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Jack Reacher - the books - the brother !

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BeEmerald Wed 11-May-22 12:01:33

I love the Lee Child/ Jack Reacher book series but just don’t feel the same about the recent ones co-written with his brother Andrew. I wasn’t struck on the first one but I’ve just abandoned Better Off Dead half way through !
It just wasn’t Reacher, and the characterisation of the other players seemed really flat and one dimensional.
I love everything Jack Reacher, all the original books, the films ( yes even with Shorty ) and thought the tv series on Prime was beyond brilliant. I’m sad that he’s been updated to the 21st century and has lost something in the process.
Lee Child said he was handing over the reigns because he isn’t up to the changing technology but I think he would have been better backward plotting the timeline so Reacher stayed in the era he was familiar with.
Any fans out there agree or disagree ?

Smileless2012 Wed 11-May-22 12:46:08

Agree BeEmerald. Consumed every Reacher book by Lee Child at a rate of knots but am not impressed by the ones his brother's had an input with.

Susan56 Wed 11-May-22 12:50:23

Yes,I agree too.Have just started Better Off Dead and am struggling to get into it.

Helen657 Wed 11-May-22 13:40:14

My husband recently fetched my box of Jack Reacher books out of the loft (he was intending to bin them all ????) and I am now looking forward to reading them all again this summer! Loved both films with Tom Cruise & also the tv series.
I’ve not got the latest co-written books and tbh may not bother?

AGAA4 Wed 11-May-22 13:51:58

I have read all the ones that his brother co-wrote but there is a difference.
The original Reacher just got involved in bad situations and didn't go looking for violence. I think the new Reacher does. I don't like him as much. I have read every book now but may not read another.

Kinsi10 Wed 11-May-22 14:00:13

Good to read these posts. I read all the Reacher books and really enjoyed them. I purposely haven't read any co written by his brother as I didn't want to be disappointed. I won't be reading them now.

BeEmerald Wed 11-May-22 15:28:22

Apologies to all - just realised my spelling mistake - should have said ‘ handing over the reins ‘ not reigns. I must be getting too excited after reading about Charles in the paper.
AGAA4 - you are absolutely right - the new version of Reacher isn’t as likeable as the original.

TerriBull Thu 12-May-22 08:46:24


Agree BeEmerald. Consumed every Reacher book by Lee Child at a rate of knots but am not impressed by the ones his brother's had an input with.

My husband an avid Jack Reacher fan, would definitely agree! not as good I'm told.

Taronsa Mon 03-Oct-22 05:07:37

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Esspee Mon 03-Oct-22 06:31:30

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