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Backpack or crossbody bag?

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nandad Thu 19-May-22 09:24:28

Going away, need to have hands free to help OH at airport, want room for iPad, water bottle and other essentials and to use day to day. Can’t work out which is the more comfortable and practical. Does a small backpack make your back ache and is it a bother to keep on taking off your back? Do the straps cut in if it weighs too much?

DillytheGardener Thu 19-May-22 09:32:53

I have sciatica, and my physio told me to always use a backpack as it evenly distributes the weight and you can adjust for your height etc.
Cross body bags are bad for your back.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 19-May-22 09:32:55

Backpacks make my back ache, so I wear a cross body bag.

No one can help themselves to stuff in a cross body bag, unlike a backpack plus when I moved I inadvertently knocked into people, well the backpack did.

Allegretto Thu 19-May-22 09:34:34

Have a look at the healthy back bag company. I use the small bag or the large bag let all the time. The small bag should accommodate your needs. It is the most comfortable bag I’ve found.

FannyCornforth Thu 19-May-22 09:34:59

I’d get both tbh!
If you need to lay your hands on stuff quickly and often (tissues, water etc) a cross body one is better (although I prefer them over the shoulder)
But for an iPad and heavier things I’d say that a back pack is best.
I think that you need to experiment to get the right set up for yourself

FannyCornforth Thu 19-May-22 09:36:02

Thank you Allegretto, I’d not heard of them. I shall have a look

silverlining48 Thu 19-May-22 09:41:02

I always use cross body bags but they are inevitably smaller than most back packs, which hold more, but need to be removed to get at contents.

geekesse Thu 19-May-22 09:44:25

Depends where you are going. In some tourist hotspots, thieves can cut open a backpack and relieve you of the contents within seconds, then vanish into a crowd before you even notice. If you hang a cross body bag at the front of your body, it’s not such an easy target.

rafichagran Thu 19-May-22 09:44:31

I use a backpack everyday, If at a airport I put small crossbidy bag, that holds a passport, money credit cards and other items I need.

TerriBull Thu 19-May-22 09:51:35

Personally I don't like backpack type handbags they look as if they could be an invitation for an opportunist to dip their hand in, happened to someone I know when she was on the tube. I do like a backpack rucksack on the shoulder with not too many things in, or an across the body bag. Also have a Radley purse largish for a purse, big enough for keys, wallet with cards and phone which I hang on my wrist, it has a loop, good when out for a walk.

henetha Thu 19-May-22 09:55:07

I find that backpacks hurt my back, and also are more inconvenient to get to. I always use a cross body bag, a small as I can manage. Kipling do some lovely cross body bags. And they are lightweight.

Septimia Thu 19-May-22 11:41:32

I have a backpack for holidays - one that can be used as a shoulder bag as well. It has a zipped pocket in the area that rests against my back, so that can be used as more secure storage for important items.

Shandy57 Thu 19-May-22 11:54:50

I have a backpack and a small Kipling crossbody bag for essentials for travelling.

jaylucy Thu 19-May-22 11:58:49

I prefer cross body bags myself , mainly for security reasons as at least you can wear them under your coat /cardigan or at least tuck them under your arm.
I always feel that back packs are easy prey for pick pockets as you can't see who is behind you .

Urmstongran Thu 19-May-22 12:00:01

I’ve noticed quite a lot of people use the backpacks over their fronts these days!

Shandy57 Thu 19-May-22 12:00:27

Lots of young people wear their backpacks on their front nowadays to stop the pickpockets. Not the most comfortable!

Mine Thu 19-May-22 12:02:55

Backpack for heavier things and documents when I go on holiday.. I can then use it for the beach or days out....I also take a crossbody bag for smaller for personal items..

maddyone Thu 19-May-22 12:33:10

There are back packs available which are secure and cannot be tampered with. The opening bit goes against the body, rather than exposed to the air. If security is an issue, get one of those. But a small cross body bag is useful for tissues, passports etc. I have one I bought in Norway, beautifully soft leather and quite small. I use it whenever I go on a plane alongside my carry on luggage.

PollyDolly Thu 19-May-22 12:40:17

Some backpacks are convertible to a cross body bag. The problem with backpacks is that you have to take it off to be able to sit down, use the loo etc but a cross body bag can easily be moved across the front of the body and hey presto, you can sit. However, I have no idea on cost and when I wanted one I made my own.

Security is also another consideration although some backpacks do have certain fasteners to prevent unwanted access.

Maybe one of the luggage stores at the outlets would allow you to experiment with a few alternatives??

Callistemon21 Thu 19-May-22 14:12:57

Constantly having to get tickets, passports, boarding passes etc out of a backpack is a nuisance so I'd use a cross-body bag with different compartments.

If you'd prefer a backpack then a slim waist pouch for money, passports, tickets is useful.

You can't take water or liquids through security with you anyway.
I always resolve not to take too much in hand luggage, even on long haul, but often do!

ayse Thu 19-May-22 14:27:48

I use a backpack to carry my stuff and my shoulder bag fits into it. If I’m using the backpack for bits of shopping I use the shoulder bag across my body. Best of both world.

M0nica Thu 19-May-22 14:33:39

I would be very concerned to have my purse, or anything valuable or important in a back pack. it would be so easy to pick it.

Having had my purse stolen from my handbag while a standing passenger on a bus and on another occasion when my bag was being worn across my body, but the bag had got pushed back abit, I turned to find someone running down an empty platform almost alongside me, but a bit behind, trying to undo the buckle fastening on my bag. He succeeded but I became aware of him before he could steal anything, never would I wear a backpack.

Georgesgran Thu 19-May-22 14:48:40

I suppose it depends where you are? DD1 takes a backpack with a bit of a picnic when we take DGS1 out for a walk, but in a crowded place, I’d opt for the X body bag. I don’t know OP’s circumstances but perhaps her DH could hold some of the stuff? I generally find it easier to push a wheelchair and the seated person (DD2) holds onto our travel documents, etc.

SachaMac Thu 19-May-22 14:54:03

Some years ago my mum had the strap on her cross body bag cut whilst in a large department store. Luckily she felt it slide and grabbed it before the would be thief could snatch it, he ran away and escaped security.

I find backpacks quite comfy to carry but as I tend to be forever in and out of my bag find it a pain forever taking them on and off my shoulders. Also, it’s easy to swing round quickly and knock someone or something over in busy areas. For this reason I tend to go for cross body bags.

Annapops Thu 19-May-22 14:57:47

I use a small crossbody bag, small enough to hold passports, my phone and cards. I also take a backpack which folds up into a neat purse size. We put toiletries, travel docs and i pads in it so it's easy to open up and empty going through security. After that those things can be placed in duty free carrier bag after buying some water or a snack for the plane. The backpack is also handy for keeping water, wipes etc when out and about on holiday. Nothing valuable is ever placed inside as my SIL once had her backpack slashed on a bus in Rome. Fortunately the thief didn't get her purse. I find a cross body bag the most secure.