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Places you didn't realise were so wonderful

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Coastpath Tue 25-Jan-22 10:29:57

Escape to the Country yesterday was set in Lincolnshire. I had no idea how beautiful it is with such pretty villages, elegant towns and glorious beaches. We see so little of it on TV. Lovely as they are, Yorkshire, Cornwall and the Lake District seem to get all the attention. I wonder if there are other less talked about places which you've discovered and fallen in love with?

Peasblossom Tue 25-Jan-22 10:32:09

Ah, “As pretty as the Cotswolds and not as crowded “

Tourist ad for Lincolnshire.

For me it’s been Leicestershire. I thought it was industrial 🤭😳

henetha Tue 25-Jan-22 10:38:14

Back in my camper van days I was delighted to find that Britain has many beautiful places and it was wonderful to find them unexpectedly. One was Essex, it doesn't always have a good press but there are parts which are really lovely. I think the coast of Northumberland was one of my favourites, and parts of mid-Wales which are less known than the Brecon Beacons or Snowdonia. As for Scotland, almost every part of it is simply stunning.
Britain is absolutely beautiful.

Kate1949 Tue 25-Jan-22 10:43:33

I was just going to say Northumberland henetha. Those who live there or know it will know how beautiful it is. I had no idea. The beach at Bamburgh. All those lovely seaside towns along the coast. Lindisfarne. Wonderful.

henetha Tue 25-Jan-22 10:47:40

Absolutely, Kate1949. Northumberland is a little piece of heaven. It was a revelation to me the first time I went there.

SueDonim Tue 25-Jan-22 10:49:10

I agree about Essex. There are some beautiful areas in that county.

jaylucy Tue 25-Jan-22 10:51:39

There must be something in it as over the last 12 months, 3 of my friends have moved to Lincolnshire!
All have moved in to small communities and all have been made to feel very welcome in their new homes.
Maybe should keep quiet about it as everyone and their aunt will be rushing to move there too and the house prices will shoot up!

Casdon Tue 25-Jan-22 10:58:08

I lived in Lincolnshire when I first got married, it was pretty but there is a wicked east wind and because it’s quite flat there’s no escape - I spent two years being freezing. I prefer Derbyshire, which is extremely pretty, mountainous, which I like, and lots of lovely villages.

Callistemon21 Tue 25-Jan-22 11:10:21

I was surprised to see Lincolnshire in a different light yesterday. Years ago I visited Cleethorpes for a jazz festival and was very underwhelmed.
A few years ago we travelled through Lincolnshire en route from Hull and were just as unimpressed but didn't linger.

However, we were surprised that we really liked Hull!
Well worth a visit.

Kate1949 Tue 25-Jan-22 11:12:27

We live in Birmingham. Parts of the West Midlands, and Midlands as a whole, are lovely.

Callistemon21 Tue 25-Jan-22 11:38:06


We live in Birmingham. Parts of the West Midlands, and Midlands as a whole, are lovely.

People don't realise that part of the Peak District is in Staffordshire.

Kate1949 Tue 25-Jan-22 11:41:01

Callistemon The Peak District is gorgeous.

sandelf Tue 25-Jan-22 11:42:48

Bury St Edmonds - great place - little known as not on a route to anywhere.

MayBeMaw Tue 25-Jan-22 11:46:39

I agree about Birmingham, my mental image of it used to be , well unflattering, but since D and SIL live there I realise it has some lovely parts, terrific amenities, parks, gardens, theatre, ballet, music etc and within minutes you can be in open country.

mrswoo Tue 25-Jan-22 11:47:25

I grew up in Birmingham and loved trips out to the lovely Warwickshire countryside.
I now live in the North East near to all that wonderful Northumberland country and seaside. I consider myself to be very lucky.

Granmarderby10 Tue 25-Jan-22 11:54:14

henetha 🤫 shush about Northumberland (or everyone will want to go) 😉

MerylStreep Tue 25-Jan-22 11:55:39

Thank you for the comments Re Essex. We have always known we are more than the seafront at Southend.
Lincolnshire has what we call on the east coast Big Skys. I love them.
Personally I love the whole of the uk.

Severnsider Tue 25-Jan-22 12:24:22

I get fed up with all the programmes about Yorkshire and Cornwall. There are some lovely areas in Herefordshire, Somerset, Dorset etc. etc. We have a beautiful country. smile

dolphindaisy Tue 25-Jan-22 12:31:03

Definitely not Northumberland, yes we have miles of beaches but it's that fine golden sand that gets everywhere. Drive along the country roads and your view will be spoilt by broken down old buildings (we call them ancient castles). As for the vast, picturesque countryside - well them damn Romans went and built a ruddy great wall right across it, they then buggered off back to Rome leaving a pile of old stones, people are still digging up the rubbish they left behind. You might find award winning restaurants but they serve huge portions that will ruin your diet, not 9 artfully arranged chips. No leave it to the locals, we like it this way!

hollysteers Tue 25-Jan-22 12:31:03

I’m a big fan of Cheshire and had a caravan near Delamere forest. Miss it a lot and not far from Liverpool.

NotTooOld Tue 25-Jan-22 12:34:18

Agree about Essex, it's mostly a beautiful county, also agree about Leicestersire. We used to live in Northamptonshire, the county of squires and spires, another lovely county. Yes, good old UK, lots to admire.

LtEve Tue 25-Jan-22 13:16:10

I never realised Northumbria was so beautiful, both coast and inland. We started visiting in early 2020 and have been several times since. We're off to Humshaugh next week and I'm so looking forward to it, everyone we've met is so friendly.

ginny Tue 25-Jan-22 13:52:22

Britain has many many beautiful areas. All very diverse in scenery, countryside coast , hills, valleys, lakes.
We often find a hidden gem when we are travelling around but I think I’ll keep quiet about them. smile

Nannarose Tue 25-Jan-22 13:56:14

There's a reason that some of us don't want everyone to know how wonderful our corner of England is.
Recently, when someone was posting (as folk do, periodically here) bout where to move to, I suggested she consider 'overlooked' places.

silverlining48 Tue 25-Jan-22 14:46:56

Shropshire surprised us when we visited friends there, long time ago now, but it was quiet and very pretty, at least what we saw of it.
There are many lovely places in the uk. If it wasn’t fir the weather......!?