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What would you spend it on?

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Shinamae Sun 23-Jan-22 22:40:38

Imagine you have a voucher pop through your letterbox for £50 to spend in Boots… what would you buy?

Blossoming Sun 23-Jan-22 22:53:24

Foot care products

annsixty Sun 23-Jan-22 22:53:53

Some of their No7 skin care which I understand is very good but expensive.

Lilypops Sun 23-Jan-22 22:54:41

Some oil of Olay , some nice bath oils , I quite like sanctuary products , some hair products that would tame my unruly curly hair and a nice nail polish , Hope I have got enough money for all this !! If there was any money left, maybe a good eyebrow pencil ,

crazyH Sun 23-Jan-22 23:10:34

Same as Annxiety - No 7 Skincare. My d.I.l. and her mother have been using it for years and they have the most beautiful skin. A bit too late for me, I guess, but I’ll give it a go. 😂

Marydoll Sun 23-Jan-22 23:18:34

Some Clinique make up and if anything left, a decent nail polish.

Redhead56 Sun 23-Jan-22 23:26:06

Children's shampoo bath products etc for my three granddaughters. Saving their parents a few Bob being stocked up.

Kate1949 Sun 23-Jan-22 23:28:58

Oil of Ulay. I've been using it for 50 years and have very few wrinkles at 72. Maybelline satin liquid foundation.

fairfraise Mon 24-Jan-22 07:53:03

No 7 skincare when you get a free gift if uou spend a certain amount! Then some all round nail strenghtener for fingernails.

dragonfly46 Mon 24-Jan-22 07:55:05

Same as mary Clinique make up.

janeainsworth Mon 24-Jan-22 08:03:38

I use No 7 skin care products so would buy those.

It seems expensive but they usually have a 3 for 2 offer on, and the Advantage points add up which makes it more affordable than it might appear at first sight. It all lasts ages as well so the cost per week isn’t that much.
3 for 2

M0nica Mon 24-Jan-22 08:16:27

I would probably pass it on to DGD or DD.

I buy very little in Boots.

kittylester Mon 24-Jan-22 08:35:49

5 bottles of my hair thickening shampoo. sad

TillyTrotter Mon 24-Jan-22 08:52:27

A travel hairdryer, Clarins natural deodorant spray (the blue one, Eau Ressourcante) , a pastel lipstick and matching nail varnish.

glammanana Mon 24-Jan-22 09:30:08

Any of the Soap & Glory bath & body products I just love them they are also often on offer 3 for 2.

harrigran Mon 24-Jan-22 09:30:49

I would give it to DIL to use for GDs, with three females in the house they get through a lot of products.

midgey Mon 24-Jan-22 09:31:39


dogsmother Mon 24-Jan-22 09:46:40

No 7. Creams and serums.

Grandmadinosaur Mon 24-Jan-22 10:02:37

I would buy Clinique make up too.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 24-Jan-22 10:50:19

A bottle of Anais Anais.

AGAA4 Mon 24-Jan-22 10:59:50

My first thought was to stock up on my sensodyne toothpaste and oral b toothbrushes but on second thoughts it would go on some expensive shower gel and body lotion.

GrandmaSeaDragon Mon 24-Jan-22 11:03:49

What a lovely surprise! I’d go for Champneys sleep spray (can’t find it in our local branch at the moment) and then top up with my regular No 7 products.

Millie22 Mon 24-Jan-22 11:09:15

Make up or Sanctuary bath products.

Shinamae Mon 24-Jan-22 11:14:55

I would buy Saint Ives exfoliating products and Clinique clarifying lotion..

TillyTrotter Mon 24-Jan-22 11:24:48

Is that a lavender pillow spray GrandmaSeaDragon ?
My DD uses that too as she is not a good sleeper.