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Do you iron tea towels

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Beau1958 Mon 16-May-22 11:21:48

I was doing our ironing yesterday my other half gets through far many clothes than I
Anyway I’m ironing a couple of tea towels and I thought how many people actually iron them am I a minority ? I like to see them neat in the draw in the kitchen. I also iron my OH pants 😂😂 am I mad !!

henetha Mon 16-May-22 11:23:40

No I never iron tea towels. I only iron anything when absolutely necessary. (bad back).
I like folding and patting...

Squiffy Mon 16-May-22 11:25:26

I also iron my OH pants 😂😂 am I mad !!

Well, you are in my book! Sorry! 🤣

Grandmabatty Mon 16-May-22 11:26:01

Yes, you are mad! I grew up with a mother who ironed everything, even tights. She would iron them under a tea towel. And towels, socks, bras etc. I iron more things now I'm retired but I used to send my clothes for ironing when I was married and the children were at school. But I have never ironed tea towels! If it makes you happy though, carry on 😊

AGAA4 Mon 16-May-22 11:29:09

I was put off ironing by my mum who would even iron socks.
No I don't iron tea towels or much else.

sweetcakes Mon 16-May-22 11:30:29

No life's to short for that!

NanKate Mon 16-May-22 11:31:27

The hours I’ve saved not ironing can be counted in the thousands. 🥳

tanith Mon 16-May-22 11:31:48

Hell no! I fold everything as it comes off the line, the only thing I iron nowadays is some cotton shirts and summer dresses. I spent years ironing mine and hubbies work uniforms including a dozen white shirts a week and bed linen. No more ironing unless absolutely necessary for me.

Lark123 Mon 16-May-22 11:41:06

I remember my Gran used to iron most things made of cotton; tea towels included.
My Mother most certainly did not do that, she was a working mum, and didn't make time for that.
I never iron anything anymore.
I hang clothing to dry either outside or inside and things dry straight and fold up nicely too.
It is however a soothing thing to do, ironing, and if it gives you a nice feeling to do it, go for it!

Sparklefizz Mon 16-May-22 11:42:48

I got out my ironing board this morning for the first time for 2 years, and this is only because I'm going out tomorrow and want to look half decent. I don't iron anything unless absolutely necessary. Life's too short!

biglouis Mon 16-May-22 11:44:26

The last time I ironed anything it was because I was doing a sewing project. I just wash it and hang it up and hope the creases drop out. Life is too short for that pallaver.

I have a rule that if something does not bring me money or pleasure then I will avoid it at all costs.

Chewbacca Mon 16-May-22 11:50:06

I moved house over 3 years ago and haven't unpacked the iron yet. As no one appears to have noticed that my clothes and bed linen are unironed, I'm rather cross with myself that I wasted all those years ironing it all.

Mine Mon 16-May-22 11:50:51

Never.. If I could get out of not having to iron anything Id be a happy lady.

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 16-May-22 11:53:51

Stark raving mad, yes. Mind you, my Mum ironed everything but claimed to enjoy it. One of my Godmothers ironed her stockings. I only iron anything under duress.

silverlining48 Mon 16-May-22 11:53:53

I can’t remember the last time I got the ironing board and iron out.
I don’t leave washing in the machine, it’s taken out ASAP. I use the shake twice and peg out system then fold as soon as dry, and pat a bit to encourage it all to lay flat.
There is little which actually needs to be ironed apart from the occasional shirt or maybe a linen dress fir a special occasion.

BlueBelle Mon 16-May-22 11:55:21

I don’t iron
No man in the house, no childrens school uniform any more and most of my clothes don’t need ironing never iron bed clothes you just mess them up and fitted sheets pull straight anyway
I don’t use anything like silk or linen
Very occasionally something needs a quick press but it’s not usual

Sara1954 Mon 16-May-22 11:55:27

Always iron tea towels, I quite like ironing them actually.

essjay Mon 16-May-22 11:55:53

nice to see so many like minded people, only iron when absolutely necessary

crazyH Mon 16-May-22 11:56:38

I hardly iron anything and I never look crumpled 😂

Witzend Mon 16-May-22 11:56:46

I used to, purely because I don’t have a very big kitchen and ironed things tend to take up less space in the drawer, but no longer. I smooth them out for drying, and just fold.

As for ironing any bloke’s pants, 😱!

Grandma70s Mon 16-May-22 11:57:30

Of course I don’t iron tea towels! Or anything else, for that matter.

Wheniwasyourage Mon 16-May-22 11:57:40

I iron shirts, pillow cases, trousers and yes, tea towels, but never t-shirts (unless it's a dressy one to go out in), underwear or sheets. I do tea towels because they fit better for putting away, and because when I was a Brownie we were told that if someone had a cut or a burn, you could cover it with an ironed tea towel, which would be clean, if not sterile. That advice has stayed with me ever since!

GagaJo Mon 16-May-22 11:58:33

Of course not! Actually, the only thing I iron is DGS's school trousers. Nothing else.

Rosalyn69 Mon 16-May-22 11:59:08

Sadly, yes. I think they look nicer.

shysal Mon 16-May-22 12:00:57

I no longer do any ironing. My tea towels are the terry variety so don't need it anyway.