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Good Morning Sunday 22nd May 2022

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Michael12 Sun 22-May-22 06:01:29

Good Morning Everyone,
ts sunny and bright at this early hour in brackley .
Yesterday things went to plan , went via Buckingham to Bicester , a changing scenery both towards buckingham and Bicester with HS2 work .
Did my usual in Bicester ,and came home to watch cycling on TV .
Today an easy day in .
Take Care,

grandMattie Sun 22-May-22 06:14:14

Good morning from a bright E Kent.
The booster went swimmingly, after I explained why I needed it. Quite sore arm now.
DH is still doing ok, though not concerned about photosensitivity, which is a problem. He is very tired,but no other side effects - yet.
DD’s visit ended in the afternoon after we both had a long complicated unsuccessful search for new catheter bags. I used the last one last night. The district nurse will bring me one today while waiting for the prescribed ones to come in on Monday. And I have only been prescribed 10. The saga will repeat itself on a regular basis by the sounds of it. Why is everything so incredibly complicated and difficult. Surely such things should be made easy?
May you have a lovely, happy day. Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩☀️

Greyduster Sun 22-May-22 06:17:59

Good morning Michae and all GNs. A promise of a bright South Yorkshire day today and (whispers) my cold is a tiny bit better. I managed in spite of it to cut my grass yesterday. I think the fresh air was beneficial. I’m taking a “laid back” approach to the weeds in the flower bed, as some of them appear to be attracting goldfinches (any excuse!). I will go over to DD’s later for home made curry and a film.
Grandmattie pleased to hear your DH is holding his own at the moment, but you can certainly do without the obstacles💐.
Have a good day, all who follow.

dragonfly46 Sun 22-May-22 06:39:02

Good morning, dull here in Leicestershire.

I seem to have more bruising on my face but the pain has gone and they will fade. Need to keep my sun glasses on though so I don’t frighten the neighbours.

How ridiculous that they are rationing the catheter bags, Mattie. My father used to get a months supply delivered and had day and night bags. They really are not making it easy for you. I hope the district nurse turns up in time.

Wishing every one as good a day as possible.

BlueBalou Sun 22-May-22 06:40:49

Good morning! It’s clear blue skies and sunshine here in my little corner of Wiltshire.
Off for a dog walk shortly then I’m gardening today, tidying up the greenhouse and staking the taller plants- everything’s growing fast now we have had rain 😊
I agree grandMattie, why can’t things be easier? I remember when as a DN we were banned from carrying a basic stock of dressings etc around with us, it made life very frustrating having to constantly write out prescriptions, expecting the patient to get them etc. The time wasted driving back to the heath centre etc was ridiculous.
I hope your cold continues to improve Greyduster
Have a lovely day x

Sar53 Sun 22-May-22 06:50:33

Good morning from France. It is forecast to be a lovely hot day, the last one for a few days.

We had lunch out yesterday and then I had a swim later in the afternoon.

Five o'clock saw us all meeting up in the garden for our usual evening drink. I shall miss this when we get home.

No plans as yet for today.

Have a super Sunday everyone. Love from France xxx

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 22-May-22 06:53:32

Good morning from an almost sunny Oxfordshire.

Dog sitting and gardening today, MrOops and MissOops are off on a car rally with some friends, I get too car sick and I know that MissOops loves to go, early start for them though and then off somewhere to sign in, get their maps and have a bacon roll and coffee. I hope the sun shines for them.
MissOops joined me in my hunt for the missing mop and bucket, it’s totally disappeared!
GM nothing seems to go easy , I admire your pluck
( an old fashioned word but I think it sums you up) and I hope your DH has a good day.
Have a good day everyone and hugs for those who aren’t so chipper.

Ashcombe Sun 22-May-22 07:02:15

Good morning from a sunny but chilly Riga. Our first time here and we’re looking forward to seeing more of it on a tour of the city later.

Thank you for the kind wishes for my birthday. Yesterday we were at sea so no signal to enable me to post. Unfortunately, I had a migraine so I didn’t do much all day.

