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Is there a price list for teeth treatment?

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infoman Mon 16-May-22 05:03:41

at dental practices.
I think most of us grew up under NHS dentists then it moved towards "private treatment" Not sure if you got to see the dentist quicker or they inflicted less pain,but thats another story.
The check up is a set charge,so would any know what the price difference actually is between private and NHS treatment?

vegansrock Mon 16-May-22 05:39:40

It varies - there is a price list for NHS dental treatments , but each private practice will have their own charges. Ask at the private practice you might be thinking of going to and you can compare. Some will have their charges on their website.

rosie1959 Mon 16-May-22 05:43:56

There is a price list on the NHS website for treatments we have a private dentist who gives you a quotation for treatments needed.
From my experience there is a large difference between these for instance my husband just had an extraction which cost £150 the NHS website states £65.20. We currently have to pay for PPE required not sure if the NHS charge for this.
I can’t remember having a NHS dentist
The service at our surgery is excellent and they will endeavour to get you in asap if you have a problem even if it means seeing a different dentist in the practice but you do pay for the pleasure.

mumofmadboys Mon 16-May-22 05:52:39

As a rule of thumb I have heard that private costs are 3 times NHS ones.

NotSpaghetti Mon 16-May-22 07:01:12

Private dentist near me:

- Routine recall exam£ 45.00
- Short scale & polish at time of exam (20 minutes)£ 50.00
- Long scale & polish appointment/ Hygienist/ Dentist (30 minutes) £69.00
- X-ray (2 small)£ 40.00
- X-ray (large)£ 28.00
- Fillings from£ 95.00
- Crowns from£ 450.00
- Root canal treatment from £230.00

Hope this helps.

vegansrock Mon 16-May-22 07:02:33

Some treatments you just won’t get on the NHS e.g. implants

silverlining48 Mon 16-May-22 07:03:35

my dh saw a private dentist for many years, 3 different ones I. All. He never got a clean included and had to pay separately
The dentists always suggesting
expensive treatment sometimes correcting something a different dentist had already done at great expense.
I asked my nhs dentist if they would take him and they did. After his first check he asked if the work that the private dentist was needed she said it wasn’t but she would keep an eye on it on case it deteriorated but . 6 years later it still hasn’t needed to be done.
Make of that what you will.

NotSpaghetti Mon 16-May-22 07:04:40

I was told that re NHS dentists removing a tooth pays the dentist substantially more than a complex filling does even though it's much quicker and easier procedure.

silverlining48 Mon 16-May-22 07:07:48

There is a nhs list on the wall and last year think a checkup with clean was about £20.
Implants have to be done privately. £3000 ish per tooth

kittylester Mon 16-May-22 08:04:24

NHS dental band prices.

Dentists should have a list of their private charges on show in the practice

kittylester Mon 16-May-22 08:07:50


I was told that re NHS dentists removing a tooth pays the dentist substantially more than a complex filling does even though it's much quicker and easier procedure.

No it doesn't. See the above price list.

Marydoll Mon 16-May-22 08:16:42

I had an NHS xray last week, when my crown fell out. It cost £3.99!

My last crown for my front tooth was a private one, but this replacement one, will be much cheaper, as it is at the back and I have opted for an NHS one.

tickingbird Mon 16-May-22 08:25:25

I don’t understand the NHS price for an extraction. I had two back teeth removed as an emergency last year and paid £24.95 at an NHS dentist. Private dentists vary. It’s not £3000 per implant at all dentists. I’m having implants at a highly recommended dentist and it’s just under £2000 for an implant. Maybe it depends whereabouts in the UK you are.

cornergran Mon 16-May-22 08:28:09

We attend a large dental practice offering both private and NHS dental treatment. The dentist we had been seeing and were happy with moved to private work only. On request a list of charges was emailed - after absorbing the potentially eye watering costs for complex treatment we decided to swap practitioners and remain within the NHS.

I’m sure all private dentists would send a charge list. Why not phone a couple and ask for their charges infoman?

M0nica Mon 16-May-22 08:39:36

I paid considerably less than £3,000 for an implant.

We went private when we moved to our current house as no NHS dentist in the area (I think there was only one) was accepting new patients.

kittylester Mon 16-May-22 08:41:51

ticking bird, I think that was emergency treatment.

NotSpaghetti Mon 16-May-22 09:19:48

kittylester I was talking about the fees paid to the dentist by the NHS scheme - not what the client pays.

I was also only sending the costs at one private dentist.
Like Monica, I also didn't pay £3000 for an implant but it was an "easy" implant to do.

NotSpaghetti Mon 16-May-22 09:21:55

infoman - why not look at the websites of the private dentists - many have the prices online.

Aveline Mon 16-May-22 09:25:29

We're with 'Denplan' so pay £14 a month. That covers two check ups and scale and polishes a year plus any other necessary work or emergency treatment. I've had a couple of extractions and X rays every three years with no extra charges. Seems fine by me.

kittylester Mon 16-May-22 10:02:20

notspaghetti an NHS dentist gets 3 udas (units of dental activity) for any work in Band 2. Extraction or simple filling.

I think they are patients not clients.

Aveline, I think you would have to pay any lab costs incurred on top of your monthly DD.

Aveline Mon 16-May-22 10:04:34

kittylester- nope! Have never had to pay anything extra at all.

kittylester Mon 16-May-22 10:07:42

That's odd. We are on Denplan and I had to pay the lab fee when I needed a new partial denture as did dh for a crown.

Sparklefizz Mon 16-May-22 10:12:32

I'm with Denplan. My dentist is private only and absolutely brilliant. His practice is very much against trying to sell any procedures. In order to join Denplan you have to get your teeth "up to scratch" but I have been extremely grateful to have had treatment available during the pandemic. His practice paid £30,000 for air extraction and filtration units so as to be able to Covid-safely offer a full range of dental treatments, and he reopened long before other dentists were able to.

NotSpaghetti Mon 16-May-22 10:27:18

kitty - I am only saying what my own dentist explained to me a few years ago when she retired. She was maybe considering the time involved in a complex filling v an extraction. She was very scathing of the NHS contract (as was The British Dental Association). Admittedly, it was a few years ago so maybe things have changed now. Let's hope so as she felt it was leading to unnecessary extractions.

kittylester Mon 16-May-22 10:33:06

There have always been another anomalies in the dental contract that
allow dentists to behave unprofessionally.