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“When I am an old woman I shall wear purple…..”

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Tina49 Tue 25-Jan-22 09:53:46

I thought of Jenny Joseph’s poem, when I read this (guff!?) about the Pantone colour of the year. It’s basically purple, but they’ve called it Very Peri confused

We are living in transformative times. PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri is a symbol of the global zeitgeist of the moment and the transition we are going through. As we emerge from an intense period of isolation, our notions and standards are changing, and our physical and digital lives have merged in new ways. Digital design helps us to stretch the limits of reality, opening the door to a dynamic virtual world where we can explore and create new colour possibilities. With trends in gaming, the expanding popularity of the metaverse and rising artistic community in the digital space PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri illustrates the fusion of modern life and how colour trends in the digital world are being manifested in the physical world and vice versa

Witzend Tue 25-Jan-22 09:55:28

A candidate for Private Eye’s Pseuds’ Corner?
That was my first thought, anyway!

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 25-Jan-22 09:57:57

So, they can create new colour possibilities, but end up with Purple, not very forward thinking IMO.

I’d go for sky blue pink myself.

Tina49 Tue 25-Jan-22 10:02:54

Oopsadaisy1 sky blue pink would actually seem to represent the weird times we’re living in quite well!! They could have formulated a mad colour like that?

Tina49 Tue 25-Jan-22 10:03:27


A candidate for Private Eye’s Pseuds’ Corner?
That was my first thought, anyway!


Esmay Tue 25-Jan-22 10:04:10

Well expressed Witzend -a brilliant example of gobbledegook worthy of Private Eye .

Much as I enjoy Landscape and Portrait Artist of the Year I find some of the comments absurd ly pretentious .I often mute it !

Coastpath Tue 25-Jan-22 10:52:44

Pantone 17 - 3938 Ribena

Blossoming Tue 25-Jan-22 11:21:32

Purple is my favourite colour.

GrandmaSeaDragon Tue 25-Jan-22 11:42:04

Gosh, and people are paid to come up with this sort of gobbledegook!
I see I have already missed coral in 2019, ultra violet in 18 and greenery in 17. I can do the “gray” 21, as my hair presently resembles a steel-grey Brillo pad with blonde ends! No colour since May. Blossoming saw your lovely colour on another thread, that’s exactly the colour I would love to have, but never shall! It’s beautiful.

kittylester Tue 25-Jan-22 11:46:58

Ye gods!!

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 25-Jan-22 11:49:19

I’ve always worn purple.

BigBertha1 Tue 25-Jan-22 12:00:28

Purple is my favourite colour too - its everywhere in this house and in my wardrobe.

Tina49 Tue 25-Jan-22 12:41:33


Purple is my favourite colour too - its everywhere in this house and in my wardrobe.

Ahead of your time, clearly grin

Lucca Tue 25-Jan-22 13:14:47

I remember in the seventies in Scotland (and possibly elsewhere). Every other front door was purple.

Blossoming Tue 25-Jan-22 13:17:26

Thank you Grandmaseadragon that’s the pure, unadulterated, undyed me smile

Cs783 Tue 25-Jan-22 13:27:21

In 1973 I was welcomed at reception at Admiralty Arch, central London - an iconic building and pretty near the heart of The Establishment. The civil servant who welcomed me asked me what, as a young person, I thought of the purple-painted walls.

He was obviously struggling with a modernisation too far!

M0nica Tue 25-Jan-22 14:33:38

Purple, like black and many shades of green 'kill' me. I have a naturally sallow complexion and these colours make me look as if I am attending my own funeral. They make me look like a corpse!

annodomini Tue 25-Jan-22 14:48:19

In 1985 when we moved house, my then 14-year-old son, going through a Prince phase, insisted on having his room painted in purple. None of the paint charts had such a colour at that time, so we got the paint shop to mix it for us and DS duly painted his room. Nowadays, he wouldn't turn a hair (not that he has much) if his son wanted purple decor, but he still is a devotee of the late Prince.

Scribbles Tue 25-Jan-22 14:51:33

The blurb describes this colour as "joyous" among other things but, for me, it brings to mind those grayish lavender and purple dresses worn by Victorian women as half-mourning.

LauraNorderr Tue 25-Jan-22 16:04:33

Oh dear, I’ve just picked up my new glasses. I thought the powers that be wanted us all to go green.

hulahoop Tue 25-Jan-22 16:12:21

I have just been to a funeral purple was the deceased favourite colour so no surprise her coffin was purple .

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 25-Jan-22 16:12:22

I don’t like purple. A lot of people wear it but I rarely see anyone that I think looks good in it.

annodomini Tue 25-Jan-22 16:44:19

I have a 'nice' lilac outfit plus a purple hat which have been worn to several weddings all of which are about to be donated to a charity shop. Unless anyone here is interested...grin

Kali2 Tue 25-Jan-22 16:49:38

NO not purple. I am into 'plum' at the moment- but not lilac or purple.

Treebee Tue 25-Jan-22 18:58:15

I love purple, especially heliotrope which is identical to the veri peri colour, though I agree that promotion is a load of guff.
I’m also a member of the Red Hat society so I enjoy wearing my purple with a red hat that doesn’t go. Such fun!