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Harassed in the garden by the birds !

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BeEmerald Sun 15-May-22 12:03:23

My sister’s personal motto is ‘No good deed goes unpunished !’ which has certainly come true in my case.
I always put seed out for the birds and two tubs of fresh water daily with stones in so there’s a ramp in case a hedgehog visits, (although I’ve never seen one in the garden in forty year but live in hope).
I’ve seen sparrows, goldfinches, blackbirds, a wren, robins but very few starlings. Yesterday a flock of them appeared seemingly from nowhere and have taken up residence in a tree at the bottom of my garden. Apart from being deafened since they arrived, they’ve ousted all the other birds that regarded that tree as home. The starlings have a lot of young ones with them who haven’t been schooled in keeping away from humans and have no qualms about flying very near and in one case momentarily resting on my head, while I was sitting outside.
They also regard my clothes airers as a handy perch, and I have had to rewash two full loads after they rewarded my kindness by unwanted rear action.
I need airers for economic reasons and don’t want to be forced to use the tumble dryer because of these little feathered ( although very cute ) thugs .
Any experts out there who can tell me how long they are likely to stay ? This is day Two now and it’s warm and windy - perfect drying weather !

Kate1949 Sun 15-May-22 12:23:03

My sister has a canal running along the top of her garden. Creatures can just hop out of the canal into her garden.
She started feeding the swans and they became a real nuisance. They would walk down the garden and tap their beaks in the patio window. She couldn't get rid of them. They only stopped when they realised there would be no more food.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 15-May-22 12:26:22

We have starlings year round as they all roost in the piers and marina -Brighton- and during the day fly up here to the South Downs. They use our garden as a staging post to pick up a bite to eat.

Yes they are quarrelsome bullies, but such characters.

Not sure how long they will stay now that they have found a food source, but perhaps be reconciled to the fact that they are on the dodgy list.

Callistemon21 Sun 15-May-22 12:26:55

We had a small flock of starlings which arrived last year, stayed for a few days then went again, surprising as we hadn't seen any here for years.

Yesterday a little group of about 10 appeared, parents and fledglings. The parents seemed to want the babies to learn to peck up the insects for themselves. The babies kept running after the parents but were ignored. 😁

I don't think they'll become residents. The sparrows and blackbirds just ignored them.

I'll swap you starlings for pigeons and rooks - their rear action gets everywhere!

Su22 Sun 15-May-22 13:10:28

I have two Seagulls, Magpies, Jackdaws, a Rook, Pigeons, and Doves that have a good feed when I first put the birdseed out then the smaller birds Blackbirds Sparrows etc come and clean up after them.

Jaberwok Sun 15-May-22 13:26:26

We have a fair contingency of Rooks Pigeons, and various 'little bird's, the latter visit our bird table and other arrangements regularly, oh and the occasional Woodpecker, but the ones we are most fond of along with the Robin, and wait anxiously for each spring, are the swallows. We have a stable for our elderly Exmoor, + a fair size barn, and they roost in these, nest and bring off sometimes three broods . Watching them dicing about during the summer like little fighter planes is an absolute delight. Each year we worry that they won't make it back to us, but so far, so good, they're here this year, relief all round!

BeEmerald Sun 15-May-22 14:10:47

I once saw a Lesser spotted woodpecker on the birdfeeder, I had to look it up in a book as I wasn’t sure what it was. And two years ago a sparrow hawk flew down and actually snatched a sparrow off the birdfeeder. It misjudged the distance and flew into one of the garden walls. I couldn’t see if it’s victim escaped but the sparrow hawk stayed on the ground for a while and then flew off. It stayed over the garden for the next two days during which time it very conveniently sat on the garages giving me time to identify it thanks to the RSPB field guide. Last year I had a goldfinch which was being chased by a magpie fly into the kitchen window. I went outside and thought it was dead but it was just lying on the floor stunned. I put it in a shoebox with cotton wool and with the lid half on half off so it was shaded but could get out and put it up on a wall. Later when I looked it was gone.
These birds are very demanding. And shred your nerves one way or another !

Jaberwok Sun 15-May-22 15:22:09

I know, one persons work as my old Granny used to say!

Redhead56 Sun 15-May-22 23:28:06

I have a squirrel that scratches the fence right outside the door and takes nuts from my hands. A stray cat who lovingly growls when I feed her. A female blackbird a robin and other birds on parade begging for their daily treats and I love it.

Georgesgran Mon 16-May-22 14:13:33

I have a lot of birds in my garden, but I’m being ‘bothered’ by jackdaws knocking on the windows. It’s loud and quite frightening at times. Advice to stop them isn’t practical.

BeEmerald Mon 16-May-22 15:31:30

I read once that jackdaws peel something, I’m not quite sure what exactly, off the outside of double glazing. It may be the sealant. It was damaging people’s window frames.

AreWeThereYet Mon 16-May-22 15:37:55

Two years ago we got starlings for the first time since we moved here about 30 years ago. Whole families come and feed on the feeders, so nothing else gets a look in. Last year they started nesting under our roof tiles - conveniently just 15 ft away from their buffet. They are greedy, noisy, continually squabbling and fighting, and the only thing that keeps them in order is the family of spotted woodpeckers who come to feed.

pinkquartz Mon 16-May-22 15:55:21

I was bothered by the largebnumber of starlings coming into my garden eatingup all the seeds. I bought special feeders for Niger seed and let the Goldfinches feast instead for the summer.

Since then the starlings visit but no longer outstay their welcome.
Plus i can enjoy many Charms of Goldfinches. Often too many to count.