Just before dinner a black swan flew alongside the ship. Poor thing - we were some distance from land. I fear it will have tired and not reached land safely.

How frustrating the NHS bureaucracy can be, grandMattie! Not what you need.

Wishing you all a blessed Sunday. ✝️

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 22-May-22 07:23:05

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. Hopefully OH and I will go and look at a couple of Oxford Arts Weeks venues today. There is one which has beautiful pots! My elder son is 39 today and my daughter is 41. I sent presents off the other day. Son has to work but daughter is having a picnic in Greenwich. Years ago they always used to have parties and cakes but since the pandemic it’s all been a bit difficult. Anyway, son and his family stayed last weekend and daughter is coming for a weekend next month. 🌺🌺🌺 for the GMs.

monk08 Sun 22-May-22 07:23:57

Good morning all from the Black country very overcast at the moment.
Nothing planned for today will see how the day goes.
Ash enjoy Riga I was told by my late Aunt we had ancestors from there I'm still trying to find the link but have come to a standstill on the family history.
Have a great Sunday everyone and may you all find some 🌞.

Urmstongran Sun 22-May-22 07:24:06

Here’s Matt.

Good morning everyone from a chilly-ish south Manchester. Brr! I just opened the click patio door to step onto the verandah and look up and down themain road. Town centre living is so quiet on Sunday mornings you could hear a pin drop as there’s no buzziness yet. The shops don’t open till 11am, the schools are closed (natch) and it just has a very different vibe.

Oh grandMattie this is all so stressful for you. Why oh why is the NHS so intransigent when it comes to matters like this? I bet whoever makes the rules wouldn’t like to put up with all this malarkey it if it were a member of their own family in this situation.

We are minding L’il Miss this afternoon as her brother and parents are off to a football knock out competition and she’d be cold & bored mooching about in a big field! No dinner with my stepfather then but as always, he quite appreciated the reason why.

Enjoy Sunday all who can. x

cornergran Sun 22-May-22 07:25:48

Morning Mick, morning All. Light cloud over our corner of Somerset.

A stay at home day ahead for us. Admin catchup for me, Mr C has promised to do the ironing. Roast beef later. Enjoyed a wander out yesterday morning before an afternoon finishing our garden move around.

I’m beyond frustrated on your behalf grandmattie. It just shouldn’t be so hard to get basic supplies. Hope the cold continues to improve greyd. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your trip ashore ash, new cities are always interesting. Your mop mystery is intriguing oops. Hope the house sharing goes smoothly maryd.

Take care everyone. Hope Sunday is gentle with us all.

Grammaretto Sun 22-May-22 07:27:01

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. I hope it's warmer today.
I love your attitude to weeding Greyduster that's my kind of gardening. As for the missing mop and bucket Oops - have the borrowers been round?
I feel cross on your behalf GM. As if you haven't enough to do. At least DD has been able to help
My open studios went well although why are there always people who appear just as I am closing up?
On the other hand, I met some nice folk and chatted to my neighbours. More today. I hope I have the stamina.
Have a nice Sunday everyone. 🌞

Greyduster Sun 22-May-22 07:27:09

Oops your mop and bucket are probably keeping company with my two flower vases which have also mysteriously disappeared!! Can’t find them anywhere. One of them was my Mum’s☹️.

GrannySomerset Sun 22-May-22 07:32:11

Up early with tea in bed courtesy of dear SiL before we set off for family christening some hundred mikes or so away. Beautiful day is promised so hoping for really happy day - for us and for all our morning gang.

mumofmadboys Sun 22-May-22 07:33:49

Good morning from wet Cumbria. Home based day today except for church this morning and a walk.. One of our sons is staying tonight so will be good to see him. Also preparing for my walking group coming to stay for two nights later in the week. They come each year and we walk for three days. Have been friends for years and it is usually a great time. All going well with our guests from the UA. The children aged 4 and 2 are so funny and delightful! So very busy week ahead . I have quite a collection of lists-shopping, meals, jobs!!
Hope you sort out the best way to have catheter bags supplied GM without having to beg for each one!
Wishing everyone the best day they can have.

