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Worst customer service you've ever received

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Vintagejazz Thu 19-May-22 10:12:21

Just been reading an interesting thread on Mumsnet about this.

Like many, my family have been on the receiving end of requests for a deceased person to confirm they want their account closed. Several people have complained about this on the MN thread.

I remember years ago getting travellers cheques when going abroad. The person in the bank had signed them in the wrong place and I had endless trouble anywhere I wanted to cash them. They all pointed out the same mistake.

I rang the bank when I got home to inform them of the error so it wouldn't happen to another customer and was told "none of our staff would make a mistake like that". No apology, nothing.

FannyCornforth Thu 19-May-22 10:26:15

Sainsburys - selling out of date (and off) smoothies and denying it

Guinness - selling beer in cans that are too thin for purpose and burst, spraying Guinness everywhere (three times) and denying it

UKLash - selling me an empty bottle of lash serum and denying it
(Despite boasting a ‘100% Money Back Guarantee’ all over their website)

Simon - a physiotherapist.
Calling me ‘lazy’, three years prior to me being told that I had the hip of someone 30 years older, and that I need a THR pronto

⭐️ Best customer service - Bloom & Wild.
A full refund for a slightly duff plant; no questions asked smile

BigBertha1 Thu 19-May-22 10:32:27

I can't think of anything perhaps 've been lucky - or 'assertive'. My time will come I expect.

Galaxy Thu 19-May-22 10:36:35

B & Q - 20 years ago, fitted a kitchen. In the end dh stood in the showroom talking very loudly about our complaints, that worked grin

Petera Thu 19-May-22 10:37:23

Currently going through a dispute with Argos when they left a parcel on our doorstep, without our permission and while we were in the house, which was stolen.

They don't even respond when you start quoting consumer law to them, they just say it's not their problem.

I'm wondering if I should tell them I returned it by leaving it outside one of their shops.

Galaxy Thu 19-May-22 10:41:21

Oh and recently Next customer services. I finally gave in and went into the shop, the sales assistant rang customer services to sort it out. When she came off the phone she said oh I dont know how you could bear dealing with them.

Witzend Thu 19-May-22 11:25:27

Before last Christmas, Claire’s Accessories - I ordered a small item in a specific colour for a little Gdd.

Not once, but three times, they sent the item in the wrong colour!

Email queries/complaints were all ignored.
And staff at the local shop (where the item had been out of stock) just gave a couldn’t-care-less shrug.

Eventually found something similar for Gdd, not from CA! I did pass one of the wrong ones to a friend with a Gdd of the same age - the other two are still sitting in a drawer.

Maya1 Thu 19-May-22 11:31:46

Argos are awful, Petera.

When l ordered online, they delivered to the wrong address. I called immediately to say what had happened. The delivery driver was extremely rude, told me to go to that address.
Customer services were unhelpful.

I had to go into town to get a refund.

I won't order online from them again.

Blossoming Thu 19-May-22 11:43:20

Rowlands Pharmacy. When I checked my prescription items after delivery two of the boxes had been opened and some tablets removed. When I called into the pharmacy to get this rectified they were incredibly rude and said that I must have taken the tablets. I pointed out that if I had done I would still be unconscious. They flatly refused to do anything about it and I had to ask my very understanding GP for a further prescription. I also changed my pharmacy and lodged an official complaint. There head office brushed it off, insisting it was impossible for it to be their fault and I must have done it.

The branch closed down a couple of months later. I wouldn’t ever go into one of their branches again.

Blossoming Thu 19-May-22 11:46:37

Their, not there!

jaylucy Thu 19-May-22 11:47:27

I had an order with a DIY/Household store that included a large bottle of fabric conditioner that was on offer- paid £5 for it to be delivered. On tracking the delivery, it seemed to get as far as the courier ( the one that has just changed it's name) and seemed to stop. Didn't arrive on expected date.
Absolutely no response from the courier company - in fact there was no way to contact their customer service at all !
I contacted the store who blamed the courier.
In desperation, I emailed the CEO of the courier company who got one of his minions to email me. Apparently the order was on the way back to the store - who had no knowledge of this happening.
After 4 weeks a damaged box finally arrived. The bottle of fabric conditioner was in a plastic bag and not as full as it should have been - I can only guess that the box had been dropped or something and the lid had come off.
At no point did the store offer any compensation- no discount on next order, refund of delivery , just blamed the courier company.
Would have been a lot easier if one of them had just apologised and just informed me of what was happening but they were too busy blaming each other!

