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Sallywally1 Mon 23-May-22 19:48:46

My grandson (sons’s boy). What do I wear? Trivial I know, but this is chat! I am 66

Sallywally1 Mon 23-May-22 19:50:38

Should add christening is far from trivial, but wondering about my outfit is, to me anyway. I want my son to be proud of me

Kim19 Mon 23-May-22 19:52:46

Dress and jacket?

kittylester Mon 23-May-22 19:56:54

Trouser suit!

Zonne Mon 23-May-22 19:56:58

If there is a religious requirement about dress, the parents should tell you, but assuming not, then a nice dress, or smart trousers and top.

Marydoll Mon 23-May-22 20:02:30

I am involved in the preparation for the christenings in our church.

Everyone is very smartly dressed. Usually a nice dress and with a jacket or dressy cardigan, if cooler.

Marydoll Mon 23-May-22 20:03:27

Some guests also wear touser suits or smart jumpsuits.

Cabbie21 Mon 23-May-22 20:21:09

Smart, but not OTT.
I have attended many christenings at our church where the parents, grandparents and any young children were nicely dressed, but some of the younger women friends and relatives were OTT and looked totally out of place.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 23-May-22 20:43:13

Smart casual, definitely comfortable and baby sick proof.

Enjoy the event

Shelflife Tue 24-May-22 07:21:33

I agree , wear something comfortable. For me it would definitely be trousers ( not jeans/ leggings!) Probably black ones , top and jacket oh and flat shoes! Enjoy the occasion.

M0nica Tue 24-May-22 07:41:18

Sunday best.

Marydoll Tue 24-May-22 07:45:50


Sunday best.

That's usually how people dress at christenings in our church. It's a joyful occasion and shows respect.

Lucca Tue 24-May-22 08:14:46

Given the time of year surely it’s easy ? A dress plus pashmina? Casual jacket? Pretty cardigan ?

M0nica Tue 24-May-22 09:06:02

Marydoll That is why I suggested it. A christening is not like a wedding where you dress in your party best. It just needs the dress or garment, you bought for the relevant season, which looks smart and new enough to not yet be in regular day time wear.

I have recently bought a dress in the current fashion and denim jacket. Currently it is only being worn for events. DGD birthday meal, DD's graduation, a family gathering. But later in the summer it will just be an ordinary day dress and the jacket will be worn over all kinds of everyday clothes.

JackyB Tue 24-May-22 12:15:29

I don't know what your weather is like at the moment but bear in mind that it could get quite hot at this time of year and you will be wearing those clothes for the best part of the afternoon. If the christening is at Whitsun, there is a chance of thunderstorms and high humidity. However, in the church it will be cool.

So: Layers and comfortable shoes, but pretty. Not black. My mother in law had a theory that babies don't like black. There may be something in that.

Esmay Thu 26-May-22 15:51:14

My first choice - ebay !
I've built up a very nice wardrobe of mainly brand new clothes at a quarter or a third of the normal retail price .
I used to be so unadventurous with colours -now I enjoy them .
And I'm keener on different styles too .
I'd probably think of a dress with a jacket preferably washable and not black .
Unless the cardigan is elegant I'd avoid one .
You'll be able to afford a nice roomy bag ( think what you need to take ) and flattish shoes too .
And treat yourself to an all over fake tan - better than tights ,new hairstyle plus mani pedi !
At the last chrstening that I went to many ladies were wearing fascinators and hats and struggling with them in the wind /rain !
Have fun and enjoy it !

Mine Thu 26-May-22 17:14:54

Something nice and colourful that you feel good in to celebrate your lovely GC special day...Enjoy..

Callistemon21 Thu 26-May-22 17:18:18

A dress plus pashmina?
and baby sick proof

A washable scarf or pashmina

welbeck Thu 26-May-22 17:23:04

i don't think women are expected to wear hats in church now.
beware of looking OTT.
smart casual sounds ok.
esp as only a supporting actor, not a star or leading role.

Marydoll Thu 26-May-22 19:57:09

I have been involved in settting up the church for many christenings and have yet to see anyone wearing a hat or fascinator. That would definitely be OTT in our parish.

It's not about the guests, but about the baby and the meaning of the the christening.

M0nica Thu 26-May-22 20:41:57

For anyone with significant religious beliefs - and if the child is being xhristened one must assume this, the baby and its reception into the church is everything, everyone else at the event should be dressing to be unobtrusive and not attract attention away from the main event.

Marydoll Thu 26-May-22 21:28:13

Monica, you have expressed it much better than I could have done. Spot on.

Esmay Fri 27-May-22 12:48:56

I agree ,but most christenings (and weddings ) are fashion shows .

The OP wanted to look good-that's what I was addressing .

I don't think anyone at the last christening that I attended was a believer nor a church goer .
There were lots of hats .
I tried not to laugh as the sunny weather broke into a storm and the head wear was reduced to wet feathers .

Wicked of me - I know !

M0nica Fri 27-May-22 13:42:23

I have never been to a 'dressed up' christening, only ordinary run of the mill ones.

timetogo2016 Fri 27-May-22 13:45:19

Anything smart and comfortable.