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GagaJo Tue 24-May-22 11:12:58

Do any of you remember dreams from very many years ago?

I have a few I remember. One from middle school. I had a horrible dream about a friend losing her arms in an accident, and went into school the next day, half expecting it to be true.

And when I was on chemo, I had a lovely dream about once again being well enough to swim across a bay, in Greece, that I'd once swum across. It was almost a portent of life getting better again.

OR, at least I think these are old dreams that I still remember. Is that possible? To remember a dream from 45 years ago?

MiniMoon Tue 24-May-22 11:20:36

Oh yes it is.
I remember a dream from 1978. I dreamt that I entered a stately home, was walking across the magnificent entrance hall when I promptly turned into a potted plant.confused
At the time I put it down to exam nerves as I was due to take my final exams in a couple of weeks.

Witzend Tue 24-May-22 11:26:35

I still have vivid memories of exam dreams, the sort where I have a German literature exam coming up, and not only have I not read any of the books, I don’t even know what they are. I don’t know why it was always German, when I was also studying 2 other languages.

I do still have this one very occasionally, though.
Almost worth it to wake up in a panic and realise, phew, just a dream!

I haven’t had the dinner party one for decades though - the one where it’s nearly 11 pm and the potatoes still aren’t cooked. That’s probably because it’s decades since we’ve had what you’d call a dinner party, rather than a casual family/friends meal.

I used to have a recurrent one about a house I’ve never owned or visited. I was familiar with every room, even with any renovations needed. Where on earth that came from I have no idea.

Namsnanny Tue 24-May-22 11:32:25

I remember dreams from the age of 3. I can be specific because of the ramifications. A green version of a man who scared me but I liked him. I called him my green Daddy, talked about him often enough for my Dad (who worked nights at the time) to question my mum!
After my beloved Nan died I was around 10y, I regularly dreamt of her house which morphed onto other homes we lived in. I would walk through them endlessly, ending up either with a feeling of happiness or melancholy.