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So worried about husband

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Fidelity2 Thu 27-Jan-22 05:44:42

Husband taken to hospital about 12.30 am. Had severe pain across the top of his abdomen. I Can't sleep but so tired. He vomited his food back. We ate very late, as we had been to
hospital appointment related to kidney problems. (I was allowed to go with him for that appointment) .There is nobodyI can talk to .Our son lives hundred miles away.

BlueBalou Thu 27-Jan-22 05:48:22

Oh dear Fidelity2 you must be so worried, the feeling of not being able to be there or do anything makes everything worse, doesn’t it?
I hope that he gets a diagnosis and sorted out quickly, fingers crossed all goes well 🤗

NotAGran55 Thu 27-Jan-22 06:19:08

Hopefully they will have kept him comfortable over night with pain relief and you will get some positive news when you call.
It’s awful for you not being able to be with him.

Keep in touch here Fudelity2, you will get lots of support.

Ravelling Thu 27-Jan-22 06:19:23

I hope you’ve managed to at least get some rest. It must be a very worrying time for both of you. I hope they find out, quickly, what the issue is and get him comfortable.

BlueBelle Thu 27-Jan-22 06:23:36

Hope it is nothing serious Fidelity perhaps it was resulting from the kidney appointment it’s awful when you can’t stay with them Hopefully you will get some better news today then you can go and have a sleep
Take care and fingers crossed for you both 💐

BigBertha1 Thu 27-Jan-22 06:35:45

I hope your husband settled overnight and there s good news this morning.

M0nica Thu 27-Jan-22 06:40:13

Fidelity2 I hope you managed to get some sleep and feel more rested today.

I am sure your DH will be seen and diagnosed today. keep in touch

Fidelity2 Thu 27-Jan-22 06:45:56

Thankyou, each and every one of you.So kind of you to answer me so quickly. I have just made a mug of Red Tea and off to bed .I'll be no use to him if i cant 'get my head around things'.
Keep forgetting what I have to do, or sort out. Just keep looking at his bed though and wishing he was there.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 27-Jan-22 06:52:14

Hopefully you will be able to get some news early this morning.

Jaxjacky Thu 27-Jan-22 06:56:32

Fingers crossed you’ll hear this morning and I hope you’ve had some sleep Fidelity 💐

ShazzaKanazza Thu 27-Jan-22 07:19:06

Sending you and your DH good wishes. Hoping you managed to get some sleep. Please let us know how he is later💐

Gagagran Thu 27-Jan-22 07:54:20

Every sympathy Fidelity as something similar happened to my DH in 2020. It is a huge worry and difficult to rest and even to eat and drink. I was advised just to nibble what I could when I could but to make sure I kept fluid intakes up.

They will do all sorts of tests to find out what the problem is and you will be advised when they have a better idea. Meanwhile GN is here 24/7 and there is always some support, encouragement or just a listening ear . Don't be on your own. You can talk to us. Hope there's good news later.

Grammaretto Thu 27-Jan-22 08:01:03

Don't be afraid to ring the ward for news Fidelity

baubles Thu 27-Jan-22 08:06:11

I hope you managed to sleep a little Fidelity and that you get positive news about your husband this morning.

dragonfly46 Thu 27-Jan-22 08:11:14

Hoping you get good news this morning.

janeainsworth Thu 27-Jan-22 08:13:18

Thinking of you Fidelity and I hope you’re able to visit your husband some time today and he’s being well looked after.

Yiayia4 Thu 27-Jan-22 08:18:51

Hope you get some good news today Fidelity💐

Katyj Thu 27-Jan-22 08:33:50

Hope you have some answers today Fidelity. At least he’s in the right place and you may get to the bottom of what’s wrong sooner now. It’s never easy trying to speak to someone on the ward, so hope he has a phone with him. flowers

sodapop Thu 27-Jan-22 08:34:23

I hope you have good news today as well Fidelity fingers crossed flowers

Patsy70 Thu 27-Jan-22 08:48:15

Thinking of you Fidelity and hoping you managed to get some sleep and that you will be able to see your husband today. Please keep in touch. flowers

Sparklefizz Thu 27-Jan-22 08:55:30

I hope you have good news today Fidelity. Also hope you managed to get some sleep. flowers

ayse Thu 27-Jan-22 09:00:11

I too hope you have good news today. It’s difficult when you don’t know what’s wrong and are waiting for information. I hope you managed some sleep.💐

Kali2 Thu 27-Jan-22 09:04:35

Thinking of you, do send news when you can.

Hope you were able to talk to your son even though he is so far away.

ElaineI Thu 27-Jan-22 09:06:41

Sorry to hear this. Things seem worse in middle of the night. Hope you have some news now and try to rest a bit today 💐

TillyTrotter Thu 27-Jan-22 09:07:35

Kali2 has said exactly what I would have written Fidelity.
It is particularly upsetting when these emergencies happen in the night and you face the next day with sleep deprivation.
Please take care of yourself, and ring the hospital for an update on your DH. 💐