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Good Morning Monday 16th May 2022

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Michael12 Mon 16-May-22 05:51:58

Good Morning Everyone
Its looking grey with signs of overnight rain here in brackley this morning.
today a delivery from Argos and easy day overall .
Planning my week , as I may make some changes .
Take Care,

Nannagarra Mon 16-May-22 06:08:47

Good morning Mick and all who follow.
It’s overcast and could be warmer on the Sefton coast. In store for us is a lively day full of laughter with Mr Busy.
Take care and have the best day you can.

grandMattie Mon 16-May-22 06:18:37

Good morning from an overcast E Kent. We were promised a thunderstorm overnight and got just a dribble of rain instead.
Had an interesting day. Dh’s body had got rid of the excess morphine and was much more normal, but in the early afternoon, it was decided he needed a catheter and could i take him to Canterbury hospital, 18 mikes away? (They have no transport and would have needed to organise an ambulance) Not Margate hospital, 100 yards from the hospice. I don’t know why. Between the long journeys etc., it was 3 hours before we were back. DH was in different pain, both he and I were wiped out. By the time, I got home, I had been out for over 8 hours.
To add insult to injury, I was fast asleep when the phone went at midnight! In a panic, I answered it. Just DH who had not a clue why he had called me - probably one of his hallucinations. I hope the exercise is not repeated too often!
I’ve got the cleaner coming this morning just before I leave for the hospice. I want to stay until he has seen the doctors to see what they say about the two new developments, 1. A date for chemo, this Friday; 2. The catheter and problems inherent with it.
Full day/week ahead.
May you all have a ray if sunshine ☀️ in your lives today.
Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

Pantglas2 Mon 16-May-22 06:21:20

Gosh you’re early this morning Mick - hope you’re well after your little episode...🤞

Belated birthday greetings to Miss Marydoll and anyone else I may have missed 🥂🍾 have some lovely Cava from 🇪🇸!

Being shouted at by Helping Mr PG this morning putting the shade up on the pergola on terrace, I do hope he I manage to get things right the first time🤷‍♀️🤬🤦‍♀️

Will then trot off with friends as one wants to buy a new settee and it will involve coffee and cake somehow...😋

May you all have some good news today and best wishes for all having tough times at the moment - don’t want to miss anyone out but I do read and hope on your behalf 💐

mumofmadboys Mon 16-May-22 06:33:15

Good morning all. Rained overnight in Cumbria and still miserable. Very hard times GrandM. Just take one day at a time and rest when you can. x
Our dad from UA has started work today at 5 am in a bakery and their 4 year old starts afternoon nursery today. Local young mums have been brilliant in producing clothes for the children! We are getting through the admin - my DH hates forms so I am doing it with the mum.Funny how the men leave it to us!. DH is good at clearing up after meals .
I am planning on going to table tennis today for an hour and a half.Will be good to do one of my normal activities.
Hope everyone has the best day they can

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 16-May-22 06:42:14

Morning all from a damp looking West Oxfordshire. I have a list of things to do today. Library first - I make sure I have a pile of books to read to my granddaughter. Trip to Waitrose. My elder son and daughter have their birthday next week so must sort out cards and presents. I’ve more stuff for the Charity shop. I would like to pop into another Arts Week venue in my village. 🌹🌹🌹for many of you.

BlueBalou Mon 16-May-22 06:46:44

Good morning! A damp start here today, will need my wellies for this morning’s dog walk.
We had a nice walk yesterday, followed by coffee and cake in the village. Got home before it bucketed down luckily.
I need to start thinking about what to take on holiday at the end of next week, as usual it’s all left to me 😡
Off to north Wales, I love it there.
I hope you all have a good day x

cornergran Mon 16-May-22 06:47:00

Morning Mick, morning All from a damp and gloomy corner of Somerset

Very enjoyable lunch with the family yesterday. Today it’s on with the mundane, laundry and another attempt to sort my phone. Getting very irritable about it now.

