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Synonyms for ‘Fat’ that aren’t Cringeworthy…🐖

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FannyCornforth Thu 12-May-22 09:55:39

Hello! smile
I am fat.

But I do not like saying ‘I am fat’.

But neither do I like ‘curvaceous’ (probably the best of a bad bunch); ‘cuddly’ (bleugh); ‘curvalicious’ (give me strength); or the word de joure ‘thick’ (confused)

Can you think of any acceptable, non-cringe words for not being slender? Because I can’t

Thank you!

Grandmabatty Thu 12-May-22 09:57:28

I have a teeshirt with the words, 'strong, not skinny' immortalised on it. Would those do?

henetha Thu 12-May-22 09:57:38

We don't hear much of the word 'plump' these days, do we.

aggie Thu 12-May-22 09:57:58

I described my GS as Sturdy and had my head bitten off , actually he is more than Chunky , but I’m keeping my mouth shut 🤣

Lucca Thu 12-May-22 09:58:08

When describing yourself or others ?

FannyCornforth Thu 12-May-22 09:59:01

Thank you Batty, but I’m not strong either , unfortunately

Polly73 Thu 12-May-22 10:01:51

I was a ‘bonny’ baby (fat)

Polly73 Thu 12-May-22 10:03:01

Not sure why you need a word? Are you going to describe yourself on Tinder?

FannyCornforth Thu 12-May-22 10:04:02

Me (natch!)
On a thread, I was going to talk about some dresses that I have bought recently, and I needed to include something along the lines of ‘I am fat’ to explain why I had chosen them.
I know I should just be able to say it, but I don’t like it.
For reference, I’m a bit along the lines of Kirstie Allsop at her largest.

FannyCornforth Thu 12-May-22 10:04:20


FannyCornforth Thu 12-May-22 10:05:31

Sorry, that was to Polly
Not a very nice comment.

You may as well say that there is no need for any adjective

Shinamae Thu 12-May-22 10:08:21

How about “I carry a few extra pounds”..

Polly73 Thu 12-May-22 10:08:44



That was meant to have a smiley face to show I was teasing, sorry

Just looked up synonyms for fat - not a pleasant lot are they, I see what you mean.

FannyCornforth Thu 12-May-22 10:12:10

Oh, sorry Polly!
See, it’s a minefield!
I’m on the defence already! grin

Grandmabatty Thu 12-May-22 10:13:06

I think that society is conditioned to think skinny/slim is the best way to look. It isn't helped by cadaverous models and actresses. Therefore the words associated with being rounder usually have negative connotations. I know about health benefits in being slim etc but that doesn't help women who aren't slim and who don't have a positive self image.

FannyCornforth Thu 12-May-22 10:13:54


How about “I carry a few extra pounds”..

‘I carry a few extra stones’ more like

Callistemon21 Thu 12-May-22 10:14:33


We don't hear much of the word 'plump' these days, do we.

DH described me as pleasantly plump so I think I need to lose some weight!

Lark123 Thu 12-May-22 10:16:00

How about, and this this is borrowed from the fashion industry, "full-figured"?
Appropriate too to when talking about dresses you've chosen.

I like that tee shirt mentioned by Grandmabatty: "strong, not skinny", that's a good onesmile

FannyCornforth Thu 12-May-22 10:16:20

Exactly Batty
Fat really is a feminist issue, to paraphrase Susie Orbach
(That book was published in 1978! shock can you believe it?!)

FannyCornforth Thu 12-May-22 10:17:28

Well done Lark!
You are winning so far smile

henetha Thu 12-May-22 10:18:54

Well, the 'pleasant' bit took the sting out of it I hope, Callistemon21 smile.
I bet many of us on here are a little bit 'plump' more or less grin

Polly73 Thu 12-May-22 10:20:07


Oh, sorry Polly!
See, it’s a minefield!
I’m on the defence already! grin

No worries! I’ve been where you’re at weight wise. I’m now fairly slim, but it’s because of health issues I’ve lost the weight, so not great. I was more confident about my clothes when I was bigger! Flowy linen dresses, loose jackets, scarves, big jewellery, etc. The ‘Art teacher’ look!

annsixty Thu 12-May-22 10:20:29

I like to think of myself as under height for my weight but not a decent description in the spoken word.
I would describe myself as well covered ( very well covered)!!

BigBertha1 Thu 12-May-22 10:20:43

The fashion industry seem to use 'plus size' as a way of describing anything above a 14/16.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 12-May-22 10:23:07