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more scams

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infoman Wed 18-May-22 06:17:20

without a phone number displayed are difficult but these scams are named as a bank, pay pal, and the post office.

If you have a number you can report it on 7726,
also "Amazon" and "DPD" are still at it.
There is a web site called "who has called me" so please check,and don't press any button options.
Its your hard earned money these scum bags are after.
If you do get a voice call,keep them on the phone and it then gives others a chance of not being scammed .

MawtheMerrier Wed 18-May-22 06:52:33

No. I disagree. Hang up immediately - and for an unknown “international” number - don’t even pick up.

muse Wed 18-May-22 09:20:32

We used to get almost daily scam calls. Call blockers don’t block 100% so we bought a BT Call Guardian phone nearly a year ago. Haven’t had one scam hoax call since. 👍

Best £32 we’ve ever spent.