That was a heck of a day grandmattie. Wishing you, your husband and all facing challenges a better day today

Hope Monday is gentle with us all.

nana5852 Mon 16-May-22 06:48:18

Good morning to all. Drizzling and grey here. Will be off for my ‘early birds’ swim in the local outdoor pool shortly. It tends to be only the diehards in the rain. Strange since we will all get wet anyway. Mug in hand at the back door enjoying the birdsong. Mr. Nana and our dog still snoring.

Sar53 Mon 16-May-22 06:52:23

Good morning from a sunny France where we are promised a lot of hot sunny weather this week.

Yesterday we finally found a large shopping outlet on the outskirts of Carcassonne but being Sunday only the hypermarket was open. We will visit another day.

No plans yet today apart from some food shopping, reading and maybe a swim if I get too hot.

I think about you and your DH GM and hope that today is better than yesterday.

Have a marvelous Monday everyone, love from France xxx

MawtheMerrier Mon 16-May-22 06:54:34

Good morning from soggy N Bucks - as seems to happen every year, the peonies come into flower and the rain comes down!
Gm you are having a hard time and I think the hospice’s request (demand?) that you drive your DH to Canterbury was totally unreasonable with a hospital 200 yards away. I’d be tempted to play the “age card” - it was asking too much of you.
Please, please get some rest.
MOMB I am delighted your Ukrainian family seem to be settling in so quickly. D’s family (a single Mum and her two year old son ) are due to arrive in early June but everything is ready for them, a toddler bed has been built , car seat acquired and a small fridge if they want to keep stuff to make their own meals. I should not praise my own D but I am so impressed with what they have done and they too are inundated with offers of clothes and toys for the little boy.
We were all up there yesterday for a big joint birthday party for GS1 (12 on Thursday) and D2’s boy who was 6 yesterday - 10 grown ups and 6 grandchildren. It was pretty chaotic and I am quite glad it wasn’t here!
Plans for today include a lie-in (Rosie has snuggled up beside me since I made my tea) and Art History this afternoon.
Wishing you all as pleasant a Monday as life permits and some respite for all with worries or pain.

Grandmadinosaur Mon 16-May-22 06:55:20

Good morning all from East Yorkshire. It is 11 degrees and damp. Alexa says we will have thunderstorms today.

Gosh what a day for you yesterday GM and today doesn’t sound easy either. Such difficult times 💐

Today I shall be doing housework, have calls to make and I need to really sort out my wardrobe. I need to sort and get rid of items that don’t fit any more. DH is busy with busses at work including eating out today so no meal to prepare just me to please.

Take care everyone.

Grandmadinosaur Mon 16-May-22 06:55:47


Jaxjacky Mon 16-May-22 07:01:57

Good morning from a damp S Hants, we had storms rumbling around at 3am and heavy rain.
Difficult day grandMattie 💐
Plans are weather dependent today so I’ll see.
Have a good day all 🦩.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 16-May-22 07:03:06

Morning Mick and all

It’s overcast here in S E Essex, it I think it will clear up and should be warmer today.

Off to the gym later, if it stays dry I will walk.

Oh dear grandMattie you and your DH are having so many struggles.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

mumofmadboys Mon 16-May-22 07:03:27

Good to hear your DD's situation Maw. The little boy will love his older playmates! Is the dad fighting? Hope it works out well for them all.

dragonfly46 Mon 16-May-22 07:12:04

Good morning from dank Leicestershire.

Nothing planned today except dog walking and maybe planting out some pots.

Thinking of all those with worries I hope the day goes better for you today.

kittylester Mon 16-May-22 07:15:44

Good morning from a very wet bit of North Leicestershire where we have a flood alert for our part of the river. Luckily, the river rarely reaches homes even when it breaks it's banks though the flooded roads play havoc with getting in and out of the village.

I have a singing lesson this morning and a massage this afternoon.