Beechnut Sun 22-May-22 07:41:12

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. We have a bright and sunny day.

We had a successful trip into the loft yesterday. On my descent my skirt billowed up in a fraught. I was like Marilyn Monroe 🤣

Today I will be able to finish off my outdoor painting then I shall weed behind the greenhouse. I too have a more relaxed view with the weeds this year Greyduster. I have to do behind the greenhouse though as I want to store something there for a while.

Now I’ll go back and read all your posts properly. Have a good day all 🌼🦩🍖🥔🥬

brook2704 Sun 22-May-22 07:42:54

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s grey and cloudy but hoping it’s going to stay dry
Hoping you have a lovely time at the christening Grannysomerset such a happy family occasion
Thanks for the pictures Ashcombe and enjoy Riga, sorry to hear about yesterdays migraine though
Not much planned for today except I’ll be getting a few things packed for our visit to DS in Switzerland next week 😀
Hoping everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Beechnut Sun 22-May-22 07:43:03


Marydoll Sun 22-May-22 07:44:57

Good morning all from a cloudy and damp Glasgow, where it's currently 12 °C

Glad to hear of a better day GM, but agree, NHS beaurocracy can so frustrating at times. The last thing sick people and their carers need is to be chasing all over the place for essential items. I hope you both have a gentle day today.

Dragonfly, that's the worse thing about bruising, it looks worse before it gets better, have you any arnica handy? I hope it isn't too painful.
I once had to do a parents' evening with a black eye, which was at that yellowing stage. As much as they tried, the parents couldn't take their eyes off it. You can imagine the parent chat in the playground, the next day. 🤣

I am going to gloss over yesterday's anarchy and chaos, it was worse than anticipated, with DD stressed and divaesque and me in tears, with sheer exhaustion and frustration. She still hasn't grasped how little I can do and is in denial about my poor prognosis. She thinks I'm still the hyperactive mum of twenty years ago.

I'm off to church as relief sacristan, because the chief sacristan is on holiday. It will be a relief and a place of sanctuary in the original sense of the word. There are two sacristans on duty on a Sunday, because we have back to back masses and the timing is tight.
I'm looking forward to a catch up with the other sacristan, a young friend, whom I get on very well with and at the same time do some safeguarding business.

DD has offered to cook Sunday dinner, I may hide in the conservatory, to stop me interfering. On second thoughts, I can't, SIL will be ensconced in there, reading my Sunday papers! He loves that room, better than I do! 😉

Have the best day you can, everyone, Greyduster, enjoy your curry and time with your family. Sounds very relaxing.

Jaxjacky Sun 22-May-22 07:47:11

Morning from bright sunshine in S Hants.
gMattie so frustrating for you, unnecessarily.
Fantastic holidays going on and lovely days out, enjoy your day whatever your doing with the odd 🦩 hopefully.

Marydoll Sun 22-May-22 07:47:28

GrannySomerset, what a joyful day ahead for you. Safe journey and have a lovely time.

Pittcity Sun 22-May-22 07:50:31

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Another hot, dry day forecast.
DS and I have leftover Pizza from last night but DH has requested a roast for this evening. I shall need to be rolled to bed!
I will walk to Aldi for meat and veg later to oblige and use up some calories.
Love to all 🦩 x

Gwenisgreat1 Sun 22-May-22 07:53:38

Good morning all from bright but cloudy Harrogate
I am shocked how you are being treated when it come to basic supplies GrandMattie good to hear DH seems improved.
Hope your bruising subsides quickly Dragonfly and your aches and pains
Had a bad night last night so unwise to go to church (I’d probably snore through the sermon)
No vast plans for the day apart from shortening a pair of new trousers. I find I’m getting very anxious about our next trip which involves travelling to Kings X then to Sutton and a couple of days later flying to Ireland. I just haven’t done such a journey since before lockdown
Have the best day possible folks

dragonfly46 Sun 22-May-22 07:57:01

Oh I sympathise Marydoll our DC are exactly the same. They won’t accept that there are things we can no longer do. When my DD comes home she reverts to a child. I hope things settle down soon and maybe put a lock on the conservatory door 😉