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How many do you have?

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Oldwoman70 Sun 15-May-22 09:42:07

When a friend visited recently she commented on the number of photographs I have on display in my sitting room - 15. The majority of myself and my late DH on various holidays and special occasions (1 is of our wedding) the rest are of family. Got me wondering how many photos others have on display.

Galaxy Sun 15-May-22 09:43:18

6 in the living room.

henetha Sun 15-May-22 09:43:20

Just counted. There are five in this living room. Another five in my bedroom.

Aveline Sun 15-May-22 09:43:27

Seven. We prefer to have paintings.

FannyCornforth Sun 15-May-22 09:48:30


Pittcity Sun 15-May-22 09:48:59

Just one in the living room, two in the dining room. We have a couple of photo collages on the landing and a photo/certificate wall in the office (boxroom).

glammanana Sun 15-May-22 09:49:09

Just three of my ACs weddings

FannyCornforth Sun 15-May-22 09:49:10

Oh, no, sorry. There is one of the dog

Aveline Sun 15-May-22 09:50:13

By saying paintings I don't mean family portraits! Most are landscapes. In the homes of several younger people I've noticed that there tends to be lots of photos of them and their children as key decorative features. It strikes me as a bit narcissistic. Apart from anything else a photo is a moment in time. I wonder if they'll continually add more up to date ones? Recipe for lots of dusting!
I like looking through old photograph albums. I don't suppose people will use these much any more as so many photos are not printed out.

Oldwoman70 Sun 15-May-22 09:51:22


Seven. We prefer to have paintings.

I also have 5 paintings!

Grandmadinosaur Sun 15-May-22 09:52:04

Just counted and I have 13.

kittylester Sun 15-May-22 09:52:13

6 in the lounge but the Alexa show in the kitchen has dozens.

Juno56 Sun 15-May-22 09:53:45

Only four actual photographs in frames but I have a digital frame that scrolls through about hundred images.

Justwidowed Sun 15-May-22 09:54:40

25 in the lounge,it is a large room with space for pictures and mirrors.The majority are of my late husband with his arm round me.

dragonfly46 Sun 15-May-22 09:57:07

We have 4 in the living room but I have a digital photo frame next to my computer with thousands.

aggie Sun 15-May-22 09:58:30

I used to have all the graduation photos up in the last house but just got some snaps of OH and of my sisters OH , they are in my thoughts constantly as they left us a few years ago
What I do have are handmade cards by the grandchildren all over the book case , no books just the fav cards
DD insisted on putting up some of my paintings , but they are behind my chair so I don’t have to look at them !

timetogo2016 Sun 15-May-22 10:03:04

12,all of the grandchildren, and one of me and Dh on our second meeting.

Yammy Sun 15-May-22 10:06:34

Five, all of the grandchildren, on the walls we have paintings.
In other rooms photos of GC. I have albums of our children's weddings and an album for each grandchild I add to over the years.

Jaxjacky Sun 15-May-22 10:10:08


MerylStreep Sun 15-May-22 10:15:07

Neither of us are very big on photos. But I do have one of the grandchildren in the bedroom.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 15-May-22 10:21:06

Very few. Having depression, I find visible reminders of the past, no matter how happy the occasion, difficult.

AGAA4 Sun 15-May-22 11:03:54

Nine. All of grandchildren.

JaneJudge Sun 15-May-22 11:05:20


6 in the living room.

same shock

JaneJudge Sun 15-May-22 11:06:21

I love looking at other people's photographs, i can't see how it is weird to have 15 to be honest oldwoman70. Take no notice of your friend

Cabbie21 Sun 15-May-22 11:09:26

None of us anywhere on display. Three of the grandchildren on the mantlepiece in the sitting room, others elsewhere. Just paintings on the walls.