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Would you ever go to the cinema/ theatre on your own?

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Kandinsky Thu 19-May-22 12:28:53

I wish I had the nerve but I’d feel a bit silly going on my own - not sure why really?

I wouldn’t go to a restaurant or cafe on my own either, as for a pub! 😱

Helen657 Thu 19-May-22 12:35:48

Yes, I’ve gone to the cinema alone many times over the past 7 years. I have a cineworld annual pass which I originally bought to incentivise myself to go when DS went to Uni, OH worked abroad so I was at home on my own.
I sometime go to the local pub on my own for tea, & will happily sit in a cafe on my own, but I do take my kindle!
It’s surprising how many people go to places on their own - you’d honestly be surprised!

Galaxy Thu 19-May-22 12:37:47

Yes I have just been in a cafe on my own it was lovely. I was in a pub on my own on Wednesday as was everyone else in the pub (it was afternoon and relatively quiet). I dont understand how people fill time between things if you dont do that. I had been at work and was killing time at the pub till I had to pick up my son.

MayBee70 Thu 19-May-22 12:44:05

Pre covid I often used to go to the cinema on my own. The only thing I’d miss was having someone to discuss the film with afterwards but, with the internet there are always people to chat to about films. Felt less comfortable going to the theatre alone but I only ever did that to go to the ballet. We’ve got a lockdown dog now that hasn’t been left on her own since she was a puppy so when I do start doing normal things again I think I’ll be going to the cinema on my own again.

Shandy57 Thu 19-May-22 12:46:41

There was another thread about this recently, and a lot of people do go alone, including myself. Since being widowed I have noticed many people are alone, it is not unusual.

Chewbacca Thu 19-May-22 12:49:02

I prefer to go with a pal but if it was a toss up between missing something I wanted to see or go on my own, I'd go on my own. Ditto for being hungry when I'm out and about.

Kandinsky Thu 19-May-22 12:50:22

Oh gosh sorry, I’m not actually on here much so miss lots.
I should get over my ridiculous fear & just go to places on my own as there’s so much I’d like to do but husband isn’t interested or friends busy.

Grandmadinosaur Thu 19-May-22 12:52:06

Yes I’ve done both. I love going to the theatre and especially a weekday matinee. My DH isn’t a big fan so I bit the bullet and went alone. Nobody batted an eyelid and now I prefer it as I can sit where I want. If I go with a friend my seat always seems to behind that tall person restricting my view.

Lucca Thu 19-May-22 12:53:00

Definitely cafe, do it all the time, with crossword.
Would also do theatre and cinema if the occasion arose,

MissAdventure Thu 19-May-22 12:54:53

I think the cinema is probably a good starting point for doing things alone.
The one here has people wandering around the lobby, making enquiries, looking at posters for films, queueing for food etc, so you wouldn't even know if someone is part of a group or on their own.

Kandinsky Thu 19-May-22 13:08:59

True MissAdventure I will definitely give it a go. ( plus the cinema is dark grin )
I’m just so used to going places in a couple or a group.

MissAdventure Thu 19-May-22 13:10:08

Wear a hat with a torch on it? grin

Kandinsky Thu 19-May-22 13:11:59


Oldbat1 Thu 19-May-22 13:18:29

Yes often!

Lark123 Thu 19-May-22 13:24:02

I once went to the cinema on my own; many years ago. Felt like a fish out of water, like an 'island' with the 'sea of life' swirling around me. Everyone was paired up, like Noah's Ark.

The film was loud, engaging, of course it was dark, and it wasn't bad sitting there 'on my own', but I never felt like going alone again.

Years later I found it wasn't the same feeling going into a cafe on my own, and began to look forwards to it.

I still wouldn't go to a cinema on my own though, maybe the matinee; less people go then.

Everyone and every place is a bit different; I'd say give it a try, you might like itsmile

icanhandthemback Thu 19-May-22 13:25:10

Yes. As you can't talk to anyone throughout the film, it is hardly worth taking company.

Lark123 Thu 19-May-22 13:31:25

Of course, me being me, I probably went way too early to get my ticket.
These days you can pre-order online, your spot is saved, no need to worry about the film being sold out.
That way you can arrive later, avoid the crowds milling around and just go in and enjoy the film, in the dark, on your own, and leaving a crowd is easy!

Witzend Thu 19-May-22 13:32:15

Yes, I have gone to the cinema on my own, but in the afternoon, when it was likely to be a lot less busy. (Fewer annoying people rusting sweet papers etc.).
Dh and I will usually choose the afternoon too, for the same reason.

Pub - no problem. I often went on my own when doing preliminary flat-hunting for a dd. Area was a good half hour from home - I often needed a wee, as well as something to eat and drink!
I was never once made to feel remotely uncomfortable. Would usually take something to read, though.

greenlady102 Thu 19-May-22 13:36:43

I would if I liked going to the cinema or theatre but I don't. I have been going to cafes and tea rooms alone from around age 12/13 and pubs from around age 20 when I finished college....couldn't afford pubs before that!

halfpint1 Thu 19-May-22 13:37:18

Yes same here in France, just going out now for my afternoon
walk and i'll take in a sit down and coffee at the nearest
Bar/Brasserie, and I won't be the only one 'tout seul'.

AGAA4 Thu 19-May-22 13:41:17

Don't miss out. Lots of people on their own in cinemas, cafes and theatres. I don't even think about it now but the first time can be a bit daunting. Then you realise that nobody notices you as they are busy with their own lives

Jaxjacky Thu 19-May-22 13:53:56

Yes to all, if MrJ is away or busy I’ll go out on my own. He’ll be away golfing in a few weeks, so I’ll go to the local one night and a restaurant for dinner another.

ginny Thu 19-May-22 14:01:30

Yes to all.
Cinema, theatre, coffee, meal interest groups, talks.. I also enjoy going with others too.

Juliet27 Thu 19-May-22 14:11:55

I used to occasionally go to the morning film showings for seniors. I ended up sitting next to an elderly gent and commented that I’d sat next to him once before. A little way into the film he asked if he could hold my hand!! My friendliness was obviously misconstrued.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 19-May-22 14:15:40

I have never been to the cinema or theatre on my own and can’t imagine ever doing so.