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Living Room Window Decor

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Annapops Thu 19-May-22 20:05:49

I've just had a new bay window fitted with leaded glass in the living room. The previous one had suffered some misting. It looks so clean, fresh and huge without the cream vertical blinds I had hung before. I plan not to replace the blinds. I want some ideas please regarding what to place on the sill. I had an artificial plant and two clear glass vases on either side before but I have decided I need a change. My carpet is beige along with the curtains. Maybe something bright and cheery, but not too cluttered. Is anyone willing to share their window dressing thoughts, ideas or photos please?

Marydoll Thu 19-May-22 20:15:19

My Living room window sill is clear. I need to be able to spy on my neighbours. wink
However, my kitchen and utility windowsills are full of herbs.

Annapops Thu 19-May-22 20:39:09

Thanks for your reply Marydoll. I must admit the tidiness of it does look quite appealing at the moment but I also feel my room needs a splash of colour. There's lots of bland beige, cream and white in here.

growstuff Thu 19-May-22 20:45:42

Something you really like. I have a single colourful Murano glass vase which I love.

DerbyshireLass Thu 19-May-22 20:52:53

I too like to keep window cills clear.

For colour I add cushions, sofa throws, flowers and plants. Cheap as chips so you can afford to ring the changes. I just switch them round with the seasons.

How about Deep purples, mustards and dark reds for winter, then lighter fresher colours for summer, white, blues, soft greens.

The golden rule is keep the big ticket items such as furniture, walls, window treatments, floor coverings to a neural palette and then add life with accessories.

Grannmarie Thu 19-May-22 20:53:14

I have some family photos in matching light oak frames on my dining room window sill, blends in with my furniture.

DerbyshireLass Thu 19-May-22 20:54:17

Neutral not neural. Lol.

LadyStardust Thu 19-May-22 20:58:58

Treat yourself to a bunch of fresh seasonal flowers, that will last around a fortnight if you are lucky and it will never get boring!

Annapops Thu 19-May-22 21:00:47

That sounds interesting growstuff. Apart from paperweights I've never owned any colourful glass, only plain transparent. An idea worth investigating. I'm just looking at the poppies outside in the garden bursting into life. The bright red looks so dramatic. Maybe glass with shades of red may be explored. We have a glass making centre not too far away from us. You have certainly got me thinking. Thank you.

rafichagran Thu 19-May-22 21:01:06

I too have clear window sills.

Annapops Thu 19-May-22 21:08:05

Thank you for your ideas. I have photos dotted around other surfaces so will probably refrain from adding more to the sill. I love the idea of fresh flowers but the room gets so warm they don't last long at all. My cushions and throws tend to be the same, beige, cream with a little duck egg blue thrown in. I do sometimes think a bolder colour would "lift" the room more*DerbyshireLass*.

paddyann54 Thu 19-May-22 21:43:18

My windowsills are all clear ,whether thats my idea or my cats is debatable .A plant is always nice especially a flowering one .

CanadianGran Thu 19-May-22 22:24:29

I would caution about putting glass ornaments or vase on a windowsill, especially if that window gets sun. Years ago I had a cranberry glass vase sitting on a sill, and on a sunny day it burst. Reflections from glass objects can also cause fires by concentrating light.

Try a colourful pottery vase or ornament, or a few african violets in colourful pots.

BlueBelle Thu 19-May-22 22:59:57

My window cells are about 2 inches wide so nothing could live on them 😂

BlueBelle Thu 19-May-22 23:01:06

Sills …….l.thanks predictive text

Doodledog Thu 19-May-22 23:30:45

So are mine, BlueBelle. I miss having somewhere to put plants.

Do you have full-length curtains, OP?

BigBertha1 Fri 20-May-22 06:48:19

I think a lovely piece of bright ceramics would look great Poole pottery for example or Moorcroft if you can afford it is stunning.

Aldom Fri 20-May-22 06:58:39

How about a collection of orchids? Also, do have a look online at Marks and Spencer cushions. Lovely colours and designs. Many are only £12.50 each. Beautifully made. Really give a lift to a neutral colour scheme.

Aldom Fri 20-May-22 07:04:11

A Marks and Spencer cushion.

Joseanne Fri 20-May-22 07:25:37

I also think plants or flowers would be the obvious choice.
The warning about coloured glass on a window sill reminds me of the time one of my glass candle jars burst in the heat and I came back to a pool of sticky red wax on the window sill. I never got the stain out.

Annapops Fri 20-May-22 09:35:51

Thank you for your ideas. I have looked at Poole pottery and really love this poppy vase. A glass centre which is not too far away make individual pieces and I rather like this orange vase too, although would prefer red. My window has curtains which fall just below the sill and the window is north facing with conservatory doors opposite which obviously is the sunny side.

Annapops Fri 20-May-22 09:37:22

The poppy vase is about 30cm in height. The glass one only about 16cm.

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 20-May-22 09:55:50

Does the window open? If so anything you put on the sill may blow down and break. All my sills are kept clear.

Annapops Fri 20-May-22 11:51:09

The window is a four pane bow with only the two side windows opening Germanshepherdsmum. I have had vases on the sill in the past that have not been damaged. The front of the house is quite sheltered from the wind. A wise consideration though.