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Vintagejazz Fri 20-May-22 20:12:16

I know people who are very ordinary looking in real life but always look gorgeous in photographs.

I also know people who are very attractive in real life but look plain in photographs

I thought the camera didn't lie?

V3ra Fri 20-May-22 20:18:10

I find that photos of me which I thought were awful at the time, actually don't look too bad several (many) years later 🤣

HowVeryDareYou Fri 20-May-22 20:29:01

It's funny, but when I look at old photos, I realise that actually I wasn't particularly fat, and I was quite nice-looking. Now, though..........sad

crazyH Fri 20-May-22 20:35:05

I heard somewhere, the prettier you were when you were young, the harder old age hits you.

Thoro Fri 20-May-22 20:39:21

I always felt unattractive when I was young but am quite happy with how I look now - wrinkles and all.

Florencelady Fri 20-May-22 20:51:38

For me it depends on who is taking the photo. My dh is so slow with the camera l look all unrelaxed and awkward by the time he actually takes it. When any of the dc take one its fine as they just click and go.

paddyann54 Fri 20-May-22 20:54:39

I have destroyed an awful lot of photos of myself.low ,no ,NO self esteem .When other folk show me pictures I'm in,sometimes I refuse to believe its me and sometimes I think I look fab .Thanks to my mother who had lovely nicknames for all my sisters about their looks but I was the one wth her head stuck in a book....or the one with legs like treetrunks(I was a very skinny size 6 at the time) or the one with the "family nose".
When I came across a photo taken at my late MIL's house 34 years ago I had to look twice ,I said to my OH I look OK in this ,he said you were stunning and your just as beautiful now .And he meant it .
I still have the very low self esteem though,think its ingrained .

CanadianGran Fri 20-May-22 21:46:16

I have a beautiful little 6 yr old Gdaughter, but almost every photo I have she is a mess. A happy mess, but still...I guess just not captured at the right moment or angle.

On the other hand, my daughter (not mother to GD) always looks really nice in photos.

I don't know what magic some people have that they always look nice in photos, but I wish I had some!

Georgesgran Fri 20-May-22 23:03:44

I hate having my photo taken and run a mile if I see a camera/phone pointed in my direction.

Chestnut Sat 21-May-22 00:09:50

The key to a good photo is usually the lighting. I prefer outdoors on a bright but not sunny day, when the light falls evenly on everything. Late afternoon can give a warm glow to everything, sunny is okay then but keep in the shade. I don't like indoor photos with flash, they look harsh and glaring and make me look older. I have taken some fantastic pictures of people outside when the light is right, really flattering and it makes them look quite glowing.

timetogo2016 Sat 21-May-22 09:46:48

I`m the same Georgesgran,if i see a camerapointing in my direction i turn my back on it.