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Good Morning Thursday 26th May 2022

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Michael12 Thu 26-May-22 05:52:11

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a clear sky and sunny at the moment here in brackley this morning.
Plan to do my usual bus trip to Bicester later , returning to watch cycling on TV .
Take Care,

BlueBalou Thu 26-May-22 05:57:38

Good morning Mick!
I have no idea what the weather is here, the curtains are firmly closed 😊
Packing for holiday today, giving the house a clean and tidy, make a cake and get the laundry done.
DS will cycle down so looking forward to seeing him later!
Have a lovely day everyone x

grandMattie Thu 26-May-22 06:01:34

Good morning from a sunny E Kent.
Poor DH was still at A&E and on the the same hard examining couch I left him 12 hours earlier. Very confused. After threatening to discharge himself, he was found an actual bed and out in the waiting ward. It is really distressing to see the crowding in there, probably 50 patients in a room for 25 at most, jam packed, the staff being run ragged waiting for a bed to be made again a proper ward. Although no visitors are allowed, I shall bluster my way in later, on the very real pretext that DH is too confused to understand what is going on. All very distressing.
DS1 is arriving from India this afternoon, not sure what time. It’ll be wonderful to share the burden of decisions.
An otherwise empty day for me.
Carpe diem, dear friends. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

Scentia Thu 26-May-22 06:22:54

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where I feel cooler than I was in my bed, thank goodness!
Oh Grandmattie my thoughts are with you and your son, what a hard time you are all having.
I am on nanna duties today and will be collecting from nursery at lunchtime and off to lunch somewhere.
I am eagerly awaiting my DH to go off on his two week holiday to Europe on his motorcycle. He does not shut up about it and it is still over a week away!!
I had an injured wood pigeon in my garden for a day or so and finally found a sanctuary to take him on, after all my searches, it was 2 miles up the road. Who knew!!! I was sad to see so many injured wildlife when I got there so I may find a window in my life to go help out once in a while, meanwhile, as I tend to do, I sent them some money until I get time to put in some physical work❤️
I should be starting my counselling course but the books have not turned up yet and my first assignment is due on the 3/6😂. Hope it’s an easy module!!
Hope your day is as good as it can be and you find time to smile, even just a little bit❤️😊

BlueSapphire Thu 26-May-22 06:37:33

Good morning everyone from a bright and sunny sunshine Northampton.

A trip into town this morning for an appointment at the hospital eye department. Should be tap and ballet classes early afternoon, but I doubt whether I shall get there. I will have a mooch around what are left of the town centre shops before making my way home.

An evening health walk followed by dinner at the pub is a nice prospect to finish off the day.

Oh dear grandMattie, your trials never seem to cease, do they? Hoping things look up for you and your dear DH today.

May the sun shine on all today.

Jaxjacky Thu 26-May-22 06:38:38

Good morning all from a cloudy, cool S Hants.
Appalling gMattie I really hope today improves, your son’s arrival will be most welcome.
An admin day today then some time potting on and planting.
Safe journey’s to those going on holiday or returning.
Thoughts with baubles and her family.
Others here have DD’s struggling, best wishes to them.
May we all have a few 🦩🦩 today.

Beechnut Thu 26-May-22 06:48:41

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. Dry and bright here.

I’m glad you’ll have some of the weight lifted from your shoulders with your son arriving Mattie.
Sounds like you have one excited husband on your hands Scentia.

I bought two plants in B&Q yesterday and then I was looking at a lovely yellow Geum and the assistant said to tell him if I wanted anything off that shelf and he would mark it half price so that Geum came home with me. I’m learning Marydoll 😃
I then came into town and picked up my ordered sockets. I was quite tired after my gadding about so indulged in a lot of Chelsea later.
Off to the dentist this morning to see what she has to say about my broken tooth.

Have the best day you can all 🦩🪷

GrannyGravy13 Thu 26-May-22 06:57:37

Morning all

Blue sky and the sun is up here in S E Essex.

Off to Bluewater today with DH, we are clothes shopping for him. It’s well overdue and he needs trousers, shirts, shoes, it’s going to be a long day…

Oh dear grandMattie what a dreadful situation, I do hope you can blag your way in. Visiting differs from hospital to hospital, to not allow visitors now is so cruel.

