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Aveline Sat 14-May-22 08:40:52

I always used to wear a very neutral colour of lipstick and only out of habit really. Obviously, no need for it while masking up for the past two years. I thought I'd probably stick with the no lipstick look. However, one day while only ward volunteer duty I met a very old lady about to be discharged. We chatted and then she produced a bright red lipstick and applied it. I was astounded at the transformation. She looked wonderful.
Yesterday I went to Boots and chose a bright red lipstick for myself. I'm not sure if I can live up to it but I'm going to try. (If only DH hadn't laughed so much!)

joannapiano Sat 14-May-22 08:45:10

I’m quite a pale complexion and have fair hair so I have worn Boots No7 lipstick, Plum Beautiful for many years and feel I don’t look so washed out!

foxie48 Sat 14-May-22 08:53:54

As we get older our lips get thinner and paler, I find a little lipstick makes me look so much more cheerful. I wear a pale raspberry pink or a coral.

Serendipity22 Sat 14-May-22 08:55:05

Lipsticks..... obsessed with them. I have, at 1 time, in my bag 5 lipsticks.

I always wear lip gloss, never matte. I don't need mirror, I've had enough practice haha!

1 of my instructions is, for goodness sake make sure when I'm laid in my box, I have some lippy on.

I am not fussed which i buy cheap/expensive, I've had that many that Ive forgotton.

Brilliant thread. 💋

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 14-May-22 09:08:37

I have recently started to wear red lipstick every day. A light, bright red, not a dark one. I have pale skin and it really stops me looking washed out, also makes teeth look whiter and makes me smile!

Lucca Sat 14-May-22 09:13:15

I hardly ever leave the house without earrings and lipstick. Maybelline usually shades of pink/plum. I look awful,without it,,

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 14-May-22 09:14:22

Another daily earring wearer here.

Aveline Sat 14-May-22 09:24:38

That's something I'll need to get back to as well. I stopped wearing earrings as my mask strings used to catch on them and I nearly lost one once.

Lucca Sat 14-May-22 09:35:02


Another daily earring wearer here.

Feel weird without. Mostly dangly and colourful but hoops for tennis.

Grandmadinosaur Sat 14-May-22 09:38:22

I never leave the house without lipstick either.

A few years back I was trying to find a red one that matched up with an outfit. Even red shades can vary. I found a Clinique one that suited my skin tone. It does make me feel sassy when I wear it 🤣

Redhead56 Sat 14-May-22 09:52:41

Well I am sassy always have been I always wore red lipstick. Since losing my luscious vibrant hair colour I have toned it down a bit but only just a bit.
I have given my husband instruction if I die before him I must have my lipstick on being without it is being undressed.

crazyH Sat 14-May-22 10:01:35

Lipstick is a cheap ‘facelift’

NotSpaghetti Sat 14-May-22 10:07:52

I haven't worn lipstick for maybe 20 years... but would not be "dressed" without perfume!

annodomini Sat 14-May-22 10:12:17

I have never worn bright red lipstick. In the 60s my favourite colours were Arden's Silver Coral and Silver Pink. Alas, they were discontinued in the 70s. I still favour that kind of shade and am unlikely to change now.
I, too, always wear earrings. Wearing a mask, I stuck to studs as they were less likely to get caught in the elastic. Now I feel safe to wear my favourite dangly ones.

Callistemon21 Sat 14-May-22 10:33:09

I've got out of the habit of wearing makeup, especially lipstick, with having to wear a mask

Must buck up.

J52 Sat 14-May-22 10:42:22

I used to hate the feel of lipstick on my lips and if I wore any it would usually be licked off in no time. As I’ve got older, I agree that lips need a bit of colour. I now wear a light tinted gloss, I’ve tried several makes, but the do keep discontinuing them.
I also always wear earrings and perfume. Even during lockdown.

FannyCornforth Sat 14-May-22 10:49:25

I never wear lipstick.
I have a very small mouth which it makes look smaller, but worst of all I have never found one which doesn’t make my teeth look a revolting colour. I must be blessed with yellowish teeth.
Instead I wear lots of eye makeup.
I am addicted to lip balm though.
I haven’t been out for ages so haven’t worn makeup for a while; after having worn it daily from the age of 15.
I wear jewellery every day, just around the house.

Yammy Sat 14-May-22 11:13:40



Another daily earring wearer here.

Feel weird without. Mostly dangly and colourful but hoops for tennis.

I had mine pierced the day DD started school. Unfortunately whilst out for dinner with DH's colleagues, I knocked my ear and the front of a magnetic pair landed in his superiors starter. Which made my mind up even though MIL thought them "common" and like Gypsys.
I wore anything until I got a dangly one pulled at work by a child who had lost their temper.
I now wear some kind of studs during the week and anything I fancy at the weekends.
As for red lipstick, I have a Mac pencil that is a bit dry but does not run into the wrinkles around my mouth. Mostly I wear a corally colour.
A bit of lippy and makeup cheers me

BeEmerald Sat 14-May-22 11:28:22

Over the years I’ve seen articles in magazines declaring that there’s a red lipstick for every woman depending on whether your lips have a cool or warm hue. Congratulation OP on finding the one for you ! Unfortunately I’ve never ever found one.
Despite being an old wrinkly now I still like a bit of lippy. My favourite was Elizabeth Arden Coral Fizz but it’s discontinued now. I like a soft coral colour over Nivea lip balm.

HowVeryDareYou Sat 14-May-22 11:33:18

I've got about 12 lipsticks (like Serendipity22, I always have about 5 in my bag. I don't go anywhere without my full face on!

Athrawes Sat 14-May-22 11:45:49

I've got several lipsticks too - and don't go out without a bit of lippy on even if it wears off fairly quickly.
Any suggestions welcome on lipsticks that actually stay on for most of the day
I'm also an earring wearer too. Just makes me feel good

teabagwoman Sat 14-May-22 11:59:40

I always used to use Lipcote over my lipstick which made it last longer but can’t seem to get it now. Anyone else use it/know where I can get hold of it?

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 14-May-22 13:03:53

Fanny, the only red lippy I’ve found that suits me is Poppy by Look Fabulous Forever. Give it a try (the ordinary one - I gather their long lasting ones come up a slightly different shade).

Anrol Sat 14-May-22 13:20:34

Max Factor Lipfinity 2-stage lip stick lasts all day. Used it for many, many years. Lots of range of colours. I use different shades for how I’m feeling that day. Normally wear pinky red shades but suffice to say I used a lot of dark reds during lockdown. I have no natural beauty & the little I did have is fleeing with every passing year, so powder, blusher & lipstick everyday are essential.

Aveline Sat 14-May-22 13:28:41

Well I put on eye make up and my new lipstick (Estée Lauder Carnal!) as I was meeting someone I hadn't seen for years. I looked great (I thought, well an improvement anyway) so I've resolved to keep it up. I also wore my earrings, perfume and rings.