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Soop's newest kitchen for the gathering of kindly folk.

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soop Sat 02-Apr-22 12:52:40

Here we are again
Happy as can be (whatever the circumstances)
All good pals
And jolly good company.

Welcome dear peoples. Tuck into our buffet of home-baked goodies. cupcake brew wine flowers sunshine smile

Pantglas2 Sat 02-Apr-22 12:54:22

Hi Soop - I rarely post but often read and just popped in for a catch up on everyone’s bizziness before you relaunch - and wot a luvly sprise....what a tasty biscuit you and Mr S baked! Handsome chap!

Glad to see you’re on the up after the op x

Septimia Sat 02-Apr-22 12:57:20

Hi Soop! I don't often post on your thread either, but am delighted to find somewhere that isn't busy doing someone down and not wishing to hear the other side of the matter.

Hope you're doing OK now. Home-baked goodies very welcome, too!

Blossoming Sat 02-Apr-22 13:04:18

Good afternoon Soop and other kitchen visitors. I’m struggling a bit with hayfever today so a snuggle in a nice comfy chair with a little home baking would be most welcome.

TillyTrotter Sat 02-Apr-22 13:04:40

I could smell baking before I opened the door of this smart new kitchen soop.
Love the new throws and cushions!
I have brought Ruby along with me to visit you in the hope it will encourage Sweetie Pie. I’m sure the latter would be very jealous if a ‘new cat in town’ wanted to rest in her chalet? 🐈‍⬛
Have a good Saturday everyone.

Grandmabatty Sat 02-Apr-22 13:08:02

I've brought homemade red cabbage slaw with roast chicken for lunch. Good to see everyone in the kitchen.

Grandmabatty Sat 02-Apr-22 13:09:20

Ruby is gorgeous Tillytrotter. My three year old grandson made a video for me this morning on his mum's phone and sent it to me. I am gobsmacked and proud at the same time!

silverlining48 Sat 02-Apr-22 13:16:19

Afternoon Soop, nice to say hello at the opening of the latest comfy kitchen. I don’t don’t often post but enjoy reading everyone’s news.
Hope your surgery went well, and you are recovering. My long wait for hip surgery is almost at an end. It’s been a lot of faff and much frustration but it’s all set fir next week,

Pittcity Sat 02-Apr-22 13:38:09

I'm here to take advantage of the free gas and leccy together with the warmth of human kindness and the calorie free goodies. What's not to like?

Hellogirl1 Sat 02-Apr-22 13:44:12

Love the new kitchen Soop, sorry my attendance has been low lately, will try to do better. Good to see that handsome (one of them) son of yours again.
I had a letter today to say that my surgery has referred me to the cardiology unit at our local hospital. This is as a result of the GP finding that a previous, now retired, GP diagnosed me with atrial fibrillation over 4 years ago, but didn`t follow it up.
I went out for breakfast with daughter 2 and her hubby this morning, to a small cafe in town where they took me and his parents for afternoon tea on Mothers Day. It was delicious, so was today`s breakfast.
Fingers and everything crossable crossed to Sweetie Pie`s safe return.


muse Sat 02-Apr-22 13:53:16

I do read and post occasionally in the kitchen. Looking for a comfy chair to settle in and enjoy your goodies soop. Thank you.

Cloudy chilly start in Cornwall. I must shake a leg soon and get some outside jobs done but have just enjoyed a long walk with my Mya.

My amazing Mother's Day flowers from my DS are still as fresh as a daisy and I have a delayed plant being delivered soon from my DD. 😀

Take care kitcheners.

Aldom Sat 02-Apr-22 13:56:13

Hello Soop how lovely to see you in the new kitchen with your operation in the past. Hoping you keep on getting stronger. I've not been into the kitchen recently. Been feeling very low since my friend's private cremation on one day and the following day the celebration of her life.
It's my granddaughter's 17th birthday tomorrow. We're going out for a meal. I can't believe so many years have passed since I was present at her birth and cut her umbilical cord.
Enjoy the cosy kitchen folks. (free heating, as someone mentioned). brew cupcake wine flowers

TillyTrotter Sat 02-Apr-22 14:01:49

Little people like your GS are just so quick to know how to use tech-y gadgets Grandmabatty.
Bless him, it will be a regular way of him contacting you now.
I wish I was at quick at picking up new tech. 😖

Did I miss a handsome man in the kitchen? ?

