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Things that only happen in soap operas

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Beswitched Wed 26-Jan-22 16:09:29

Everyone works within 5 minutes walk of their front door.
No matter how hard up you are you can always afford pub lunches and a few pints after work.
When you get married all of your wedding party and guests will be neighbours, even if you've only lived in the area for ten minutes.

Hithere Wed 26-Jan-22 16:14:15

You look amazing, even the 1st min after waking up

Sarnia Wed 26-Jan-22 16:21:14

When something comes up you can just walk out of work with no questions asked.
Houses have elastic walls because from the outside they are small 2 up, 2 downs but loads of people live there.
Football is hardly ever spoken about, not even in the pub.

Grannynannywanny Wed 26-Jan-22 16:23:40

When someone feels unwell they walk into the health centre and are seen immediately without an appointment.

You can take in umpteen lodgers to live in your small house and never be overcrowded.

HolySox Wed 26-Jan-22 16:24:04

Children always play quietly upstairs, or they're on a sleepover or anywhere else with anyonelse. This includes toddlers and babies - in fact the younger children are the less bothersome and intrusive they are on mum and dad's life.

Grannynannywanny Wed 26-Jan-22 16:26:55

The children have the best dental hygiene in the country. They are never seen as they’re always upstairs brushing their teeth.

kittylester Wed 26-Jan-22 16:27:48

If you want to discuss something really, really private you go to the caff or the pub!!

Lilypops Wed 26-Jan-22 16:28:47

No one is ever out of work for more than a day, There,s always a “job going in our place”. Although children are always told to
Wash your hands. You never see them actually doing it ,

Calendargirl Wed 26-Jan-22 16:36:28

Always ‘having a brew’ and often seen eating a slice of toast.

Baskets of washing abound, never sure if they are waiting to be washed, hung out to dry, waiting to be ironed or simply put away.

Beswitched Wed 26-Jan-22 16:37:45

When you move to a new area you never ever visit your family again. You don't even turn up for your mum's funeral, your twin brother's wedding, or to see your sister whose in hospital at death's door.

Grannynannywanny Wed 26-Jan-22 16:39:01

If you have a deep dark secret to share with a friend always chose to do it while washing your hands in the pub toilet. The person you really don’t want to hear about it will be in one of the cubicles and hear every word 🤣

Grandmabatty Wed 26-Jan-22 16:40:05

Got one! Someone who disappeared and was thought to have died, has a massive memorial service,and then turns up again,alive.

EllanVannin Wed 26-Jan-22 16:40:31

Clothes are always just there as if by magic and fit perfectly, sometimes without the use of a mirror to check the fitting.

Beswitched Wed 26-Jan-22 16:41:51

Your job will never take up a huge proportion of your day. There's always time for family feuds, illicit affairs, gossip in the corner shop and pints in the pub.

Oldnproud Wed 26-Jan-22 16:42:56

Whenever the adults want a private chat, the children are always told to go up and play in their bedrooms - and the children always comply without any argument whatsoever!

Grandmabatty Wed 26-Jan-22 16:43:04

There's always a corner shop that sells everything you could possibly need, and it's open nearly all the time.

Aveline Wed 26-Jan-22 16:43:12

Excellent stuff gringringrin

Kate1949 Wed 26-Jan-22 16:46:09

Someone comes out of their house if someone knocks. They are obviously in their house alone. They slam the door shut with no sign of a key to get back in.

MissAdventure Wed 26-Jan-22 16:46:25

They know what time to meet in the pub or cafe without arranging it beforehand.

Lucca Wed 26-Jan-22 16:51:31

People pick a new career and become qualified almost overnight and get a posting near where they live.

TerriBull Wed 26-Jan-22 16:53:16

I don't watch any soaps and haven't for a long time, but from what I remember, babies were always born on Christmas day, similarly divorces were announced then too. Characters would always find their partners from a very small pool of people, often on the same street, like they never met anyone else hmm Neighbours walked in and out of each others houses, maybe that is the case in some areas, or back in times gone past, I've certainly never left my front door unlocked.

MissAdventure Wed 26-Jan-22 16:53:32

People in soaps never watch soaps.

TerriBull Wed 26-Jan-22 16:55:08

Oh and if you happen to meet the local doctor, he/she always happy to discuss a patient's problems symptoms anywhere, anytime.

MissAdventure Wed 26-Jan-22 17:03:57

They can carry on a normal conversation whilst in a club.

Chewbacca Wed 26-Jan-22 17:09:20

Fully loaded goods trains can derail off a viaduct, crash into the street below, kill a couple of locals (who have a pretty low profile anyway) and within 3 weeks, all the debris will have been cleared up, none of the houses damaged and life will carry on, with no mention of it, for the next 40 years.