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loopyloo Wed 18-May-22 09:41:07

I am now too wobbly to have a 2 wheeler so was thinking about 3 wheels. To get to the high street on suburban roads.
Does anyone use one? Any thoughts?

timetogo2016 Wed 18-May-22 09:45:34

Go for it loopyloo.
Dh and i have one that we keep at our static caravan.
They are such fun to ride around especially to the amusement of others.
Many comments on that they are going to get one too.

henetha Wed 18-May-22 09:59:02

When a neighbour lost her car licence due to an accident she bought a motorised tricycle. It was wonderful to see her whizzing around the lanes on it. She let me have a go once and it was great.

MayBee70 Wed 18-May-22 10:31:51

I was thinking about tricycles when reading the dolls house thread as it was something I always wanted when I was a child. I’ve got no sense of balance and always struggled with riding a bike ( I always said I’ve never moved beyond the stabilisers stage) but would love a tricycle.

Petera Wed 18-May-22 10:40:57


I am now too wobbly to have a 2 wheeler so was thinking about 3 wheels. To get to the high street on suburban roads.
Does anyone use one? Any thoughts?

Go for it, but if you're very used to a bicycle take it easy at the beginning. You will have a tendency to understeer whereas you need to be more positive on a tricycle as you don't lean.

(Unless you want to race them - I don't know if this is still done but I saw it years ago and the riders leant over and put them on to two wheels to corner quickly)

LauraNorderr Wed 18-May-22 10:47:57

A very pretty youngster rides past our house most days on a tricycle with a basket on the front. She always looks happy and gives us a wave.

gillgran Wed 18-May-22 11:07:20

loopyloo, you could get a "Cargo bike", all sorts of types are available, (including electric). You could do a weeks shopping in that!!
Our DD has one, not powered, (2 wheels at the front & 1 wheel at the back), She is a car driver too, so that helps with car/bike safety/awareness issues , she does the school runs in a cycle-friendly? very busy city. apparently it requires a slightly differing steering, but, like everything else, it's "easy-when-you-know-how"!

Good Luck!

loopyloo Wed 18-May-22 11:11:01

Shall I try a basic model for £300 or go for an electric at £2000? Might try freecycle!!!! Or look on ebay

gillgran Wed 18-May-22 11:16:09

"Try before you buy", loopyloo, whichever type you go for.

I know they are expensive, We've said " the price & size of a small car"!! (but our family tell us that these bikes hold their value & easy to resell).

BeEmerald Wed 18-May-22 15:36:07

We have two ladies who use them locally. I’ve seen them serenely pedalling past the drive.
By sheer coincidence a friend I was chatting to on the phone has just told me that one has been stolen from a house near to her.
Hope you haven’t been a naughty girl and become impatient to try one out loopyloo grin

Jodieb Wed 18-May-22 15:47:54

How about a 20" wheel folding bike. I switched over a few years ago and you feel closer to the ground although it's an illusion.

Katie59 Wed 18-May-22 20:20:34

Think about where you would keep it and park it, a trike isnt convenient like a bike, if you are wobbly is it time to give up or get a mobility scooter.
It’s been a very long time since I saw a trike around here.