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Dinner party from heaven or hell

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Lucca Sat 14-May-22 15:47:04

Probably been done before but,.. you can include the menus if you like . NOT family/friends by the way !

Mine from hell….. Farage Hopkins Widdecombe Amanda Holden Jacob Rees Mogg. The woman who does voice over on dinner date.

Gazpacho soup
Squid beetroot tomatoes kale
Spotted dick.

Lucca Sat 14-May-22 15:56:46

Colin Firth. Roberto Benigni. Judi dench. Esme Young. Matteo Berettini. Barack Obama.

Ravioli with sage and ricotta
Vitello tonnato
Affogato al caffè,

MawtheMerrier Sat 14-May-22 16:10:55

May depend whose d*ck blush

sodapop Sat 14-May-22 16:12:01

Hell- Stephen Fry, Miriam Margolyes, John Torode, Coleen Nolan, Alan Partridge

Hell - plate of white food

Lucca Sat 14-May-22 16:18:06


May depend whose d*ck blush

Maw !😱

Chewbacca Sat 14-May-22 16:21:41

Hell: Diane Abbott, Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson, Rees-Mogg

Hell: Anything with chillies, curry, spices, squid or beetroot

Heaven: Maya Forstater, Alison Bailey, Bette Davis, Alan Rickman

Heaven: Any seafood (except squid/octopus), steak, Italian cuisine, Welsh lamb, chocolate

AGAA4 Sat 14-May-22 16:31:10

Hell. BJ. JRM. PP. RS. Any WAG

Broad beans
Creme brulé

Heaven. David Attenborough. Michelle Obama. Pauline Collins. Dolly Parton

Roast Duck
Roast pears
Apple pie

Nanna58 Sat 14-May-22 16:44:06

Hell - David Walliams Priti Patel Prince Andrew and Madonna
Fois gras

David Attenborough
Helen Mirren
Billy Connolly
Sarah Millican

Paella ( the snails and rabbit variety)
Lemon Tart

ShazzaKanazza Sat 14-May-22 16:57:55

Hell would be anyone political really though i’d like to invite Putin to ask what the f* is he doing.

Heaven would be Miranda and Lee Mack for the giggles, Ed Sheehan for a song and Bradley Cooper to gaze into his gorgeous blue eyes.

Food heaven would be roast duck or a beautifully cooked Indian.

Hell would be anything in pastry or beige.

Sara1954 Sat 14-May-22 17:02:55

Rees Mogg
Lorraine Kelly
Amanda Holden
Meghan Markle

John Humphrys
Sir Paul McCartney
Janet Street Porter
The Duchess of Cornwall

BigBertha1 Sat 14-May-22 17:03:06

Rufus Sewell and me!

Lucca Sat 14-May-22 17:24:54

Think guests should be living?

Kate1949 Sat 14-May-22 17:37:18

Stephen Fry
Phillip Schofield
Amanda Holden
Jimmy Carr
Lorraine Kelly
Steve Coogan

Paul McCartney (Would be George Harrison if we had people no longer with us)
Keith Richards
Tony Bennett
Michael Buble

Kate1949 Sat 14-May-22 17:39:52

Oh and James Martin (heaven and he could cook)

MissAdventure Sat 14-May-22 17:49:10

Heaven - Kathy Burke, Jo Brand, David Attenborough, Morrisey, Jarvis Cocker, Micky Flanagan, Billy Connolly, Maya Angelou, Grayson Perry.
Roast chicken dinner.
Hell - Rees Mogg, any of the Spice Girls, Mariah Carey (specially if she sang!) Prince Andrew, Robbie Williams, Stephan Fry, Dominic Cummings.

Tripe and onions.

MrsKen33 Sat 14-May-22 17:56:29

Heaven. Michele Riodino
Kenneth M Christensen

Paella with lots of seafood

Hell. Any politician. or a ‘celeb’
Offal and goats cheese

MissAdventure Sat 14-May-22 17:57:40

I'd like to add Bob Geldof to my like list please.

MissAdventure Sat 14-May-22 18:06:04

And Bob Mortimer.
And Germaine Greer.
I'd better stop now.

Soroptimum Sat 14-May-22 18:06:15

Hell - the Front Bench…..

Heaven- David Baddiel (for conversation) Jack Savoretti (to sing to me), Brad Pitt (just to look at) and Peter Kay (to make me laugh) 😊

Elizabeth27 Sat 14-May-22 18:07:07

Hell-Jeremy Vine, Davina McCall, Phillip Schofield
Baked Camembert
Any meat dish
Panna Cotta

Heaven- Sandy Toksvig, Kathy Burke, Prue Leith
Prawn Cocktail
Chocolate torte

Vintagejazz Sat 14-May-22 18:09:51

Heaven: The cast of Derry Girls

Olives with just baked bread and good olive oil and homemade pesto
Freshly caught salmon with hollandaise sauce
My late mother's sherry trifle

Hell: Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, the Wagatha ladies

Goats cheese
A really hot curry
Rice pudding

Ninney Sat 14-May-22 18:11:02

I'm new here...just reading through the lists gave me a belly laugh! I would invite you all!

MissAdventure Sat 14-May-22 18:14:11

Hello Ninney smile
What would you feed us all?

Casdon Sat 14-May-22 18:15:29

Piers Morgan
Nigel Farage
Jimmy Carr
Anne Robinson
Liz Truss
(Reserve list Elton John and Gemma Collins)

Oysters, venison (can’t think of any desserts I hate), served with tap water
Cooked by James Martin, (sorry Kate1949 he sets my teeth on edge, no idea why, I do like his spaniel though)

David Beckham (he can sit opposite me, and he doesn’t need to speak)
John Bishop
Bryan Ferry
Susan Calman
Mariella Frostup

Tapas followed by gooseberry fool with shortbread biscuits, and lots of wine

Cooked by Rick Stein, who can then join us for dinner.

I want a really fun evening at my dream dinner party, so it’s a mixture of people who make me laugh, and ones I think are cool.

Kate1949 Sat 14-May-22 18:18:40

I can think of more hell than heaven guests. I'm not sure what that says about me!