TillyTrotter Sat 02-Apr-22 14:03:25

X posts Aldom,
Sorry for the sad time you are having, grieving for your dear friend. 💐

ShazzaKanazza Sat 02-Apr-22 14:20:18

Please can I join your lovely warm homely kitchen Soop.
TillyTrotter I’ve missed the handsome man in the kitchen too.
I’ll bring the gluten free biscuits and cakes if that’s ok x

TillyTrotter Sat 02-Apr-22 14:49:43

Welcome ShazzaK from me, I’m sure soop will be along soon to give you a warm welcome 🤗
I think the handsome man is soop ‘s son.

ShazzaKanazza Sat 02-Apr-22 15:45:00

Oh yes TillyTrotter I did see that lovely picture.

AGAA4 Sat 02-Apr-22 15:51:55

Very irregular visitor but it is always warm and cosy in here with delicious aromas of fresh baking.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 02-Apr-22 16:17:23

Hi folks and dear soop I haven’t been in to the kitchen lately, will try to pop in more 💐💐

kittylester Sat 02-Apr-22 16:46:12

I came in to say exactly the sane thing as GG13. I must try to do better as I have loved kitchen since the wonderful soop set it up.

I was going to offer gf cakes and biscuits too but I see ShazzaKanazza has beaten me to it. She's a very welcome addition to the kitchen.

brook2704 Sat 02-Apr-22 17:07:28

What a lovely warm and welcoming new kitchen we have, thank you soop for opening up and thank you too to Shazza for the cakes and biscuits and grandmabatty for the delicious red cabbage and chicken, yummy. Ruby looks like she’s settled in Tilly let’s hope she’s joined by Sweetie Pie soon
I’ve been happy pottering in the garden most of the day, after a very cold start the sun came out and it’s been a lovely afternoon. DH is continuing the job of painting the fence, he started last year and still ongoing 🤦 I’m supplying the endless cups of tea and biscuits as usual

It’s lovely to see so many friendly familiar faces in the kitchen today, a save haven for everyone and a great place to hang out

Sad times remembering your dear friend Aldom but celebrating your DGD 17th birthday tomorrow will be lovely for you all

Hope all goes well with your appointments hellogirl it’s a long time to wait since your first diagnosis but at least you’ll hopefully be seen soon

Well done to your clever little DGS grandmabatty won’t be long before he’s calling you for a chat 😀

Charleygirl5 Sat 02-Apr-22 17:19:57

grandmabatty would that little fellow give me some lessons, please? Technology has passed me by and I am a tad older than that young man.

TillyTrotter I have no idea where you live but Ruby would be easily settled in my back to return here to a very loving household. She looks gorgeous and so relaxed.

soop we are frequently on the move these days but it keeps me on my toes. I hope you are resting again today.

soop Sat 02-Apr-22 17:42:46

Wow!!! I did not anticipate finding so many lovely visitors to our newest gathering place. Welcome to those all those dear peoples who have just joined us and a huge crowd (((hug))) for the sharing of. You lot are truly amazing. I cannot begin to tell you how happy your companionship makes me feel.

TillyTrotter Ruby is a star. No doubt about it.

And, yes, that handsome fella in my second son. wink

I have watched snooker and then, noticed a few stray cobwebs festooning behind the sofa. Hence I have had a leisurely mini-blitz. No need to scold me...honest. grin

I shall be with again tomorrow. Enjoy the buffet. Enjoy your evening. Much love from me to you all. smile moon

SueDonim Sat 02-Apr-22 17:57:38

That’s a lovely photo of your ds in the old Kitchen, Soop!

I’m just swinging by to drop off some Earl Grey Tea & Orange tray bake. It’s very pretty - decorated with rose petals on top. 🌹

Grandmabatty Sat 02-Apr-22 18:51:00

Suedonim that sounds delicious. I'll have some if I may. I made Cajun chicken pasta for dinner instead and have some left so I'll leave it in the kitchen. Charleygirl I sent dgs1 a video in return and he told his mum that it was very good 😂 Oh to have the confidence of a three year old!

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