really wanted it.

I've had fake designer bags in the past. Indistinguishable from the real thing, but barely used them.

Grannmarie Sun 23-Jan-22 15:32:20

Congratulations, Giddygran, you must be over the
I have some 'good' bags, the kind that come with their own canvas storage bag, Armani, Radley, John Rocha, but also some nice bags from Clarks and M and S, I should really make an effort to rotate them so they all get regular use.

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 23-Jan-22 15:34:19

As I sit here, I can’t actually remember how many handbags I have! (Same with shoes) sometimes I might pass one on to my daughter but generally they are stored in a cupboard - apart from the one I’m currently using. I think the most I’ve spent is around £100 in a sale.

Smileless2012 Sun 23-Jan-22 15:35:28

Congratulations Giddygranflowers and welcome to GNsmile.

crazyH Sun 23-Jan-22 15:36:02

Congratulations Giddygran - a new little bundle of ❤️

Grammaretto Sun 23-Jan-22 15:45:03

How lovely Giddygran ❤️

My 2 littlest have just left. I don't see them often but they are just wonderful. Full of fun, chatter and laughter.
As for handbags: I am happy with any so long as it's not too bulky or heavy.
Can sit on the floor on its own so doesn't flop over.
Is large enough to hold all I need and has a shoulder strap to stop me losing it and a good zip top so the purse can't ne easily snatched..
Can I have one of Meghan's old ones?

Dickens Sun 23-Jan-22 15:46:57


I am far too embarrassed to own up to the value of my handbag collection.

I adore each and everyone and swap them
around depending on what I am wearing and where I am going.

I do have a favourite everyday bag from Aspinals

... good for you GG13!

If it makes you happy - and feel good, why not! grin

EllanVannin Sun 23-Jan-22 15:47:32

If you're going to treat yourself make sure it's worthwhile as a good handbag will go with anything and last a lifetime. Rather than a heap of cheaper ones.

I do keep looking on the Chanel thread on Ebay , some good " pre-loved " ones to be had. I'm just waiting for one to jump out at me. grin I'd love one.

Sago Sun 23-Jan-22 15:47:46

I love Tustings bags, all UK made!
Here’s a link

I have two of their bags, I had mine monogrammed with my initials, they are timeless bags and worth every penny.

I also have a Liberty bag, not sure where it’s made….it’s beautiful though.

Casdon Sun 23-Jan-22 15:52:46

I’m currently proof of that EllanVannin. My husband got me a small Mulberry bag about 25 years ago, which I very rarely used until the pandemic. I decided to downsize what I carted round with me because of the (then thought) risk of cross contamination from touching surfaces, and I’m now using it every day. I regularly get asked about it when I’m out shopping!

MissAdventure Sun 23-Jan-22 15:55:32

Jasper Conran bag here (I think)
4 quid from a charity shop. smile
Its going on ebay soon though, because I'm not keen.

Callistemon21 Sun 23-Jan-22 15:57:09

I hope you make a good profit!

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 23-Jan-22 15:58:22

I have enough bags to see me out! They’re nice (IMO) and I don’t remember what they cost as I’ve had them so long. The most expensive would have been three from Jaeger and L K Bennett sales. I have in the past lusted over Chanel and YSL and got over it. I could easily afford a £400 bag but my conscience would never let me spend so much on a fashion accessory. How people justify spending hundreds or thousands on bags escapes me.

MissAdventure Sun 23-Jan-22 15:58:57

Me too!
I should do.
I need to find something with more pockets to replace it first.

Callistemon21 Sun 23-Jan-22 16:02:23

I've been using the same one for ages, it wasn't expensive (Fiorelli) but it is so useful and everything can be easily found. Unfortunately it's looking past its best now.

I do like a bag with a long strap.

MissAdventure Sun 23-Jan-22 16:16:00

Me too.
A long strap is essential.
Then I know I'm not going to lose it.