GagaJo Thu 19-May-22 11:47:50

House of Fraser. Ordered clothes online, took some back in-store for a refund. Failed to refund one of the items and despite complaints, I never did get the money back.

Best. IKEA. Tried to buy a lamp (listed as in stock) in my local store THREE times (a 25 minute drive for me). Finally, complained to a member of staff on the shop floor. Only to be told she'd find me TWO and deliver them to me at home personally. Totally cost free, including the cost of the lamps.

Tizliz Thu 19-May-22 12:03:58

FedEx - will not even look into my complaint that they read the value of a parcel as £2000 when it should be £20.00 and I had to pay Vat on. 18 months later and three threats to take me to court …… They just keep saying I have to take it up with Customs & Excise, but it was FedEx’s fault.

Mine Thu 19-May-22 12:09:28

Bank of Scotland when my father died...I had probate to wind up his estate...Had horrendous issues with the bank trying to get them to release his funds...Ended up in tears in his branch of the bank....

Poppyred Fri 20-May-22 05:49:55

Barclays Bank! All through lockdown our branch was shut most of the time (even though they had big glass partitions before COVID).

timetogo2016 Fri 20-May-22 09:56:51

Not customer service as such,but i went to the doctors surgery 3 times and was totaly ignored by the receptionist,the last time she actually looked at me and walked off.
I am so looking forward to seing her next time to give her a piece of my mind.

TerriBull Fri 20-May-22 11:21:33

Many years ago I went into a dry cleaners who stated they did alterations which I wanted as well as a dry clean. I had several requests which I outlined one by one all were met with a flat "no" from resting bitch bored older woman assistant, no requests were met with a "I'm sorry no" or "I'm afraid not" Finally I asked "I suppose you actually do do dry cleaning or is that a no too " at which point she said "I think you'd better go!" and like an idiot I did just that without a murmur, I was quite young then back in the '70s. Now I'd have complained, so utterly unhelpful can't help wondering why the place was in business at all.

Years down the line I went into Dolcis, remember them, to buy my very young son some Converse type footwear. No one on the shop floor except a youngish girl stacking some bags, I asked her "are you serving?" to which she replied "does it look like i???!" shock I just walked out, they lost my custom that day. Not the first time I've been in a shop where assistants busily attending to shelves or whatever whilst ignoring customers, wonder why they think they're in existence, if not to take money from potential customers. Well of course Dolcis aren't any more hmm

TerriBull Fri 20-May-22 11:23:31

correction bitch face not bitch.

Maggiemaybe Fri 20-May-22 12:27:39

Not the worst service ever - I’d have to think about that! - but I had an experience in M & S that made me realise that their customer service isn’t what it was. I’d bought a snow globe online for £15, took it out the next year to display and all the water inside had turned a sludgy dark brown. I had to jump through hoops to get a refund - they didn’t want to know when I contacted them online, just said my local store might consider a goodwill payment if I took it in. At the till I was told firmly that Christmas decorations were only made to last one year (at which stage there were sharp intakes of breath from the queue behind me grin). The manager tried to continue with this nonsense, and then begrudgingly agreed that I could fill in a 2 page form and the snow globe would be sent for analysis - if it was faulty they’d refund me. I got my
money back (without a sniff of an explanation or apology) several weeks later.

My lovely DIL took back a pair of school shoes to the same store - the stitching had come apart after 4 weeks wear. Because she’d not kept her receipt she was more or less accused of stealing them (“Well, I think it’s very odd indeed that you haven’t got a receipt”), and left upset, without refund or exchange. I wish I’d been with her!