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I won a Prize!

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MiniMoon Fri 20-May-22 11:43:31

In April I added a post to the Our Time thread. A sponsored discussion about making friends after retirement.
My name was picked from the hat, I won a £200 gift voucher.
I am going to put it towards the cost of a new oven.
I just want to say thank you.

Jalyn Fri 20-May-22 11:46:48

Congratulations MiniMoon

tanith Fri 20-May-22 11:47:13

How lovely congrats 👏👏👏

Maggiemaybe Fri 20-May-22 12:05:19

Congratulations, MiniMoon!

I do miss the regular competitions we used to have on here, and the free books every month. A sign of the times, I suppose.

Audi10 Fri 20-May-22 12:08:34

How wonderful well done

sodapop Fri 20-May-22 12:18:18

Well done minimoon nice to hear good news

Grandmadinosaur Fri 20-May-22 12:29:36

Congratulations minimoon

NotSpaghetti Fri 20-May-22 12:30:52

Great news. And exciting to have a new oven.

Aldom Fri 20-May-22 12:36:47

Pleased for you Minimoon. How exciting. smile

Jaxjacky Fri 20-May-22 13:04:40

Hurray, we’ll done 👏👏

Auntieflo Fri 20-May-22 13:32:59

Congratulations MiniMoon, and nice that a name I recognise has won something.

Greenfinch Fri 20-May-22 13:38:44

Same as Auntieflo.Well done!

FannyCornforth Fri 20-May-22 13:49:40

Excellent! smile
Well done you

dogsmother Fri 20-May-22 14:19:11

Oh that’s fantastic, well done you!

monk08 Fri 20-May-22 14:31:51

Well done, enjoy your new oven.

Catterygirl Fri 20-May-22 14:36:07

That’s good to hear. I enter more than 300 competitions a week, so I must be due one soon. LOL

Maria59 Fri 20-May-22 16:53:06

How lovely congratulations

TillyTrotter Fri 20-May-22 17:25:54

Very pleased for you. Well done MiniMoon !

muse Fri 20-May-22 20:28:39

Brilliant Minimoon.
Enjoy your new oven 😁

CanadianGran Fri 20-May-22 21:53:05


I also won a prize from a hospital charity lottery. A pair of sunglasses (much more expensive than we would normally buy). But I don't know if I will receive a pair in the mail, or a coupon to order on-line. Waiting in anticipation.

MiniMoon Fri 20-May-22 22:18:38

Thank you all for your congratulations. I was very surprised to win. I never win anything. I haven't even won a fiver on the Lotto!