Safe journey BlueBalou wishing you a wonderful holiday.

Oh Scentia I get where you are coming from.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Grandmadinosaur Thu 26-May-22 07:13:10

Good morning all from East Yorkshire. There is a light blue sky here today with a few clouds.

I had my pre op yesterday which reassured me and I was also pleased my blood pressure reading was normal. The whole process seemed more thorough than previous times. Also rules have just changed which means I don’t have to trek back there tomorrow for a PCR test and then isolate for 3 days. I will just have a lateral flow test on the day.
I then had a lovely lunch with my friend. We had decided we weren’t having a dessert. But the lovely girls who work there and all know her came out with a huge piece of lemon drizzle cake with a candle in singing Happy Birthday! She was thrilled and we shared the cake.

No plans for today apart from GS here later. Had a FaceTime with him last night as he was proud to be on a Wow sticker at school. He got it for good reading.

The treatment you’re DH is having is appalling GM and must be exhausting for yourself too. I hope the arrival of your DS will be of comfort and support.

Hoping Baubles continues to improve.

If she’s reading Shazza I hope you have a safe journey home today and have enjoyed your holiday.

Safe travels to Brook too today.

Take care everyone.

Grandmabatty Thu 26-May-22 07:13:22

Good morning all from Polmont. 9° and lots of clouds so rain is probably coming. I'm horrified Grandmattie at your poor husband's predicament. Beechnut I hope the visit to the dentist isn't too painful. I've still to phone about my broken tooth but I'm not holding out hope for an appointment as they are difficult to get.
Yesterday was ok. A visit to mum where we spoke about when she was young and when we were young. Then I pottered about back home.
Today I'm going for lunch with friends. I'm looking forward to it as the restaurant has an excellent reputation. I've no idea what I'll get up to later. A spot of weeding if it stays dry. Have a good day all.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 26-May-22 07:13:52

Good morning from a sunny Oxfordshire.

More cleaning today as the house has been neglected recently due to painting duties elsewhere.

MzOops and the Oopsies are coming at the weekend and staying for MrOops birthday which will be fun. But the house needs a good clean, under and over things rather than what you can actually see.

Granmattie get your elbows out and get onto the ward today, how dare they not let you in. I hope your poor DH soon gets sorted and back home. It will be such a relief when your DS arrives.

Hope everyone else has a good day and hugs for those who aren’t so chipper.

Sar53 Thu 26-May-22 07:17:42

Good morning from France where we are forecast a bright and sunny day.
Yesterday a lovely drive up hill and down Dale but it was a struggle to find anywhere open for lunch. The French keep strange hours. Today is a National holiday so very little will be open.
So sorry to hear to your news GM, I do hope your DH is getting the help he needs.
Have a great Thursday everyone love from France xx

grandMattie Thu 26-May-22 07:24:13

The saddest thing is that DH is far, far from being the worst case…

Grandmadinosaur Thu 26-May-22 07:27:32

It is tragic GM and upsetting to think it is happening in hospitals all over the country.

Pittcity Thu 26-May-22 07:32:28

Good morning from sunny Colchester.
I have a man coming round to paint the back of the house. He chose today as it was the only one forecast to be dry this week.
DH and DS will be home this evening with laundry so I hope for a drying day tomorrow.
Love to all 🦩 x

dragonfly46 Thu 26-May-22 07:34:35

Good morning from sunny Leicestershire.
NWR coffee morning here this morning - hoping we can sit outside.

So sorry to hear about the struggles you are having Mattie. Your son will be such a comfort.
Sending good wishes to Baubles.
Wishing everyone a good day.

Ashcombe Thu 26-May-22 07:34:54

Good morning from the Swedish Archipelago where it’s sunny. We’re due in Stockholm at lunchtime so the chance to lie in has been welcome! And we gained an hour, too.

We visited Helsinki independently yesterday and walked 3.5 miles, according to my phone. Olsen provides courtesy buses at ports for those not on organised tours which is helpful. At one point we fell into conversation with a young couple from Columbia who were intrigued by our take on British politicians but also wanted to know our thoughts on the Royal Family.

It’s lovely to hear that your son is due to arrive today and I hope it will boost your poor DH’s spirits, grandMattie. Poor man has been through so much, as have you and your family.

