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How did you meet your husband/ partner?

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Kandinsky Wed 26-Jan-22 09:17:19

Very boring for me ( met through work ) but a friend of mine is married to the mechanic who came to fix her car. Not terribly romantic either I know! grin
Just seems so many people meet their partner online these days it’s nice to remember how it used to be.

MissAdventure Wed 26-Jan-22 09:26:41

I've had a lot few different boyfriends/partners.
One when I worked in a pub.
He used to admire me in my 'Frankie says relax' vest and offer me a drink.

One was delivering something in the block where I live, and heard me and my mum laughing because I had superglued her to the front door (long story)
He decided to find out who was laughing and realised we had met years ago.

glammanana Wed 26-Jan-22 09:27:49

My late husband and I met when he used to be my sisters boyfriend we where married for 45 yrs.

Kali2 Wed 26-Jan-22 09:28:27

On the train. I had got into the wrong carriage - and the train split at Clapham Junction. When I realised this, last train, not a penny left, and of course no phone in those days - I asked the young man opposite ' where is this train going? I think I am on the wrong train' - 'Twickenham' he said. I told him I was ont he wrong train and asked for help. The rest is history.

Will be 52 years at Easter.

Smileless2012 Wed 26-Jan-22 09:29:46

I met Mr S's. through his sister, she was my best friend.

MissAdventure Wed 26-Jan-22 09:30:10

I like these threads.

Smileless2012 Wed 26-Jan-22 09:30:13

oops Mr. S.blush.

Grammaretto Wed 26-Jan-22 09:33:19

We met through a Dating site (in a magazine) 54 years ago. so nothing is new He looked adorable and I was smitten. We went to the cinema (neither of us can remember the film) and talked for hours in a coffee bar (Wimpy House?) over coffee and cigarettes (oh dear but we both gave up later) Sadly, I lost him a year past to cancer.

Marydoll Wed 26-Jan-22 09:36:25

When I was a student, I worked as a barmaid in the local social club. My husband's father was on the committee and he and his friends used to wait with me, so that I would not be on my own locking up late at night.
My MIL, thought my FIL was having an affair with me.😱
It was actually her son, I was madly in love with, unrequited I thought.

After six months of painful longing, I had given up all hope, when DH asked me out. I declined, saying I was busy!!!
Three months later we were engaged and married a year later. I knew he was the one! Not so sure nowadays, as he has turned into Victor Meldrew! 😉

Anniebach Wed 26-Jan-22 09:39:36

I was Akela for cub scouts, one evening some scout masters had
a meeting in the tent store, I went in to get something, tripped
over a guy rope, someone hauled me off the floor, he had lovely blue eyes, I married him.

MissAdventure Wed 26-Jan-22 09:40:33

It's too late to back out now, Marydoll.
Besides which, your tales of you screaming and injured in the kitchen whilst Mr. M sneezes in the living room make my my day!

MissAdventure Wed 26-Jan-22 09:41:11


Petera Wed 26-Jan-22 09:42:25

On the S.S.Uganda on a school cruise

Witzend Wed 26-Jan-22 09:43:36

Over 50 years ago now, after lunch, in the ‘coffee lounge’ of our student union building. A very cocky friend of his had tried chatting me and my friend up, but after he gave up and took himself off, dh and I stayed there, just talking (and missing lectures) for the entire afternoon.
After which we went for a very cheap Indian meal.

It was another 7 years and a few ups and downs later, before we got hitched, though.

Ashcombe Wed 26-Jan-22 09:47:33

I met my first husband at a student party in Birmingham. Currently married to olddudders who attended the same school as me. His best friend was the brother of my best friend so we were acquainted back in the day. In 2004, he contacted me through Friends Reunited.

Auntieflo Wed 26-Jan-22 09:52:06

In a ballroom, that was over the Odeon cinema, Hounslow West. I was 16, and we married when I was 19. Still together, still smitten sometimes.

Ladyleftfieldlover Wed 26-Jan-22 09:52:42

He was a young graduate engineer and I was a secretary. I had to tell him off about something! We clicked and within a year were living together. A year later we were married and living in the tropics.

Elless Wed 26-Jan-22 09:52:54

I was a punk in the early 80's and was driving home from a club late at night and met my husband when he pulled me over (he was a policeman), it's our Ruby Wedding anniversary next month 😊

Grannybags Wed 26-Jan-22 09:59:09

I picked him up in a sale!

I was window dresser for Jaeger and he worked in Head Office but came to help out for the sale. It was fate as he wouldn't normally go in to the shops for his job.

We were 'living in sin', as it was called back then, after six months. Golden Wedding this year!

ElaineI Wed 26-Jan-22 09:59:18

We were at school together acquainted but not specially friends. He was good at music and the musicians had a little clique (they got out of PE by hiding in the music rooms to practise!) though I did play flute and was in the orchestra. My parents moved to Lanarkshire from Midlothian when I was in my final year at school and I wanted to be a nurse so went to nursing school - not uni in those days. Later as a staff nurse, there was a ward night out to bowling and the junior doctor invited her flatmate (DH). It took off from there I guess. Sheep's Heid if anyone from Edinburgh is reading. 37 years later 3 DC and 3 DGC later here we are - both retired!

FannyCornforth Wed 26-Jan-22 10:00:00


I like these threads.

Yes, I was going to say this is going to be a good un smile

Kate1949 Wed 26-Jan-22 10:00:13

I met mine at work when I was 18. I worked in an office which was in a separate building to his office. I used to have to walk through his office to take the post.
One day a man stopped me and said 'See that chap over there? He really likes you.' I was painfully shy so I just said 'Oh'. He rang me in the office and we went out. He was so intent on impressing me, I thought he was flashy. He's not. We've been together 55 years.

fiorentina51 Wed 26-Jan-22 10:01:32

At school 58 years ago. I was 12 and he 14.
He was a prefect and I was a cheeky first former who was supposed to be outside at lunchtime but had sneaked back in to annoy the prefects.
Our first encounter was when he chased me down the main corridor, grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and booted me back outside.
It was hate at first sight.
I married him 10 years later. 💖

FannyCornforth Wed 26-Jan-22 10:02:23


It's too late to back out now, Marydoll.
Besides which, your tales of you screaming and injured in the kitchen whilst Mr. M sneezes in the living room make my my day!

Yes, Mary, as Princess Diana’s sister said,
‘Your face is already on the tea towels’ smile

muse Wed 26-Jan-22 10:06:57

1969 I, aged 18, met MrMuse at a house party. I was staying with a friend’s sister in the same village but I lived 150 miles away. We wrote and met up a few times and visited each other’s parents. Finished after 6 months.

Met him again in 2013 on line. We’ve been married nearly 6 years. 😊