Mick, I hope you have made an appointment with you gp.

Marydoll Mon 16-May-22 07:18:56

Good morning all from a very rainy Glasgow.
I am so sorry to hear of your tribulations, GM. Please remember to look after your own health. It reminds me of what life was like before my dear BIL died. We were on constant alert for emergency hospital visits as my sister in law was exhausted and burnt out.

Mick, I hope you are contacting your GP today. It could be something as simple as a drop in blood pressure or the heat, but it needs checked out.
Before Christmas, I started to feel very unwell, with dizzy spells and feeling faint. I had no idea my heart medication was to blame, but was told by the cardiologist to stop it immediately. Sometimes our meds are unsuitable for us, but I had no reason to believe that was the cause.

I planned to potter in the garden yesterday, but heavy rain put paid to that. I ended up continuing the death clean, as I am running out of time to clear the spare room. It was interspersed with wasting time browsing GN and indulging in my foreign language romantic/comedy/ crime dramas. I wonder if there is a Turkish Wordle 🤣.
They are worth watching for the scenery alone. Quite a pleasant day and takeaway for dinner.
I have been ruthless for a change, but am extremely embarrassed at the amount of clothes I have accumulated over lockdown, which have remained unworn.

MOMB, I am so pleased to hear your positive news. To hear of the young father starting work at 5am and the response of the local mums is so heartening. I cannot imagine what that young family are feeling.
They are so fortunate that they found you, a glimmer of hope in very sad circumstances.

DH is golfing, so I will pop up to church and catch up on some admin, then its back to the wardrobe down sizing, because DH has promised to help me take the bags to the charity shop tomorrow, since I struggle to carry heavy items.

For all who are struggling, have a gentle day, especially the poorly daughters and their mums. 💐
I will return later to catch up with birthdays, outings and other activities.
We now have torrential rain, DH is mad to play in that.

brook2704 Mon 16-May-22 07:27:04

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s cloudy and grey. The rain hasn’t reached us yet but it probably will today
An exhausting difficult day yesterday grandMattie hoping things get a bit easier this week
Today I’m off to the gym for couple of classes and then a bit of food shopping at Tesco. DD2 and family are due back from visiting DD1 later so DH is picking them up from the airport. I’ve not heard anything so hope it’s gone well!
Hope you get your phone sorted cornergran so frustrating
Hoping everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Beechnut Mon 16-May-22 07:27:44

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where it is damp and grey.
I agree with you Maw about peonies and rain. I was ready this year for the first time ever and got them staked with supports last week.

As it’s not going to look any better until later I’ll do some housework this morning and then potter outside. I expect my brother will call by this evening.

Have the best day you can all 🌼🦩

baubles Mon 16-May-22 07:36:55

Good morning all from dreich South Lanarkshire.

Mattie I do hope today is a better one for you both.

Lovely to hear that your family are settling in momb.

My dear daughter out law gave birth to a bouncing baby boy last night, 9lb 7oz. Mum and baby are safe and well. 🙏

We won’t see them today and I have a day off so may visit the recently reopened Burrell Collection where I remembered asking where I could breastfeed the new baby’s Dad 38 years ago. The years have passed in the blink of an eye.

Look after yourselves.

Grandmadinosaur Mon 16-May-22 07:41:50

Cingratulations on the new GS. A very healthy weight too. Welcome to the world little one.

brook2704 Mon 16-May-22 07:44:59

A big congratulations Baubles such lovely news Sending very best wishes to you and all the family!
Hope you get some special cuddles soon 💐🎉🥂

Marydoll Mon 16-May-22 07:47:05

Baubles, what joyful news.

My DIL was one of the project managers at the Burrell, she is now working behind the scenes, there is so much, which is not on show. It is her dream job and she is hoping to move onto another restoration project in Glasgow. However, I have been sworn to secrecy, but it sounds as if it will become another Glasgow attraction.