Wishing sunnier skies in every sense to you all.

Urmstongran Thu 26-May-22 07:36:59

Here’s Matt.

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where we did have a sunny start to the day when I first got up half an hour ago but it looks a bit ‘meh’ now with total white cloud cover.

I’ve just had a lovely start to my day with a p.m. from an unknown poster which was so complimentary I’m blushing! 😊 👋

Our plans today are to pick up the Boy Wonder and L’il Miss from school (she is So Excited About Ibiza!), give them their tea - sausage rolls from M&S which I bought yesterday and they like to eat cold - channelling my inner domestic goddess. Not. Then swimming lessons. Mum has a work meeting and won’t be home till 6pm.

Scentia you are such a good egg. Kind, thoughtful and generous. Bet you’d make a great counsellor you have such empathy. grandMattie your trials seem never ending just lately. The scenes you describe sound so upsetting - for everyone - including the staff. You will be much relieved to see your son and share the load a bit.

Enjoy Thursday all who can. x

Marydoll Thu 26-May-22 07:41:44

Good morning all from Glasgow, where its wet again! The weeds are having a field day. 😡

I'm sorry you and Mr GM are having such a difficult time, trying to access care in overcrowded A&E depts, GM It is completely unacceptable, but sadly this seems to be the case throughout the country. I speak from experience. 😒

DH and I are off to church, where I shall light some candles for Baubles' speedy recovery, followed by a gentle day at home. I have completed all my admin for our parish, now I'm moving on to sorting out the admin out the adjoining one. However, I'm taking a few days off, my brain is numb!
DD and SIL usually eat ( a totally different menu from us) and much later than us, but I have offered to make a Chinese curry for all of us. It was promptly accepted, as they are exhausted by the time they come home from work.

I have hardly slept due to an RA flare up ( wonder why?) Which has caused my pain levels to shoot right up. Nothing is hitting the pain at all and it"s affecting my concentration and mood. I am fit for nothing today and glad of a legitimate excuse to be lazy.😉

The house alarm engineer is also coming out to check our alarm, prior to us taking out a contract. The company, who installed it have been nothing, but useless, but this new company have been excellent, offering us a discounted price into the bargain..

For all those travelling, safe journey, for those who are poorly and their carers, I pray for a gentle day for you and if you are out and about, having fun, have a rare old time! ( or a rerr terr, as we say here in Glasgow.)

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 26-May-22 07:44:43

Morning all from West Oxfordshire. I am off on a WI trip this morning to Chedworth Villa. One of our members, who has studied archaeology, has been on digs there, will give us a little talk by about it. Our cleaners are coming today so OH will have to deal with them.

Marydoll Thu 26-May-22 07:45:09

Beechnut, my work has not been in vain! 😉

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 26-May-22 07:46:35

💐💐💐 to lots of you.

Jaxjacky Thu 26-May-22 07:56:07

Thank you Ashcombe for the glorious photos of your trip, they cheer my mornings, as does Matt Urmstongran so thanks to you too.

cornergran Thu 26-May-22 08:03:23

Morning Mick. Morning All. Another cloudy start to our corner of Somerset.

Yesterday went to plan, hospital trip better than I had hoped as a parking space appeared before our eyes half a dozen steps from the entrance.

Frustrated as the pharmacy have delivered the wrong meds for Mr C. First job today is to sort that. Other than a meeting mid afternoon a quiet day ahead, we’re both weary this morning.

Good to hear your son is arriving today grandmattie, of course you must visit your husband. Good luck with the module scentia, counselling courses can be hard going. The pre op sounds positive grandmadinosaur, always a relief to get them out of the way. Can I come to yours marydoll? No idea what we’re having.

Look after yourselves everyone. Hope Thursday is kind to us all.

monk08 Thu 26-May-22 08:04:26

Good morning all from the Black country.Urms our start to the day the same as yours sunny then 'meh'.
grandMattie such appalling treatment so sad to see how much the NHS has deteriorated and I don't blame the staff.
Yesterday turned out nice I was invited to join Dil and her sisters for lunch most pleasant, today we're off for dinner at said DiLs.
Safe travels for those on the move, best wishes for anyone celebrating and virtual hugs where needed.
Enjoy your day and may you all find some 🌞